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  • A day in the life type of movie that goes along at the right pace. We get to meet a lot of the characters in this neighborhood while Dominic is running around looking for his cat. This is a good cast that did a solid job and again it has that nice indy feel to it and not some glossed over H'wood jobber. It is not an emotional roller coaster either which I can appreciate... it simply gets into the story and rolls right through it and is quite watchable. There may have been a couple of things unresolved at the end but it's like 'who cares'. I would recommend this if you are in a quiet mood and not up for watching Rogue One or The Great Wall etc.
  • lolique15 January 2018
    It´s really refreshing to watch a film that doesn´t overdo things and keeps you interested all the time. Excellent cast. Good photography. It´s very realistic and doesn´t lag like all those "artsy-fartsy" films that try to bowl you over with supposed slice-of-life stories, stupid characters and lousy story-lines, spliced with needless violence and sex. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. HOPE YOU ENJOY IT.
  • bearbia5426 September 2018
    Came across this completely by accident. It made my day.
  • I happened to find this movie in one of those movie streaming services, and totally loved it. Leonard the black cat is just adorable, although his appearance is very limited, and It's so nice to find out Ralph Macchio is still looking so fit and gorgeous in spite of his age (he looks in his 30s in the film, so I mistakenly thought this was shot in early 90s). It's not as serious as your typical middle age crisis, but how lead character Dominic regains his confidence and reassurance in life through a "one day adventure" will definitely put a smile on the face of the audience, leaving a good aftertaste. Last but not least, kudos to the cute black furbaby Baxter <3
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At first I thought it was just a cold, now I'm laying on the hospital bed thinking how I could've spent those 80 minutes scrolling through memes rather than dying like this.