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  • From the series "happiest accidents on the net". I was looking for something else, can't remember what it was, and the search bar had a Dane DeHaan still with this clip. I went ahead and wasn't disappointed. "Imagine Dragons: I Bet My Life" presents DeHaan going through extraordinary adventures after fighting with some guy downriver.

    The clip is visually stunning with the performer of Harry Osborn and Lucien Carr (just to mention a few of his great stellar career) going from a drowning that doesn't kill him, with the river taking him to a house under water then changing it to a boat, and when the danger seems to come his way, there's the boat flying with grace. He eventually goes back to where it all started but with some change.

    Imagination and creativity is the name of the game in this clip, and writer/editor/director Jonathan Desbiens has a full hand with those artifacts. The real imagery is powerful and again stunning, but the metaphor he uses bringing topics of faith, hope and courage amidst ordeals and difficult changes is the one that resonates with more impact, it's a solid ground. You go with the flow, whatever it takes you. The song lyrics reflect a little about it despite its more romantic tone. Though not much my style, gotta admit that it stays with you for a while due to its catchy chorus (the bridge sounds a lot better, IMHO).

    I'm not much into going to extremes but you can definitely bet your life in this short film. The coolest thing ever these days. 9/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Imagine Dragons: I Bet My Life" is a 3.5-minute music video from 2014 written and directed by Jonathan Desbiens. It scored nominations at Camerimage, the music video Oscars and this may also have to do with Dane DeHaan, a successful actor, playing the main part here. And the music is of course by the famous band in the title. While there is a catchy moment here and there, overall it's not a great watch or listen. The house in the sea is somewhat nice to look at, but that's really it. In terms of the song's or video's message, it comes incredibly short despite trying so hard to make an impact, which makes it all look relatively desperate. I may be a bit biased as I am not a great DeHaan fan, but it was still underwhelming and honestly he was the least of the problems. And right when I thought may it's not that bad after all, they come up with this ridiculous final plot twist. But that's what it is, a watch that is mostly pretentious and rarely creative and the song is very mediocre. Don't check it out.