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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The story of "Reunion" has two objectives, both of which are fulfilled adequately: to set the status quo and get the audience primed for the next chapter. To an extent, it amalgamates the styles of the first and third seasons. The gradually introduced plot points hearken back to "Tamers", while the minimal detail or follow-through on character points hearkens back to the first arc of "Adventure". Combining these approaches alternates between intriguing and frustrating, especially since the narrative hops so frequently between subplots that very little gains momentum. Not to mention, government agencies and enigmatic appearances of wild digimon have been incorporated before. But, enough is left open that the ultimate impression is of intrigue; whether the intentions of the agency and Alphamon are benevolent or malevolent in nature is ambiguous. At its core, though, the story is really a vehicle for the real selling point of "Digimon" (aside from the monsters themselves).

    The staff had the unenviable task of reintroducing the characters that got most people interested in this franchise, and whether they succeeded or not largely depends on keeping the right perspective. Most of these guys are re-established well enough, with their general traits from the series apparent; admittedly, simply seeing them after more than a decade is in and of itself a treat. However, all things considered, perhaps it was inevitable that some of them would largely end up on the sidelines. Adherence to convention causes issues at points. Matt has no true purpose beyond causing friction with Tai, which feels obligatory and regressive, and doesn't take advantage of the former's increased maturity in the second season. The only interesting detail is a reversal in view: once before he invited change and is now only wary about it. Joe, meanwhile, just does what he has done in nearly every "movie", only with a little more frustration.

    The three that get the best treatment are Tai, Izzy and, surprisingly, Mimi. The latter was consistently endearing in the second season, and many of her base-attributes shine through here. She remains ebullient and upbeat, and the scene where she gives everyone souvenirs had me smiling. Along with Sora's stuff, it's a testament to the charisma of these guys and the impact they can make with minimal material. Tai comes closest to being dominant, being more level-headed than in his younger days but retaining some of his laid back demeanor. Over the course of the story, he wrestles with fear of the collateral damage that is caused by the conflicts with enemy monsters, which he believes he and his friends are responsible for. It's a little contrived and not the most compelling matter he has dealt; maybe the whole "heroes possibly doing more harm than good" thing is growing stale (Gamera 3, The Powerpuff Girls Movie, most Batman movies, half of the recent Marvel movies, Watchmen). But, it provides introspection, complements his role in the group and advances his viewpoint. It even yields one of the best lines: "Now I see more, and understand less". Here's to hoping that theme catches on.

    Izzy is perhaps most successful. His usual technical prowess is on full display and has apparently evolved (a little too much, some might say). Beyond that, his newfound interest in Mimi allows this episode to do what I hope will become more frequent: take advantage of the stage in these guys' lives. Watching him so awkwardly try to make himself more presentable or impressive for her is pure joy. True, it essentially comes out of left field, since Izzy has mostly been apathetic towards Mimi since their one episode together, but it's an acceptable development for a guy fixated on technology for most of his life. Furthermore, it provides some surprisingly observant moments. My favorite (non-action) scene may be when Izzy imparts his reasons for resorting to online shopping. It's wonderfully honest, done in the spirit of the original series.

    On the technical level, "Reunion" excels in its own line. It's not exactly the pinnacle of animation in this franchise, but it is very satisfying to see "Digimon" finally be consistently up to par with most anime. The kids are all expressive and faithful to their earlier looks, though at several points I had difficulty telling Matt and T.K. apart. The digimon themselves look great, with sleek new transformation footage, greater range in movement and a feeling of force when they utilize their powers, all of which benefit the two big action sequences; Kuwagamon even manages a surprising level of menace thanks to size and an impressive roar. In the words of Chris Mcfeely, "I confess to getting all giddy" in seeing all of these guys again, especially the iconic Omnimon. Clear improvements are also evident in the backdrops, which are detailed and varied. There's a particularly sublime scene where Tai and Agumon are pondering at a river.

    Several fun nods to the series are included. The broken bridge from an early attack recalls the original Highton View Terrace incident, Kuwagamon mirrors his role in the premiere episode, Tai's class-book is titled "One Vision", one of the main songs in "Tamers", and the commemorative photo from the first season finale makes a few obscured appearances. My favorite little detail is perhaps the blog that T.K. briefly writes on. It's a nicely understated way to adapt an old plot point into the modern day.

    For this seasoned fan, "Reunion" is a satisfying experience. One could argue that the "set-up" objective was overly emphasized or that time should have been better allocated amongst the kids. Yet, these issues are less significant when keeping in mind that this is intended as only the first step in a larger story. Regardless, the target audience can at least be jubilant about one thing: there is now something new to look forward to. Digimon is back, so let's make the most of it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Digimon has always held a special spot in my heart, as I watched it growing up, and I could not stop loving the series years later. Well, as a long-time fan, this movie didn't disappoint me; it was just as much a celebration of its history as it was a loving gift to its fans.

