Although the show is a spinoff of Arrow (2012) the show is technically a prequel to Legends of Tomorrow (2016). In the second season of Legeneds of Tomorrow, Amaya Jiwe is introduced as Vixen. On the show, she's the grandmother of Mari McCabe and a member of the Justice Society of America during the 1940's. She later becomes a member of the Legends and learns about Mari and her future adventures.

Season 1 takes place around Season 4 episodes 15 and 16 of Arrow.

In 2017, the show was turned into an animated movie. The two seasons were combined and new scenes were added to make the story more cohesive and make it feature length time.

This animated show ties into the shared universe established by Arrow (2012) and The Flash (2014) and introduced magic to the universe.

Vixen would later make her Live Action debut on Arrow (2012). The tv series is reference by Oliver Queen as an "animated adventure".