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  • itaylor-506651 September 2020
    Bad script. Bad acting. Hard to follow the story. The worst thing was the main actor. He had as much emotional depth as dried cement.
  • Who was the guy he was meeting on the park bench? Not my favorite movie.
  • This is really a mess of incoherent scenes sewn together badly to produce a bad lengthy episode of LA Law.

    The skewed timeline doesn't help and most of the legal scenes are lengthy, wordy and filled with pseudo legalese that really makes no sense. Half way through I found myself unable to properly follow either the chain of events or the story line, and it never improved.

    Acting was what you'd expect all overly dramatic and exaggerated just like the script, and if that were all I could have lived with it, but a poorly written story is a death sentence to a film and this one needs to be laid to rest.