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  • We are loving this show. Finding it fun, clever and entertaining. It is enjoyable, much like the old Mission Impossible series was, but with a modern look and much more intrigue and play. Life is crazy, and it is nice to come home and disappear into the fantasy of a spunky intelligent thriller. It is also nice to have that story told without the extraneous and exploitive blood, guts and gore of other shows. The characters are fleshing out slowly, and cannot be taken at face value. Each week builds nicely on the previous one, which help to draw the watcher into the growing story. Mireille Enos is fun to watch, with her Monroeish eye-flutter affectations. She is mesmerizing, and nicely underplays the roll. In fact the show has strong and interesting female rolls with Sonya Walger playing the anti-hero steamily well. Yes, they are stereotyped, but aren't most fantasies? If we wanted to watch 'real life' we would just turn off the TV!
  • Not being a 'ShondaLand' addict—in fact, I can't remember watching one previous TGIT episode in its entirety—I didn't have preconceptions about what I was 'supposed to' feel about "The Catch". From the previous IMDb reviews, I see I am glaringly in the minority in my initial opinion about the show; I was already a fan of a few of the actors and loved the look and feel of the production. The previous reviews, however, have not convinced me to change a single idea I had about the show; in fact, I find the other reviews to be epistemologically flawed in their vagueness and unspecified assertions.

    So as for me, I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode and plan to keep watching. Below are my first five reasons to watch.

    1. Mireille Enos: Mireille Enos is a compelling actor. She may be typecast by some as the serious, unadorned detective in "The Killing", but in "The Catch" she is engagingly glammed up and beautiful, not with an 'I've-been-entitled-all-my-life' beauty but rather with an 'I'm smart and accomplished and insightful' beauty. Plus, she can sprint at an impressive speed after bad guys, showing that her outer strength can match the inner.

    2. Alimi Ballard: Alimi Ballard has always been smart and sharp, as his scenes on "Numb3rs" and "CSI" have shown, but his frequent relegation to a law enforcement roles in dark suits has required a restraint he can thankfully shed in this role. From the first time we see him on the links rocking a preppy polo-shirt-and-plaid-pants golf outfit, we know something will be different. On "The Catch", he remains sharp and smart, but as the 'fixer' of the confidence team, he morphs into changing roles with emotive style and wit.

    3. Mature Allure: It is great to see a show with a variety of actors over 35 (notwithstanding Rose Rollins' 20- something visage) who look great, dress great, speak articulately, and keep the story going. Much has been written about Peter Krause's casting and whether his age and recent role in Parenthood will affect audience perceptions. Not having watched "Parenthood" (or "Six Feet Under" or any of his roles, to be honest), he was a blank slate to me, and I was pleasantly surprised. My daughter remarked that the younger actor in the original pilot (still available online) is better eye candy, but Krause is a nuanced actor who conveys ambiguous intentions well. As a con man in his late 40s, it is more plausible that he has been around, seen more than he needed, and become reflective and conflicted about whether to stay in the game or pursue a connection with his latest smart, intriguing target. If his character were in his mid 30s with less knowledge, life experience and capital, would he really be ready to give up his best confidence-earning years to be with someone who could always put him in jail?

    4. The Artwork of Maria Kreyn: I am not sure how widely recognized artist Maria Kreyn is, but after this pilot episode, I'm sure she will gain a much wider audience. Her painting 'Alone Together', featured in "The Catch", is hauntingly beautiful and provides a captivating metaphor for the show's narrative.

    5. Open Spaces and Sunlight! Whenever I catch a few seconds of another TGIT/ShondaLand show, the scene is usually in an enclosed space such as a hospital room or dark office or someplace not particularly airy or (naturally) light. "The Catch", in contrast, is replete with outdoor settings, California sunshine, and floor-to-ceiling windows with luxurious day and nighttime views. This only added to my enjoyment of the show and desire to see more.
  • Love that this show keeps you on your toes, and even then, often you say...oh, I should have, but I just didn't see that coming.

    Each cop/good guy/bag guy type show needs a unique hook to keep you coming back, and this one has one that catches you in the beginning and keeps you coming back. It includes intrigue, love, hate, like, likable main characters and likable side kicks...and plot twists. You really like the bad guys in this show...and that's not easy to do, create likable killers.

