Will Magnus: It's funny how things can change so quickly. After a while, you don't even recognize yourself anymore.

[pulls out a sphere with a button]

Will Magnus: Forgive me, Kirk.

[presses button and he disintegrates]

Wonder Woman: [Before destroying Platinum] Fry, bitch!

Wonder Woman: Why do you even listen? They hate us.

Superman: Don't let the crowds down there fool you, Bekka. They are not la gente común, the real people. There are many who would like nothing better than for us to take over. Tell her, Kirk.

Batman: Twenty-two percent domestically, twenty-nine percent worldwide.

Superman: Revolutions have been built on less. Imagine ending all ideological squabbling. No more war, no more insurrections. All those little dots down there connected to a single, productive purpose: a world brought together as one.

Wonder Woman: Under us?

Superman: Under us.

Wonder Woman: You just got less sexy.

Will Magnus: [Batman sees blood on Magnus] Go ahead.

Batman: [sprouts fangs and starts to lunge but then stops] Bet you taste like crap.

Superman: I just burned all your motherboxes, no more disappearing acts for you!

Wonder Woman: [Highfather and the Gods of New Genesis have just slaughtered the entire ruling elite of Apokolips, including Orion, at Orion and Bekka's wedding] You said he could live.

Highfather: I said I would spare him for you, but not at the expense of the mission. Even if he had lived, what life could you have had with him?

Wonder Woman: He was different.

Highfather: He was Darkseid's blood, one of countless bastards in a line of endless betrayal.

Wonder Woman: [picks up the sword Orion gave her as a wedding gift and points it at Highfather] You are one to speak! You are blood-soaked in betrayal!

Highfather: Watch your tongue, granddaughter!

Wonder Woman: If I had to do it over, I would have warned them all. I would have shouted to the skies, "Trust not the monster Highfather. He is mad with power!"

Lightray: Silence!

[Lighhtray fires a blast at Bekka, who parries it with her sword and sends it back at him]

Highfather: You can still redeem yourself.

Wonder Woman: There is no redemption for me.

[Bekka Boom Tubes off of Apokolips]

Batman: Where is Tina?

Will Magnus: She's dead. I killed her about a year into our marriage. It was an accident, I assure you. You see, I always knew she loved you. Even back in college, she was only really happy when the three of us were together. Even after I turned you into a monster, even after that, she still wanted you. She married me, but that was an obligation. She kept urging me to find a cure for you, every day, night and day, "Will, you've gotta do something! Will, you can't abandon him! Will! Will! Will!" She never let up! And finally, one day, I'd had it and I hit her!

[suddenly bereft]

Will Magnus: And her head struck a table. She was gone.

Will Magnus: If only she hadn't wanted you! You, who only loved your bats and test tubes!

Batman: Wrong. I loved two people in my life. And now they're both gone!