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  • I love SJP. I saw her in a Facebook Live interview talking about this show and her interest in long-term relationships, divorce, adultery, etc. and why couples stay together or fall apart. And how some thrive afterwards and some completely self-destruct. SJP, in real life, is so lovely, intelligent and fascinating, so I am willing to give this show a chance. I subscribed to HBO because of this show.

    The show is funnier than I expected. Love the musical selections, Poco's Crazy Love of Mine was unexpected and beautifully timed. It is not a predictable story yet - I do not know what direction these characters are headed in. As someone that has gone through a divorce myself and continued to live with my ex-husband for three years after the divorce, I can relate to Frances in some ways. The hardest, hardest part is your relationship with your children especially if you feel guilty about the divorce and wanting to save your own life.
  • byroselle24 February 2018
    I come from a divorced family, went through a divorce and have an extended family. This show touches on very different subjects that most people don't want to talk about and it's funny!! You think that it is a serious show and most people are saying 'depressing' but you have to see the light at the end of the tunnel, just as in life. I didn't watch any of Sex in the City so I have nothing to compare it to with SJP, but from what I'm seeing is she is a terrific actress and get's down to real life situations. You have to follow the show and see the humorous character her husband (ex-husband) plays.. I really hope that they have another season of this show. Maybe it is an adult show and you have to have an understanding of certain subject areas in life but yea, give the show a chance, it really is a fun show.
  • mandyj-9683821 November 2016
    I think perhaps this show is marmite. I am in the 'love it' camp, although I have to admit it's like slowing down to watch an accident and feeling relieved that's not you! SJP is predictable in her delivery of the stylish, smart yet ditsy cheating mother; she won't shake off her role in SATT that easily. Her on screen husband, (Thomas Haden Church) absolutely steals the screen with his honest, believable delivery as the deeply hurt and very bitter Robert. He is very entertaining and amusing. This show gets better as it goes on, and I couldn't wait for the next episode! I think anybody who has been through a separation or divorce will find something in this show to relate to. For me, it's the reminder that you can indeed fall in love with someone only to realise some years later that you can't stand to be near them! Maybe we can make ourselves feel a little better by gawping at their car crash lives; their pain, disappointment, failures, and their subsequent reckless stupid behaviour!
  • My wife and I enjoyed this. Don't know why people dislike it so much. Perhaps they are taking it too seriously.
  • I love this show, the first season was pretty interesting but the second is awesome.. great story, very realistic, excellent actors (OMG Molly Shannon, sooo funny !!) Really don't understand all bad rewievs, I wish there were more than 10 episodes , but just keep going, I'm looking forwad
  • I just wrapped up the series finale. Sad to see this show end. I myself had a divorce finalize in 2016 (around when the show started) and the parallels are eerie (even dated a Whoever wrote this came from MY school...Married young, spent more then half our lives married and now 40 something divorcees with teenagers trying to wiggle out a new solo life we are CLUELESS about. Its not an all out comedy, but at least kept it light hearted (rather then the very dark 'The Affair' on Showtime), and the ending ALSO reflected my current standing with my ex-wife (no spoilers, but if you wrapped up the series, you'll see). not everything is wine & roses, but it doesn't have to be overly complicated and depressing either. There IS life after Divorce (the life event AND the show). Thanks HBO, showrunners, Sarah,Thomas & the rest of the cast & crew for a memorable 3 years! I got this now! ;)
  • I can think of many interesting ways of narrating the crisis of values, substance and purpose in married life, while exposing vulnerabilities and self-questioning, and underscoring the elusive quest for happiness.

    This show is definitely not one of them.

    I personally find Sarah Jessica Parker an unconvincing actress no matter how many times I watch her on the screen. So I gather there is something in the way she acts which creates an annoying distance between her characters and me. The only reason why I gave this show a try was the HBO patronage, generally a synonym for quality productions.

    But, regrettably, it was not enough.

    The script does not offer anything new, surprising or true about divorce. The conflicting situations, sketched and staged in a lame, unfluid mise-en-scene, do not ring a true note about the actual suffering, anguish and failure which generally surrounds a separation between people who have once loved and committed each other for life. The characters are stupid, yes, but also anticlimactic, which frankly discourages the desire to keep on watching.

    I also found the script quite dumb, lacking in creativity and originality. If I have to listen to women doing inventory about the disenchantment of marriage, I'd rather stay with Meg Ryan and Carrie Fisher, whom at least had wit and charisma.

    In short, a futile, non transcendental exercise which didn't convince me about staying with it.
  • Or too fast by adding so many guests. Almost 2 months since last episode. Guess still 2 left for season 2 which might be released till cancel/renew is released?
  • After watching 2 episodes I can say this one is a keeper. It gets really funny in episode 2. A middle aged couple with 2 teenage kids going through a divorce is the subject of this HBO comedy - and it is more a comedy than drama.