    I liked this show so much that I actually watched 5 episodes via On demand, commercials and all, since I had to go out of town and my dish network stopped recording while I was gone... It was worth it though. If you've not watched this show, you can catch up on demand with dish if you've got it.

    Hope it stays on for a number of seasons.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    when suspension is build up based on things happening due to someones stupidity, then I get all upset. you know when someone says: stay in the car, and you know: they wont stay in the car. that kind of cheap effort to try to build drama. This is where I stopped watching- beginning episode 3: criminal pretends to be photographer, meets in a flat with I think estate agent to take photos through window of a building with 2 towers for whatever marketing purpose, they don't know each other. 2 seconds later they are at it on the sofa. as she gets to his interesting bits.. she says "and I thought our towers were impressive" - bad acting and cheesy lines, couldn't stand it.

    Oh, Mireille.. you are so awesome, in the Killing you portrayed on of the best leads ever. How could you agree to those fake eyelashes?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I liked this show for about six or seven episodes. When Mireille Enos's character began to fall again for Krause's character after he had made such a fool of her I tried to hang in there. (Maybe he was going to listen to his heart and change sides). But he seemed to want to keep on with the bad guys. Then, when The female villain, Sonya Walger, masquerades as Mureille's therapist that did it. How could she wind up as a fake therapist when she was busy conning and robbing people every moment of her life? It was too far-fetched. (How would she even know Mureille was going to need a therapist???) To have to listen to Mireille's character tell Sonya's character all about her love of the very man Sonya loved . . . . I couldn't even try to sit through it.
  • Jim9 April 2016
    Don't understand why there are so many one and two ratings. The show is based on a good premise. That a con man would want to infiltrate a security company by wooing a senior operative.

    Predictably, the con man falls in love. The success of the show will depend on the tension between the main characters, and the quality of the supporting cast.

    In the first two episodes, I have enjoyed the show. Glossy, fast paced, attractive people, snappy dialogue. The main characters have played their roles well.

    It remains to be seen whether blood will be spilled. Then, the show graduates to prime time.
  • I really enjoy this show because it's fun, plain and simple. It's fast moving so most of the details are left out and things just happen. Is it realistic? I'm sure it isn't, but I do sometimes enjoy lighter fare (only one murder so far) that just entertains. It packs a lot into each episode and for me, it never drags. I think Mireille Enos and Peter Krause are great in their respective roles and I especially enjoy Krause's subtle expression changes that convey a wistfulness when he is thinking about Alice. I bet a lot of women would love to have someone think that way about them. And maybe I really like the characters because they are older (is that why some people think they're ugly?). I do hope this show finds a niche and is able to maintain the fast pace.
  • I was not a fan of anything Sondra Rhimes, and had very low expectations for a The Catch. I only tuned in because it's on Hulu and I loved the now canceled show The Killing. Halfway through episode 1 of The Catch, I pressed paused and realized this show is really fun and full of chemistry. Great actors doesn't hurt. I've watched the entire 1st season and really enjoyed the ride of each episode's cliffhanger ending. It does have an feel of the Thomas Crown Affair, but it's its own creative production. I am a somewhat cynical person when it comes to big named chain productions, but this show is a joy to watch each week. Some of the previous criticisms I've read here, seem to hold some baggage against Ms Rhimes. But, I'm not sure I'm even spelling her name right.
  • Quarrel-526 March 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Every moment of this show I was about 5 steps ahead of the plot. It is very, VERY cookie cutter and easy to figure out. I nearly stopped watching the show less than halfway in due to this, but I kept going to just make sure I was right. (you never know) The acting is not bad, but not superb.

    I don't recommend unless you want something on in the background or you tend to not be able to follow simple story lines, then this might actually be enjoyable.

    --BIG spoiler--

    In the scene where they are trying to catch Mr. X he drives up in a Lamborghini, the area is surrounded by people that work for and with Alice. Her husband, Mr.X, walks by EVERYONE and no one seems to notice him, her husband there. Very poor.

