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  • Bree Mills (credited here as "creative director" rather than producer) and her amanuensis Alan have moved on in just a couple of years or so from this primitive VIv Thomas/daring! Pure approach to Lesbian porn, finding their niche in campy and endless (must be thousands of scenes in the can by now) little episodes for a bevy of websites in the Gamma orbit. This was made for Web Young, now a repository for campy Girlsway product.

    It all dates back to the dream-like cinema of David Hamilton, who in the '70s offered a quality, soft-focus alternative to the increasingly hard-edged and hardcore product that fans enjoyed and would someday lead to the bitter end, namely Max Hardcore and his nihilistic revolution. Fans of Adult Cinema live these days with the legacy of Max, but Alan seems to have gained quite a following for a much softer approach to XXX content.

    Dave Lee and Craven Moore share the credits with Alan for this series of fantasies in which underage looking (but with the papers to disprove it, for legality's sake) gals having sexual awakenings with each other. It's a welcome respite from staring at oversize cocks, that's for sure.

    Odd scene out is a bit of self-plugging which has become very, very familiar in the Girlsway era. Dillion Harper greets arriving Jillian Janson as a young old pro, welcoming her to a house where Web Young shoots take place, and we tour it with her via first-person camera. Crew members including Alan are visible in the frame and the Fourth Wall is eliminated entirely.

    Apart from that scene nothing much happens here, merely us males eavesdropping on girls wrapped up in each other, in pantomime fashion.