    *This review will contain spoilers for the first two Digimon series, as well as this movie.*

    Plot: 7/10 - Following the events of Digimon Adventure 02, the group has grown up further, and they're well into their high school years. Strange disturbances in the networks throughout Japan ominously herald the start of another adventure. During a soccer game, Tai chases after a Kuwagamon and witnesses firsthand the devastation such a creature could bring about. Chased and exhausted, he is saved at the last moment by Agumon, who proceeds to fight Kuwagamon after Digivolving into Greymon. The two are then transported into an airport and continue their fight, while Tai and the other DigiDestined are all escorted to the airport and reunited with their Digimon partners. After driving back Kuwagamon and its two reinforcements, the group struggles to regain its luster, knowing all too well that the fight has just begun. The plot of this movie is essentially groundwork for what's to come; it sets up character arcs and relationships that will not be expanded upon until later, as well as conflicts and problems we can spot a mile away.

    Characters: 10/10 - Right from the onset, there seems to be discontent from the group, as with their adulthood looming they develop both physically and mentally, and they drift ever further apart. Tai, the leader of the group in the first series, has serious issues with his future, and the entire DigiDestined seem shackled to the past in one way or another. The love triangle between him, Matt and Sora doesn't aid in calming his nerves, and his newfound fear in the power of Digimon and helplessness towards them that he failed to grasp as a child. Izzy has a glow-in-the-dark obvious crush on Mimi, and he struggles with it, while TK and Kari are also starting to notice their increased popularity and attraction is changing their relationship. Even the oldest of the group, Jo, has a girlfriend, one whom he disregards for his failing entrance exam scores. The character development is subtle, and logical, deeply rooted in the characters established in the two prior series and with an additional layer of complexity worthy of exploration. Interesting moments and character beats connect long-time fans with their childhood favorites, while also showing signs of adulthood and change all-too familiar.

    Pacing: 8/10 – Up until the final five minutes of the movie, the pacing was excellent and worked wonders. Taking itself slowly, and showing through actions, not words, how far the characters have changed from our last encounter, it brought the group well into focus and the movie gained gravitas and impact because of it. But the final five minutes the movie realized it needed to wrap up; non- stop evolutions of progressively greater power, culminating in a frantic Alphamon vs Omnimon battle, none of which was built up properly or had a pay-off worthy of its much greater hourly set-up. Ending the movie on the Omnimon transformation would have worked great, I felt, as would a declaration from Tai to fight, finding a reason to. Maybe his failure to size up could have ended the movie on a cliffhanger, and provided motivation to fight next time. But this ending felt rushed and unworthy of the honestly very atmospheric and amazingly powerful built-up that the movie had spent itself creating.

    General Notes: 9/10 – The animation is beautiful to behold, crisp and clear while retaining much of the charm from the earlier, sloppier, animation style before it. The Digivolution sequences were great, although they were a bit too much Digimon Tamers rather than Adventure for me. Hearing the "Butterfly" and "Brave Heart" songs again was amazing, and the renditions here are excellent. The brief glimpses of the four Adventure 02 DigiDestined and their defeat at the start of the series was a subtle and effective way of showing the continuity of 02. But their complete lack of reference past that point is baffling. Especially as TK is shown communicating to the worldwide DigiDestined community, and we know that those shown briefly should be discussed more, especially as Kari and TK know them well, and they go to the same school! Mention their disappearance at least.