    --End Spoiler--
  • Hollywood doesn't like making a series about real people anymore. If you think back to shows like NYPD Blue, Barney Miller, The Rockford Files, any number of programs that have gone before. The cast included stars as we'd all expect. And usually a good number of supporting actors. And these shows were not cast based on the appearance of actors. This another program that has only attractive people in every single part. In one episode there are defense contractors who all young and very attractive. It's a huge distraction. Look around, at your own life, not everyone in physically fit, and attractive. This show does involve a story line that moves in and out of the world of the rich and famous. But even those people should not all be young and attractive. Somehow they even have bad guys who look like underwear models. If you enjoy watching shows where every single person looks like no-one you'll see in everyday life. This is the show for you. But then you'll have to suspend your disbelief to swallow the story lines they've woven so far. I can't see how they can do more that a season at most. How are they going to come up with even an even slightly believable continuing plot with the same cast of characters, they set in place? Lastly, they resurrected split screen editing. This effect quickly became irritating when it first became popular back in the late 60's and early 1970's when it was first conceived. And they've managed to make it even more annoying by having lines, forming grids, blend across some of the screens.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Poorly cast, poorly scripted, run-of-the-mill prime time nonsense. It is too predictable and it's clear from the get-go that character development and originality are completely absent from this show.

    Casting... Mireille Enos seems very uncomfortable in her role. The scene where she's trying on her wedding dress and her fiancée walks in, I couldn't suppress a small laugh. It was an awkward scene with an awkward actress. Peter Krause just bores me. Obviously a reflection of my personal preference, but still.

    The last thing I'll say, because I'm still trying to make it through this disaster of a pilot, is that the premise is just absurd. Supposedly the best PI's in the city and they get scammed by their boss's fiancée? She never noticed that she didn't have any photos of his face? She gave this guy ALL of her life savings? Sounds like the next episode should be the series finale where their firm gets shut down due to incompetence.
  • I was extremely interested in watching this series when I saw the trailer a couple of months ago. It reminded me a bit of The Thomas Crown Affair with the amazing attraction between the lead investigator and the sexy con artist. I had even persuaded friends to give it a try. So when it finally came out last month, I can't say enough how disappointed I was when I began watching. There seemed to be changes to the original trailer. So I went back and found that the original trailer I had seen was missing and another had replaced it. The original male lead had been replaced by Peter Krause and his female cohort was replaced by Sonya Walger. It seemed they have even changed the plot of the pilot. As I continued watching the first two episodes, I've found the feel of the show had been compromised in my opinion. To me, the chemistry between Enos and Krause just isn't quite the same as it was in that first trailer with Damon Dayoub. I love Mireille Enos and the rest of the cast. They are superb. But the show seems different than what it came across as originally and I almost feel like this was false advertising. Hope it can be salvaged.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was pretty sure I wouldn't like this one after the 1st episode. Since then, wow, so many crap plot things. The main character barely moves - it's like she may crack her makeup or something. There was one episode where she was wearing an outfit that was SO '60's - that long sleeved cream mini-dress, with matching boots BARF - what happened to the wardrobe budget?? lol. I don't blame any of these things on the actors, I blame it on the writers. I was hopeful that Krause's character would have redeemed himself but there's always some mystery excuse. I agree with another review who was commenting on the FBI agent - my observation is that there is absolutely NO way a solo FBI agent would be working with the Ex of the supposed fugitive he's chasing (and still have contacts/resources, etc!). Sorry ABC, what a waste of at least 2 primo actors!
  • Within the first three minutes of this jaunty little confection it becomes abundantly clear that this is television more concerned with reversing TV's gender and racial imbalances than it is with creating a strong dramatic concept or telling a good story. If you care about that sort of thing then it's probably a good eight or nine out of ten. If you're at all interested in strong characters, good storytelling or some kind of even vague relevance to humanity then it's a clear fail. In other words: it's pretty much all you'd expect from Shonda. Even more galling is the way in which it targets a female audience by relentlessly patronising them with sub-Sex-and-the-City stuff about weddings, wedding cakes, wedding dresses, etc. Truly appalling.
  • It seems every single person at this high end, top flight, high security firm is a complete incompetent. They have state of the art everything, and cant use any of it. They fall prey to every trick in the book. It happens multiple times, and they seem surprised. They are incapable of securing anything, which they prove time and time again. Their ability to recognize faces is nil. They couldn't secure a room if their life depended on it. Same is true for their own homes. The characters seem likable, they are just all fools. Such a good concept just totally wasted.