    Sarah Jessica Parker has waited for sometime to do another series and it's a quality one with good laugh out loud original humor and good acting and dialog. She acts similarly to SATC but it's fine. She and only she can succeed in making you like a character who is did the bad thing - here cheated on her husband. She looks a bit slim and well dressed for the burbs but that's okay. Thomas Haden Church is perfect for the role as cuckolded husband. Love his deadpan delivery of the lines which seem tailor made for him. BFFs played by Molly Shannon and Talia Balsam are good too. It's not SATC for the middle aged crowd those who are looking for that won't find it here. But if the characters are likable and funny it's got the formula for success. What I like is it's more sophisticated in wit and not hectic and contrived like many of the other comedies.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    I watched the entire season four times. The first time I wasn't sure I liked it. By the final viewing, I was intrigued not only by the main couple, but their small group of close friends. The lonely single therapist and a couple who are unhappily married.

    SPOILER: Though the show is about the divorce between SJP and T Church, there is an unhappy marriage in their social orbit. They are friends with a wealthy, self-absorbed couple who, in the first episode, have a fight at a party that devolves into an attempted shooting. Molly Shannon is excellent playing the narcissistic wife suppressing a deep loneliness and sadness by drinking too much.

    I'm beginning to think this couple, who are remaining miserably married, might feature at the end of the story arc later.

    I don't have any trouble separating SJP from the show she did 20 years ago. She is very good in this. And it's impossible not to add that it appears she has had no cosmetic surgery and has chosen actors who have not. That is so welcome. I can finally see women show emotions on a show.

    The other thing I noticed over repeated viewing is there is much more humor than it seems on first viewing. I think SJP wanted to give us time to get to know these characters. I haven't spotted anything out of sync. The kids seem the right age. It seems realistic that a working mother who barely sees the kids through the week might walk out with them in the morning. From habit or guilt or just to hold on a little to their childhoods.

    Divorce is so common. I've always wanted someone to tackle the subject with the right mix of emotions. Relief, humor, trust, anger, resentment, rage. I think this show is working now but I have even higher hopes as it progresses. How will things be at the end when one couple is divorced and one couple is is a marriage that is so bad it's dangerous.
  • karenb-5420930 July 2017
    SJP great as always and love that she is an Executive Producer! Thomas Haden Church steals the show in my opinion - would not be as good of a show without him....can't wait for Season 2! All of the cast does a great job and are perfect for each of their roles. The subject matter is difficult and sad but the way it is written makes scenes so funny. I laughed out loud on the plane when I watched some of the episodes while traveling.
  • I needed to sit through the first couple of episodes to get into this show, but now I am a loyal watcher. The cast in this show is exceptional. Thomas Haden Church and Sarah Jessica have surprisingly good chemistry. Tracy Letts and Molly Shannon the same. Talia Balsam and Dean Winters are perfectly cast, and are funny as hell. Since this show is filmed in and around NYC, there is a deep and talented pool of theater talent to support the show, notably J. Smith-Cameron (who is a national treasure). All the actors in this show are allowed to actually ACT, and make bold choices, rather than do the typical mumble-speak "behavior" you see in a lot of television shows these days. Very much looking forward to season 2.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Long time after 'Sex & the city' Sarah Jessica Parker decided to return to TV playing one of the most unlikable characters, this season...

    The story goes like this: In the pilot episode Parker's character, married with teenage children, decides to tell her husband that she's bored of the way her life is, right now, and that she wants a divorce. Her husband loves her and tries to win her back, being even nicer and offering her passionate love. She refuses and later is revealed that she is having an affair with an unimpressive guy and she is planning to make a proposal to marry him. She even says to her friends that "she loves him". Unfortunately for her, that guy didn't really care about her and he didn't want a serious relationship! They broke up and she returns to her husband who accepts her back. A missed phone call though, reveals the affair to her husband who changes the locks and throws her out the house.

    I analyzed the plot with spoilers of the pilot because I want to make a point.

    The whole show is basically from Parker's character's perspective. She is trying to show remorse and tells her husband that she loves him and she wants back. "It was just a mistake!" she says. Well...NO! You can't erase what it was clear in the pilot episode. Her character isn't honest. She may be feeling sorry for her situation, because she's afraid the alternative. But she was ready to ...marry another guy, just like that. In my book this is a terrible person. One of the most dislikable characters in couple's dramedies.

    Now, as a show this isn't a comedy. A couple of awkward moments and no actual humor. Thomas Haden Church is good in this unfitting role but that's not enough. The direction is rather boring. It seems like there is a hidden message or a statement, but with that premise I doubt there is any.