    Conclusion: 9/10 – For me, characters and atmosphere can dominate story and improve a property immensely, and Digimon Tri did just that. Its story is obvious and not the most interesting, but the rest is amazing. If not for the horribly paced final minutes, then it would be a clear 9.5/10, but it lost a lot of its flow in reaching for that Omnimon appearance. The villain is also non- existent as an element in Tri, and the use of Kuwagamon, while significant to us as their first challenge in the digital world, is never menacing. If you can watch the movie as a single film, it is much better than the episodic version, as this was clearly meant to be a single unit, and not a string of episodes. For long-time fans or people looking for a tearfully nostalgic property, Digimon Adventure Tri satisfies perfectly. Newcomers will be lost however, as there is no recap of previous events.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Now if your watching this then you must already be familiar with at least the original season of "Digimon", it definitely brings the nostalgic feels seeing all your childhood characters grown and seeing what they're up to. This movie translates in English as "reunion" and thats exactly what it felt like, it felt like this movie was to set the tone of everything, bring back your beloved childhood heroes and get you remembering and catching up with everything that is "Digimon". Now my first observation was how different everyone looks from the original especially the digimon themselves, the art style looks completely different but thats not necessarily a bad thing. It breaths new life into the nostalgic childhood series. Now as the story goes its just getting started, basically the entire plot is we don't know whats going on yet and we don't quite find to much out in this first part of the movie series. The artwork and animation is very nice, some scenes definitely look extremely awesome and then for me there's a few that seemed to be lacking but as a hole i thought it was done very well especially the combat scenes I was impressed. (I was actually getting flash backs from the original digimon movie where Greymon fights the green parrot while Kari stands and watches in the street) The music was really good, i thought it matched just fine & the opening & ending theme weren't to bad either. As for the voice acting i have no complains, it was my first time hearing the Japanese voices and thought they were just fine. Now my only complaint is the last fight scene, it seemed extremely rushed i think it should of been at minimum twice the length that it was it seemed to take away the dramaticness of the battle by just blowing through without any emotional tension like they normally would have. That said, my favorite thing about the new movie is that everyone doesn't stay in their same old outfits like in basically every cartoon/anime you've seen. They all change their clothes everyday with a new look and its very cool it makes them more "real", and their pretty damn stylish xD.

    4/5 Why? I feel it should be slightly lower but i rate higher because this movie was more or less just to lay out the page, set the tone. There's only so much you can do when your trying to reintroduce a fairly big series all in one movie time frame. I also think my nostalgia goggles may make me more bias than someone who didn't watch the original as a child. The artwork and animation was different from what i was expecting but in no way was i disappointed, the music matched well and the story seems like its going to be decent, it definitely leaves you wanting more and wondering whats going on. If your looking for a trip down memory lane i'd watch it, i believe the up coming movies will definitely be better now that the tone has been set, i can't wait!
  • I was a huge fan of digimon when I was 7 years old. I can understand now why I loved it so much. It's all about digital universe. I am 25 years old right now I am a software engineer. I think there is some effect of this show to make me software engineer. I think this movie is created in a way to all fans of the digimon adventure to have some nostalgia. Thank you very much for creating Digimon tri and bring my old memories!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Adventure anime film series produced by Toei Animation. It is a six- part series of films in Akiyoshi Hongo's Digimon franchise, serving as a direct sequel to the first two television series, Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02, and celebrates the anime franchise's 15th anniversary.The first film, Saikai was released on November 21, 2015 and will be released on region-free DVD and Blu- ray in Japan on December 18, 2015.The second film, Ketsui will be released on March 12, 2016. The films are being streamed in episodic format outside of Japan by Crunchyroll.

    The movie takes place in 2005, Three years after the events of Digimon Adventure 02, Taichi Yagami is now in high school, downhearted that none of his friends are able to come to his Football game. Meanwhile, strange occurrences are causing electronic devices to malfunction across Odaiba. Minutes before Taichi's match begins, a Kuwagamon that had been causing the malfunctions suddenly appears, soon taking physical form and causing collateral damage to the city. Just as Taichi is cornered, his Digivice shines and his old partner Agumon appears, devolving into Greymon to fight against Kuwagamon, who is more powerful than the first time they fought. As the two Digimon end up traveling through portals to an airport in Haneda, Taichi is given a ride by his substitute teacher, Daigo Nishijima. As more Kuwagamon appear, Taichi is joined by the other DigiDestined and their Digimon partners, with the exception of Joe, who defeat two of them, while a mysterious hand appears and destroys the last one.