    Back to the drawing boards for this one.
  • I missed the pilot, so I started out watching the second episode. Normally I would consider that a problem with a Shondaland production, as they tend to start with a bang, but judging by all the reviews here by people who watched and hated the first episode I'm not sure it was a problem this time.

    What I saw was ... fine. The actors are good (glad to see Dirty Sexy Money's Peter Krause again) and the premise of a private detective, the con guy who loves his last mark, Interpol, an ongoing con and a mystery-of-the-week is fine, but I just didn't find any of it that interesting. It's all a little vanilla.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Oh, you mean "The Catch" was a TV drama? I was sure that it was a "Rap Concert" with TV drama undertones. I mean, the rap music was so loud that it was impossible to hear the dialogue let alone try to make sense of or follow the plot line. I gave up 10 minutes into the show because I got a full blown headache from the rap noise. Unbelievably bad. An insult to the actors as well as to the viewers.

    I understand that I need to come up with ten lines but really, there is not much more to say. The show was awful because it was impossible to follow.There is not much more to say.

    The cast of actors was great. It was just too bad that they were not allowed to perform their craft.
  • Love Enos in anything she tries-she is that good, Krause is predictably wooden and a little old for the role.

    The back story on this does not hang together so the weekly story line gets forced into presenting the characters in "silly" mis-steps (oh I am a hot shot detective but I let me fiancé walk right by me??? silly me!).

    Everyone is visually appealing but this seems to detract from the show - a group that is too pretty to be likable. Lovely parade of fashionably dressed women (boring) but at least they did not include the token "geek" with glasses and a funny pony tail (this "plastic" show would never include a chubby geek).

    Oh and the predictable sex scenes.........yawn.
  • I actually just a couple of hours ago watched Thursday's episode, and I have to say that this series is just as unbelievable, pretentious and juvenile as many television shows of late. I admire the lead actress, who reminds me of Faye Dunaway. I've always liked Peter Krause, and loved his work in Six Feet Under. Now THAT was great t.v.! I do like the Mission Impossible-esque split screen thingy, as well as the music used throughout, (the t.v. series, not the Tom Cruise movies) which gives it a vintage feel reminiscent of that series, as well as others of that same period. The wardrobe department, however, needs to be addressed....Tonight's episode, for instance, just felt like kid's playing dress-up, in evening gowns that looked like some grade eight student's home economics project. Really bad. I thought Peter Krause looked like a corpse in an ill-fitting tux. Aside from that issue, the scene with the two women coming onto the dance floor, (which looked like someone's rec-room, by the way) and then kissing...I wondered aren't we yet past trying to squeeze in some gay content into a show just for edgy/risqué effect? I realize this scene was used in order to create a diversion regarding the snagging of the bracelet, but that's exactly the problem. They used two women dancing, and then kissing, to catch people off guard. Have we not come farther than that in 2016, to create a spectacle of gay people?? Or were they trying to pander to the heterosexual male viewer, and indulge the fantasy of two women together?? Either way, it felt odd and out of place.

    In order to make a classic, decadent dessert, you have to have the right ingredients. The Catch just comes across like fish sticks and Kraft Dinner.
  • Although this review is based on the first episode only, I would bet quite a large amount of money that the next episodes will be on the same page, or even worse (given the premises that we are watching a crime-thriller and that they won't cancel it). I'm not going to delve into the huge amount of silly stuff we are provided: I guess that none vaguely interested in security, investigations, theft and frauds will last more than 30 minutes watching "The Catch". But if you are in the target audience (which is more or less the same of the other series the creators did: 15-50yo female looking for light entertainment/drama and not caring for realism, accuracy or wit) you may find this product fine. Or at least as fine as "Grey's Anathomy" or "Sex-and-the-City" with more male-friendly themes.
  • I lasted approximately 15 minutes. If this is based on the Thomas Crowne Affair and set in the 60's, it's disconcerting 'cause lots of visuals that are nebulous. Lots of bad application of eyelashes-- which in itself is very distracting, but these characters are hollow. From the start, I couldn't attach an interest in any of them. The African-American characters are even less available as humans. Everyone has a Stepford Wife quality, and the dialogue from voices never spoken in anybody's world. The acting is just as annoying as the dialogue. Trite and obvious.