    Overall: You won't miss much, if you avoid this. There is no real humor. The pace slow, the script dull and the characters unlikable, especially the one of Parker's.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Stick with it...SJP is not the prettiest actress but she is so true to life and this series does have some laugh out loud moments.....SJP is the villain and if you take morality out of it than you can see why she had an affair. The husband gets better and you do start to emphasise with him a bit... any one who's ever been a couple will resonate with what both parties do in either seeking a little bit of revenge or at least how to alienate your partner...... I've only watched three episodes to date and not seen much of the children but I would say watch it as it's 25 minutes of loose entertainment with some real funny moments
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "I want to save my life while I still care about it." Ugh, now there is just about the most unoriginal utterance I've ever heard on TV except perhaps the title of this series. So that's what this is about, some brain-dead yuppie who has spent her entire life buying crap to make her life worth caring about (in her estimation) but now realizes that she sold herself a few lifetimes short.

    First of all, please don't call this a comedy because a comedy has humor. I would hate to be a professional writer like the poor slob for the New York Times who was obviously forced to say at least a few good things about this completely mediocre project. He must have needed a long hot shower after he turned in his assignment. I never watched SATC, or at least not much but I really hate the people making comparisons. We get it; this is a different show and not a sequel.

    The problems of rich creeps don't really concern me and shouldn't worry the other 99% of the population who lie economically beneath our masters. Who has a dining room table big enough to accommodate 24 guests…let alone a dining room big enough for the table? Truly horrible rich people who deserve nothing less than the guillotine being horrible to each other and their vassals (that's us) and I'm supposed to care? When the dude dropped from the heart attack I was cheering, "Die, die, die, die!"

    She asks her husband if he may one day want to blow her head off. If the answer is "yes" can he do it sooner rather than later? And then the rest of the cast? Seriously, she considers murder among her tools in a lousy romance? And of course she has two messed up and spoiled rotten toads in tow. If your 10 year old daughter calls you a "bitch" to your face I think that you have failed as a parent. She walks them to the bus stop in the morning? One of them is a teenager! I walked to school by myself on the first day of kindergarten. True story.

    The only bright spot is Thomas Haden Church who would light up a black hole, at least a little.
  • ALL of these characters are horrible. They're all superficial dumbos and I think that's supposed to be funny in a sad and dark humor kind of way, but it's not!!! I don't buy that these relationships are real because you might as well just kill yourself if they were. The kids don't even seem to like their Mom(SJP) and Dad and I don't blame them. I've watched multiple episodes hoping it'd get better, to my shame, but my only hope now is that HBO does not green light another season of this disgusting show. I don't blame the acting, maybe the casting a little, but mainly the writing. This show will make you feel like like trash deep down inside.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Frances and her husband Robert attend a dinner party of her friend Diane and her husband Nick. I won't spoil it, but something happens at the dinner party which makes Frances question her own marriage.

    This is not a drop down ROTFL comedy, but more of a subtle adult comedy/drama.

    There were a few funny moments sprinkled throughout the pilot, and I guess one reason I liked the show is because I can relate to Frances' character. Relationships aren't easy, and I would say that most people have been unhappy at one point or another and struggled what to do.

    There's a little bit of a twist about 20 minutes into the show which adds another layer and dimension, and I'd say all in all, it's a pretty good show.

    I've heard people say that Frances is unlikable and selfish, but I think she's just the opposite- if two people have made multiple attempts to work on their marriage and it's still not working, freeing both parties can be a great gift, even if it hurts in the beginning.

    Only time will tell what happens in Frances' relationship with her husband, but I think so far, this is a pretty good show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Good storyline, believable and real, and great acting, especially by Robert, the husband. I also enjoy watching the unfolding disbelief of a woman who has been having an affair but all her considerations and expressions and thoughts for the future are only about *her*....a typically female reaction to any situation in life. One thing I don't understand though, which seemed so stupidly American, is why she let him lock her out the house in the closing scene. Anyone else would pick up a rock, smash that glass, unlock the door, and walk inside. Or call the police, who have nothing to do with civil details (ie: "I want to divorce her"), and are concerned only with what's someone's right and what's not: and it's her right to go into her house until there is some legal decision that disbars her from doing that. Bad ending...weak. But brilliant otherwise. I love also how the show starts out and you assume it *is* all about her, but Robert turns that on it's head: NOW IT'S ABOUT ME, he's saying. Good on him!
  • It kept me focused in the second season, kinda lost it in the third. It definitely shows some realities in couple's insides but you get to the point where you expect more from the show. But I liked it though :)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I stuck with it for the season finale, but I wish I had not.

    These characters are poorly written, unlikable , not very interesting- and annoying for the most part.