    Following the battle, as the DigiDestined look over the strange occurrences leading up to Kuwagamon's appearance, which are believed to be caused by distortions in space, Taichi and Yamato pay a visit to Nishijima, who reveals himself to be part of an organization monitoring Digimon activity, particularly infected Digimon like the Kuwagamon that appeared. As Koushiro develops ways to provide easier access to their Digimon partners and seek out digital disturbances, Taichi begins to fear that people could get hurt as a result of his actions as a DigiDestined. The next day, a mysterious black Digimon known as Alphamon appears, seemingly targeting a Digimon under the care of Meiko Mochizuki, a girl who recently transferred into Taichi's class. With Alphamon proving too powerful for the other Digimon, Yamato urges Taichi to stop running away from his fears, and together they manage to drive Alphamon off with the power of Omnimon. Afterwards, Meiko reveals that she is also a DigiDestined with her partner, Meikuumon, being the Digimon Alphamon was targeting.
  • I had no clue this series of movies existed until about a week ago, and after watching the first, I'm more curious than excited to see where things will go. There's a lot of romantic jabs and developments in this movie that I don't remember much in the original series, and I wish more time was spent on making the 'infected' Digimon plot more interesting. Not that romance is bad to have now that they're all teens, but it didn't hold my interest much. Already had a few spoilers too, but I think I'll watch through the whole saga.
  • In this film, we see the return of the Digimon characters we all know and love. It sets up an intriguing new series with new threats and characters. In hindsight, it didn't really live up to these expectations. But as a standalone entry, it showed a lot of promise.
  • pnrcetiner19 January 2020
    Love this season more than adventure 2. I found Adventure 2 is too childish. This season take it so serious and we can feel it's all about being alive or death. Humours were pretty OK. Action and graphics was great! Drama made me cried. And I like it because it is best team among all seasons. I love to see them being older we all together. Only disappointment is to be informed that it will be last season soon. Sorry but stupidest idea ever!! You shouldn't do this evillness to your fans :(
  • Pretty much what the other reviewer jephtha said is all true but I think it deserves a lower score. The movie milks every single scene for absolutely no reason making the movie feel stretched and forced as it just drags on.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was really looking forward to this.

    I don't know how much would newcomers enjoy this. The plot is pretty simple but we don't get a proper introduction to the characters, which is odd because we haven't seen these characters in years. Last time we saw Taichi was on Xros Wars, that's true, but he didn't do much, he was just there for fanservice. Even if is easy to tell who is who even if you haven't watch the series, you better do it because you'll miss everything. At least you got to know an idea of who are the characters and some of the lore because if you don't you'll be completely lost.

    The cast has become older but they're the same characters we've met in the first season. Age is the only thing that's changed, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but I'd like seeing an older version of our beloved characters. Everyone's in their highschool years and we've seen a lot of that in so many shows. One of the characters thinks other is hot now that she's a teenager, others clash because of testosterone (this isn't new though, we've seen this before in Digimon in very single season and is too damn old), etc.

    This movie has a different tone, it's not Adventure but much more similar to the other Digimon movies. Not so childish, characters face more grown-up problems (or at least Taichi does), even if they're not explored as much as I'd like to.

    If you're an old fan of the series you'll like it, for sure. The thing is, besides some nostalgic movies, not much happens in this movie. We're introduced to an older version of the characters we already know, they face a new foe we know nothing about to, they win and that's it.

    The animation is good, not the best thing we've seen in an anime but better than any of the Digimon seasons. The animation is much fluid and we notice this especially during fights, we don't get static shots or reused ones (I've noticed this a lot during Digimon Frontier when I rewatched it not long ago and it was really annoying). Also some characters have suffered some re-designs, nothing major but it helps building the new tone. The digivolve scenes have been renewed too, in a good way.

    The pacing is pretty difficult to rate because of the way this OVA was released. If we rate it as episodes, probably might get a good rating, as the pace is totally different than any of the Digimon series. Is slower but refreshing in a way, as the episodes don't have the same structure as it used to happen in all the Digimon episodes.

    I'll watch the next two movies and give and overall opinion, but this felt too much like an introduction and not much more, there's not an actual plot and we don't get any of the answers we wanted to get. Who's Alphamon and why is he attacking the real world? What's up with the infected Digimons, who's doing that and why? Also we don't have any real threat or menace during the whole movie. Kuwagamon might be interesting for us in a nostalgic way, but even if there's more of them and they have new abilities, we already know the good guys are going to win. Alphamon, in the other hand, is the typical invincible Digimon that requires extreme measures... that means Omnimon, because of course, an indestructible Digimon can be defeated just by another indestructible Digimon.

    Overall, I enjoyed this movie/episodes much more than anything on Savers or Xros Wars. Was it a great movie? No, but I'm looking forward for the other two and that's exactly what this movie tries to do. There's not enough character development and the plot is weak but the opening theme may be enough to make up for it. If you're an old Digimon fan, at least for the first season, you have to watch this, you won't regret it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *contains spoilers* So the new movie is out and its as amazing as the adventure 01 & 02 series. Here's my views of the movie. 1. Characters: Its amazing to see all the old digidestined back in action again. If you are a person who grew up watching digimon then definitely it'll take you back. I'm one such person. So it made me feel as though I met a few old friends after a long gap. So the whole nostalgic feeling makes you go wow! All the eight are grown up and are leading a typical teenage life. I love the canons. Mimi and Koushiro, Sora and Yamato, Takeru and Hikari all is going on. It's correct in my opinion because as people grow it's quite common that they start falling in love or start experiencing the need to impress another person or feeling jealous. Yes I'm hinting at Koushiro trying out apps to see which style of clothes suit him better, Hikari stopping her cycle after hearing Takeru is going out with a girl. All this is in it. Although I missed Joe, I think its alright for the moment because there are so many things going on in his life. For me Mimi and Sora are definitely the most promising. Mimi kind of gels the whole group together and Sora still has that big sister's feel. I'm a bit disappointed with Taichi being so pessimistic. But its just the first movie. Of course digimon are a main part of the movie so, I cant miss them out. The fact that the original voice artists at back is icing on the cake. It really feels wow when you hear agumon shinka, gabumon shinka and in th background we have brave heart playing(which is also cool as well). So all in all the characters are great. Its the main part of the movie. There is a good level of character development. For me the main thing considering characters is that there must be a reasonable level of similarity with the original child characters. What I mean to say is that if I see Mimi today I must get the feel that 'ya this is the same Mimi'. The movie delivers this. So for me, I give a perfect 10 for the characters.

