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  • A lot of people have described the film as "generic", which I don't disagree with, but at the same time, I think "underwhelming" is a good term. So much aspects of the film, ranging from the plot, the characters, the setup, and so on - just feel so uneventful. I imagine they had difficulty making this into a full-length film, because there's nothing remarkable to really say about so much aspects.

    The voicing cast is pretty good, I'll admit, so that's at least one plus I can think of, and if I had to think of another, I guess the character designs aren't too bad either, but other than that, there's not much special aspects of the film.

    It's not a horrendous film, don't get me wrong, I mean, it's not "Foodfight!" level of bad, however, it's also fairly below average too. I think it would've been to have the film as a TV special or anything similar, because it really struggles to present itself as a film.

    Granted, I know the film probably isn't intended for 18-year olds like me, however, the film has so much wrong with it that I don't think a lot of children would feel particularly interested, because the film just feels like something that's already been done before, and in much better ways too.
  • Me and 3 other friends went to go see this at a dollar theater as a joke knowing it would be bad. But to my dismay it was actually not as bad as i expected it to be. There was actually a few things to appreciate (as minimal as they were). For one the voice acting ranged from decent to really good. I really enjoyed John Cleese's performance as the main antagonist. It's like he knew how ridiculous his role as a mechanical walrus was so he chose to have as much fun with it as he could, and it really does show and it was his performance alone that saved this movie from being completely awful. But unfortunately that's the only real redeeming quality this movie has. The rest is utter garbage. I guess where i'm getting at is i didn't hate this movie in it's entirety surprisingly. It's just so laughably generic. You could make the argument that this movie was intended for children and not four 17 year olds, but even then i think the movie failed at that cause we never heard one chuckle from the audience and a 3rd of the families there walked out of it. At least me and my pals got something out of it.
  • Wasn't expecting much from this given some of the negative reviews. However I enjoyed it. Was pleasantly surprised. Loved all the characters, and enjoyed the story. Give it a go for yourself. You might enjoy it too
  • It's good to see other compAnies doing animated movies other than Disney, but watching some of these flicks you can see why Disney is on top. The animation on this was weak. I don't know how much the movie cost, but I would assume that the animation studio may not have had the technology budget to make it flow. It felt very stiff. The music was very lackluster. You could possibly make up for weak animation with a good score but they did not have enough of one going through the movie The story had no quality to it, which may not have been that big of a problem if the characters where more interesting. This is a combination of the weak animation and the voice over cast that had some big names who seem to be phoning it in for a paycheck. I know I'm saying a lot to discourage people from seeing this. In reality it's not a bad picture...of your renting it at home for your kids to see. It has that Disney formula but they need to add more sugar.
  • This is Entertainment Studio's first animated feature. Directed by Aaron Woodley, this family-friendly movie is a BIG snore. The animation isn't very good and it's hard to get very excited about package deliveries. With a protagonist who has no redeeming qualities and an extremely boring, nonsensical plot, this disappointing movie is one to skip.

    The voice talents include Jeremy Renner, Heidi Klum, James Franco, John Cleese, Anjelica Huston, Alec Baldwin, and Omar Sy. Those big names must be where all the budget for this film went. There isn't much texture or detail to the animation. We have been spoiled by excellent animation from Pixar and Disney for years. What a brilliant way to save money on animation...make a white fox in the snow so you only have to draw eyes! Ha ha Most of the humor just isn't very funny. No charm. No warmth (and I don't just say that because it takes place in the Arctic.) None of the characters are particularly inspiring. I like Jeremy Renner, but sadly, his character is a douchebag for most of the film. Walrus with spider legs?

    The ending is just a frantic mess. The rest of the movie is just boring and bland. The plot makes no sense. Why would they need dogs to deliver the mail when there is all kinds of technology around them, as well as a big, strong bear who could have done it. This animated universe is just bizarre with no thought put into it. There are some adorable puffins, although they looked more like tropical Toucans from the Amazon jungle. Unfortunately, they're just not funny, especially considering they're supposed to be the equivalent of the entertaining minions in Despicable Me.

    This is a perfect example of a girl settling for a guy WAY below her. She's so far out of his league. What a terrible role model for your daughters. This movie feels much longer because it's so bad. You'll find yourself looking at your watch or cell phone. It also feels like a movie that should have gone straight to DVD or Netflix.