    I wish American television would do better. That's probably why I'm even writing this review. All the pretty white people, that include's the African-American actors--very pale depths of character. I know the zombie apocalypse has been trending, but there isn't any indication that's what this show is about, not with all the visual connection to the "Thomas Crowne Affair." Even the original movie had some seedy, dumpy, real people involved. I do wish there were some real people, of all ages, sizes, that sucked us into the story. As is, I just don't give a hoot as to what's going on here. Give me some character! Give me some truth! Give me some dialogue! Give me some good acting! In the meantime, I'm back to streaming Acorn TV.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I tried to give this an honest chance, but there are just way too many plot holes. The script looks improvised on the set. For example, when the lights dim at the 1st episode closing party and the investigators immediately move away from the doors, and the guy predictably gets away. The photogenic posing instead of grabbing the guy kills me. The second glaring thing that really killed the show for me, was the overly friendly FBI guy. The garage scene was just too far from reality. Her standing there with a crowbar in front of a car with possible evidence and the cop does nothing. They would have had her in a little room in a hot second. Mirielle Enos is not a good choice for this role and her makeup is just caked on. The supporting cast is horrible. Sorry Shonda, this one is bad.
  • The characters in this show are ALL model-pretty and the stories are lite on interest. Watched it once then switched to re-runs of old comedies. Not for those who like Designated Survivor or the Good Fight which are both excellent. Yet one more Hollywood disappointment on TV. Perhaps it's for people who enjoy implausible plots dressed up by unrealistic people.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Seriously, what is this? The storyline is cliché as fudge, it is so predictable and badly executed. First of all, let me start by asking, where in hell did they find these god awful main actor and actress? don't answer that, it is actually a rhetorical question but truthfully though, i don't know if it was intentional if they actually picked the guy because he looks like Collins Firth and they actually picked the woman because she looks like Julianne Moore? only sadly the ugly version of the both of them.


    The first scene, in which, the bad guy appears out of nowhere only to walk straight into the undercover PI who is supposedly working for the gallery, that 3 seconds after being approached, decided to show the guy the expensive painting that is locked in a secured space that ridiculously enough can be opened just by swiping a key card that later can be easily stolen way way too conveniently. WHAT THE FUDGE? who actually wrote this? this is madness.

    the sex scene? excuse Me, is it supposed to be impressive? it would have been if it was a sex scene between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Not these two ugly god awful actors. Jesus. i'm so mad that this stupid lousy of a TV show is being made into existence especially during the time where television like SCANDAL or How to Get away with Murder are blowing up right now. GOD!!!
  • jb05797 June 2016
    Awesome concept, decent cast, mediocre plot lines, poor execution. The Catch does what so many shows fall pray to in being TOO cute - they weave way too much into the tapestry until it's a jumbled mess. A con man hooks up with his mark, a co-partner in a private investigation firm, ends up falling in love with her, and has a hard time splitting from her. Here's where it gets messy: he's got a few co-partners, she's got a few P.I. co- workers, and pretty soon each side has one working for the opposing side, except when they aren't, in which case they are (unless they temporarily aren't in which case they are). The whole thing gets so convoluted one's mind tends to wander, except when it isn't in which case.... oh you get the picture. The Mentalist wasn't necessarily the small screen equal to Marathon Man or anything, but it's charm was it's simplicity - til the final seasons when they wrote half the cast out and moved them. Still, there are much, much more complicated shows on TV for your cerebral fare without being a jumbled mess. So should you? Only if you REALLY feel like concentrating on a show that isn't hard to understand, just hard to hold your focus as it gets sillier and messier, sillier and messier. Except when it's not but still is(n't). :-)
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