    Plot - Digidestined+ Kuwagamon + champion forms + battle + alphamon + meicoomon = amazing plot. What is more convincing is that you don't get bored. The episodes keep you thinking what's going to happen next. Yeah the end was a bit rushed. They must have shown the evolution sequence for agumon and Gabumon's ultimate forms. The story is nice. There's government there. Dunno if they are good or bad. Also you have a new character. Meiko. She's a bit strange. Another thing I like of the plot is that no 02 kids are being mentioned. So it makes me wondering what is up with them. So yeah the plot for me is a 9.

    Animation and Music - When you are talking about a digimon movie, you cannot ignore the evolution sequence and the music. This is considered as a separate factor because any body who follows digimon knows what the animation and the songs mean to them. First up the songs. I have heard the full versions of all the three main songs - Butterfly, Brave heart and I wish. I must say they are all as good as they were in the first season. 'I wish' by Ai Maeda is my favourite this time out of the three. 😊. The animation is cool. I loved the new evolution sequence. Just to hear brave heart play and hear that 'agumon shinka' or 'piyomon shinka'... Gives me Goosebumps. Unfortunately not all of them evolved. Missed Ikakkumon. But for me Birdramon and Kabuterimon looked different and way better than 01. One thing I didn't like is that none of the digimons screamed their attacks. Greymon didn't say Mega flame nor Garurumon said fox fire. But I loved how Togemon said chik chiku bang bang. Anyhow, music and animation are cool. So a 10.

    So basically that's it for me. As I said, its a perfect start to the 6 part movie. The next movie Ketsui is expected to be out on March 12. And to see Rosemon and Vikemon on its poster is so exiting. Its kinda cool if Mimi and Joe would team up again like they did in adventure, when they decided to travel the spiral mountain together. It's nostalgic again and to see them get their ultimates first, really cool! So lets hope that the new movie brings us more excitement and happiness like this movie brought. Let the adventure evolve! 😊
  • The original digivolve music was so catchy, cool and perfect. So the producers decided to come up with boring music instead. Why would they do that? It makes no sense.

    The story is perfect, action is nice and it was great to see the originals back together again.

    Reunion was way better than any animated Pokemon movie because its causal and down to earth.

    Recommendation: To original season 1 Digimon fans.
  • I was a fan of Digimon as a kid, but unlike Dragon Ball Z and Escaflowne, I'm not a fan as an adult. Digimon just doesn't hit that sweet spot anymore I guess. I was expecting stellar animation like that which was in the previously theatrically released Digimon: The Movie, and safe to say I was disappointed. In this new film the animation was choppy, the facial and eye artwork was sloppy, the sound design was jarring, and overall the pacing was way too slow. A 96 minute long movie never felt so long.

    And yes, I know Digimon: The Movie was three short films edited together to make a full length movie. And yes, I know that most fans don't like the English version of this movie because of the bad editing. But it still has stellar animation, no matter what Fox Kids did to it.

    I saw this movie in the English special theatre release. I liked the voice acting, though Vic Mignogna as Matt was jarring because Matt is blonde haired and blue eyed, which just made me think of Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist the whole time.

    I get that this isn't technically a movie, it's the first four episodes of a new series. In any case, it's still slow and choppy. I get too that it only had a small budget, which was obvious in the amount of still shots in the movie, but even so, the artists could try a little harder on the faces.
  • TheOneThatYouWanted2 December 2017
    It appears this film is the first in a series of film which will conclude in 2018. If I knew that I wouldn't have watched it. The following review will be for both the first and second films. From what I read, the third is supposed to be awesome but I haven't been able to get my hands on it. The first film in the series is extremely lacking because it simply acts an introduction or reintroduction. Plus there is hardly has any action in it.