    You can read the rest of my review at Movie Review Mom or watch my review on my Movie Review Mom YouTube channel.
  • I don't see all the hate for this one. Then again, I am a child at heart, and seeing how children are the target audience for this film, I got it on DVD.

    Telling the tale of Swifty, an arctic fox who works at the mailroom of the Arctic Blast Delivery Service, who dreams of being a Top Dog, one of the company's husky couriers. After his boss tells him he is a fox, not a dog, he decides to prove himself when his best friend, Jade Fox, has a package that needs delivered. However, the receiver is Otto Von Walrus, who is plotting to melt the Arctic. Now he must get his friends together to stop them.

    Basically, this film is obviously aimed at kids or those who are kids at heart, because the film teaches two morals: follow your dreams, no matter what anyone says, and always be yourself. The characters are likable, and have a lot of development, and the music is also good.
  • The characters are unlikable and bland. The animation looks cheap and the story is clichéd. I do not recommend this movie.
  • Overall not the best animation fornthis year. Angry Birds 2 and Abominable were much better.

    This movie was boring while lacking humor. Pretty dry and bland. There's nothing to take home from as the main theme/message but just senseless boredom. I don't recommend it.
  • rhughes11274 November 2019
    The trailers for this movie looked promising, so we took our 4 1/2 year old grandson to see it. I have to say, while he laughed and enjoyed it - I was very disappointed. They depicted puffins blasting other animals off of the face of the earth and the "intelligence" bureau had a punch in the face as their secret handshake - really = not behaviors I want my grandson to model. The movie was attempting to teach a lesson ab0ut global warming, but failed - and a lesson about being tru to yourself, which only an adult could figure out, and about team work - I think next time I will put the $$$ in a college savings program and stay home and read a book with him.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie has so much potential maybe you don't see it yet. But if they make a second with more characters, comedy, emotion, excitement, and setting no doubt this movie will take the lead in animation films. As other movies that have topped animation films are dying off faster then expected. Yet we see this movie Arctic Dogs and this could just be the beginning of a new hot topic and make the charts including people talking about it and enjoying a good film. It has already captured the naive young eyes of today's world and it's creating an opening to take the lead if they improve on a second movie. It's going to have to start off where it last left off tho by all means Swifty and Jade characters will have to remain the main characters yet introducing more new characters and more new settings and situations to make another movie much better. Introducing new setting and characters will not only be fun to watch but also a more successful plan of attack as to the movie "Ice Age" they had done an amazing job playing in different settings, with emotions, comedy and also introducing more and more characters as the movie develops. Arctic Dogs has an opening opportunity to top off the chats of the film race and make their movies the hot topic and the movie series of the century if they have the right ideas to make more movies more interesting, engaging, funny and having more new characters and situations played out. Arctic Dogs is no doubt the beginning of a new big blow up in the film industry.
  • Sienna's Rating: 6 Stars Sebastian's Rating: 6 Stars Paul's Rating: 6 Stars

    Weird that there were two movies in the same year that dealt with mail service in the arctic ocean. This was cute, but we liked Klaus better. Is the triumph of Amazon making delivery service cool again?
  • I am not sure why so many negative reviews. Its cute and gives a positive message. I was entertained throughout the entire movie.
  • It's a really good movie, I'm not sure why there is so much hate for this movie. It's not suppose to be a masterpiece, it's a kids movie!! Animation is great, and we have a 4K TV! Lots of little quick whips for the family! it was really fun to watch, so when reading some of these reviews,just remember it's a kids movie!!
  • faitherring8 December 2019
    Although this film did not do well in reflection of the box office numbers, I think it was amazing. I enjoyed the characters and the roles they played in telling the story. It actually made me laugh! Don't believe the numbers, it's a must see!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Famed and acclaimed animated film director Jeremy Renner really knocked it out of the park with his new furry movie. The film is so good that it makes me cry. Swifty's story is relatable, and also very comical. I especially like the bird (voiced by James Franco) he made me LOL. Alec Baldwin works so well as the expertly crafted character P.B. (His name stands for polar bear because he is a polar bear) the love interest is so fascinating because she is a fox, just like the main protagonist (he is voiced by Jeremy Renner) is that the guy that plays the Falcon?and also she is hot! But watch out, because the Walrus is the bad guy of the movie (HES REALLY SCARY, DONT TAKE YOUR KIDS TO THIS) all in all arctic dogs is fun for the whole family
  • westsideschl20 February 2020
    Poor voicing of characters which usually happens when famous actors/personalities are used instead of using professional voice actors. Animal characters are too human like. They don't have their unique animal personalities. Animation quality is poor to fair - static, 2-D, plain flat. Storyline is non-creative of good vs. evil animals. Evil animal probably not for the younger viewers. Poor background music.
  • imjaredross4 December 2019
    Arctic Dogs is a terrible animated film with subpar animation that is bright and colorful. The voice cast is Really good with great actors such as Jeremy Renner and John Cleese, but it cannot save this unfunny and completely disposable mess of a film.