    I was OK with Robert in the beginning, he was quirky and spontaneous- funny sense of humor.

    His absurd social random outbursts make me wonder if he has high functioning autism? His often lack of empathy at odd moments is too random.

    Francis is where it all goes bad for me. She's a married woman having an affair in the first episode, tells her husband at a party (no less) that she wants a divorce, changes her mind when her lover rejects her because he likes things the way they are in his life.

    It's difficult to like anything about her. Even the kids were unlikable for the first couple of episodes. Her lover "Julian" unlikable.

    Unless someone can promise me a war of the roses ending I won't be back for season two- this fiasco's likely final season.
  • I absolutely love this show! It will be disappointing if HBO decides not to renew for Season 3.
  • So lets analyze, Sarah Jessica Parker's other major claim to fame was a show where she encouraged women to hold out, sleep around, and only settle for a "Mr. Big" with money and status. Now, her next series is a show where she encourages women to dump their loving prosperous husbands once they reach upper-middle age so they can be alone and happy...

    Seems like Sarah Jessica Parker is part of an agenda that wants all women to be a cliché of urban female misery. Good luck with that ladies. Buy into this if you want.

    This show is very dull and slow, and the humor is not sharp or witty. Three out of ten stars is generous. Not even going to bother watching following episodes.

    Have a nice day!
  • whatithinkis9 October 2016
    I'd read some reviews before viewing and almost didn't even bother to watch, expecting it to be just awful. Truly a waste of time.

    I'm pleased that I did watch, however, because everything about this show was a surprise.

    First it's funny. Very funny. The pacing is nice. The writing excellent. The insight into the complex fantasy life of the disappointing lover speaks volumes in just a few skillfully written (and delivered) lines.

    Second, it's beautifully filmed.

    SJP surprised me. I expected Carrie's ebullience and instead encountered this complex, vulnerable, stupid woman who I found quite interesting. Falling apart at the least sign of affection from her daughter . . .

    The huge delight is Thomas Haden Church who brings a weight and balance to his role, a lovely oblivion that is credible beyond belief and in that skill really levels out the alcohol (and drug?) fueled insanity of everybody around him. One of the most undervalued actors around, I think, because his presence is always so much larger than his surround.

    But mainly I liked the surprises in the script. So far (Pilot only) the show is full of surprises. The biggest surprise of all will be to see if this level can be maintained throughout the entire season. I hope so. It's such a pleasure so far.

    Sigh . . . hip deep in episode 3 I hear echoes from 'The Raiders of the Lost Ark.' Belloq to Marion, 'It was not to be, cherie.' And so it is with 'Divorce.'

    It is just plain boring.

    Too bad, but now I agree with all the naysayers and my vote is no. Absolutely not.

    Horgan at least managed a whole first season with 'Catastrophe.' But with 'Divorce' only a first episode.
  • reem-dagher20 October 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    I won't start by comparing this show to sex and city because they are completely different. But I will let you know that this show has the most unlikable characters I've ever seen in a series. We all know you can't make a show if everyone hates the characters. They are basically a bunch of grumpy men and grumpy women thrown all together to make a show. The characters are all so cold you could not possibly relate to them: Sarah Jessica Parker's character is distant, her husband is an idiot, her friend is crazy to the point where it's not even funny anymore, and the french guy is a weirdo. Her kids were kind of irrelevant, her daughter calls her a bitch, then Sarah Jessica Parker's character apologizes to her? Seriously? Good parenting 'The affair' is supposed to be the surprise of the plot when really, it's just sad once you find out who she's having an affair with: a complete douche bag! Did I mention that it's a humorless show? How is it a comedy if there are no jokes or witty remarks or something to think about, honestly I didn't even laugh once, and I kept waiting for it to come but the humour never did. This is just a bad story about a distant unlikable couple who nobody can begin to care about enough to watch what unfolds.
  • When Divorce came out I read a review comparing it with creator Sharon Horgan's other series, Catastrophe, and wound up checking out that one before Divorce. I haven't quite decided what I think of it, but there's a great chemistry between the leads and some good jokes.

    While some critics seemed to consider Divorce a fitting follow up, it only has the somewhat depressing aspects of Catastrophe, which can feel a little claustrophobic, without the jokes or the good chemistry.

    In this series, incomprehensibly billed as a comedy, a woman fed up with her husband decides she wants a divorce. She's a very unsympathetic character who is full of resentment and goes back and forth on the divorce in a very dishonest way. I thought she was awful, but then, so was everyone else. The first episode of the series was absolutely nothing but awful people being awful, each in their own, awful way.

    I wouldn't say this is a really terrible show. The acting is competent. The writing is economical. There are occasional moments of a sort of sour wit. But I certainly wouldn't want to spend any more time with these people.
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