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  • unkommon12 July 2019
    For starters, checked all of my boxes, it was a reality show based around carpentry in which the most competent and stylistic furniture builder won. There were some really great pieces on here that I would love in my own home. Freddy winning was no surprise, he was a stellar craftsman and had a long series of interesting and well-executed designs. The judges didn't make a right call, they made the only call. And props to Spike and Mission Control Media for landing Brandon Gore and Nolen Niu for judges, they are great designers and were very consistent in their roles. Common was great as a host, he has excellent taste, so it was a nice addition to see someone who could afford these pieces weigh in on wether or not he'd want them for his own. Overall it was interesting and I would love a second season, so where is it? Different judges would be fine, I would be more than happy with the same judges, and I know that Ink Master fans loved seeing a reality show where building and craftsmanship was the premise not just skill behind the needle. If theres a season 2, Spike, you at least have one fan, though I'm sure ratings now would be much higher than 4 years ago.
  • I really wanted to like this show, it contained many of the elements that have worked well in this genre. However, the format and the tone of the show just rang a sour note. Add to that, the host, Common, who's aggressive style at times made me wonder if this was a show about gladiatorial combat rather than building furniture. Overall. I was able to tolerate about one and a half episodes, before it became laborious to watch. Overall, a show that deserved better direction and a better host.