    It's an incredibly lazy film with nothing inventive in its animation or storytelling with very little in terms of character development and a villain who's motivations are unclear throughout the majority of the film. It's not good and it's very lazy, much like this review.
  • I don't understand the low scores. Just watched it over Easter 2020 weekend with the whole COVID fiasco. In any case, I enjoyed it watching it with my wife. And we don't have kids!! I'll definitely watch it again with my nieces and nephews. I love animated movies with a Winter theme. Good acting, great voice overs, and amazing animation. Some great jokes, too!! Solid 8/10 for me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The animation is slightly better than Norm Of The North but it looks like Spark A Space Tail, Swifty is a stupid character, although the character designs are decent at best, this movie is boring too, the title, there are no dogs, so why is it called Artic Dogs just call it Artic Justice this movie is as bad as Norm If The North but with only just slightly better looking animation
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Arctic dogs is basically a movie about a Arctic fox named Swifty wants to achieve his dream and be noticed like the Top Dogs which are Duke, Dakota and dusty. Years later after his Friend/Crush Jade leaves to engineering school he applies to the ABDS corporation and is hired as a ABDS employee. There are 2 Morals of this Film: Always Follow your dreams And don't let anyone stop you from making your dream come true
  • philipryburn15 May 2020
    Watched it with my 5 year old. A little intense for him in some parts, story makes no sense, but my kid enjoyed.
  • Okay so i watched this as a double feature with the terminator over the weekend and this was a movie for sure kids who like dogs and snow will enjoy but its just not something they would like otherwise the movie isnt very funny or sweet or anything good yeah there are a few laughs but not enough to be cosidered as worth the price but if your kids like dogs it will be worth every penny if not wait for frozen 2 to come out
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm the first one to review this movie, I have seen this movie in the theater and it was really enjoyable to watch, this movie is about the fox who can blend in with the winter snow, he has a dream job of pulling a sled like the 3 big dogs, he works his whole life to get to the mail job. He goes snowboarding during his free time and manages to hide in the white snow with his white fur and clothes.

    When he finally does get the mail job he finds out that sled pulling is only for the big dogs and his strict Reindeer female boss Magda, he works at his boring job pulling boxes on the conveyor belt. He later gets demoted by Magda him after he unauthorized to pull a sled to his first customer Doc Walrus who's a Walrus with robotic legs who's planning on drilling the earth to release gases to melt the snow and has an army of puffins who invade the town. The 3 husky wolf dogs gets kidnapped and locked away and later on Jade gets ambushed in her warehouse and kidnapped.

    Later on Swifty takes over the job and delivers packages to everybody in his town. Later after finding out the evil plans of Doc Walrus, he enlists the help of his friends PB a polar bear, Jade a fox who's Swifty's girlfriend, Lemmy the bird, Bertha and Sal and his boss Magda to stop Doc Walrus from drilling the earth and flooding the world.

    I wish this movie had more backstory with Doc Walrus on how he enlisted the Puffins to work for him. I don't know if there will be a sequel since this movie doesn't seem to be well known. I hope people will go see this movie since it was entertaining as John Cleese was in the movie who's also in The Swan Princess 1994. If you parents haven't seen this movie with your kids, please go see this movie it's really a good CGI cartoon movie to watch with your kids.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Movie story, action music is so nice made for childrens.i love that
  • danielmathbox2 June 2020
    Basically the same thing as Deep (2017); boring, atrocious and dumb jokes. I think that the story is weak, as there isn't really any potential for the movie. They fill it with potty humour and fart jokes. I can't say anything else because it's just so weak and boring.
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