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  • jonschaper14 February 2015
    For about a month Australian audiences were subjected to advertising telling us that the concept behind Gogglebox might sound stupid but the show is actually good. My wife and I decided, heck, lets give the show a try. Big mistake. Exactly how bad was it? Well, imagine the very worst reality show you ever watched and try to figure out how to make it even worse, and you have Gogglebox. What is worse than a reality show about dumb, irritating people? How about being trapped in a room with a bunch of boring people watching a reality show about dumb, irritating people. Now make it even worse. Make a reality show about boring people watching disjointed edits of a really bad reality show about dumb, irritating people so you can simulate being stuck in a room with those people whilst suffering short-term memory loss and dementia-style confusion.

    Here is the basic concept of the program: Take clips from another TV show, deprive those clips of any context or continuity so they are just a disjointed mess, cut to miscellaneous people apparently picked out of a hat (or at least not on the basis of their wit), and show us their reactions. Cut to cooking show. The rich bitch makes a face. Cut to audience at home who note she made a face. Cut to host of cooking show talking about a miscellaneous dish. Cut to audience members talking about how they think he has a nice voice. Cut to guy with obvious southern US accent. Cut to dumb boring random person wondering if he's from Canada. Cut to other random person mentioning that the guy on the TV is a Texan. Flashback to 6 months of advertising for My Kitchen Rules about a Texan whose charm is making turkey noises. Cut to next random scene and inane comment from other boring person.

    Do you think this review is long and rambling? Well, you have not experienced the sheer hell that is Gogglebox. Really, this, along with water-boarding, should be made illegal. It is torture. It is cruel and unusual punishment. It has zero benefit to intelligence. It strips us of our humanity. Yes, the show is that bad. I'd rather watch paint dry because frankly being bored to death is better than being subjected to this evil monstrosity of a show.

    I can only conclude that the critical accolades they referred to in the commercials for this program (which, I reiterate, were built around the fact that it was a stupid concept) must have been for the British version of the show which I can only conclude has access to better clips and more interesting viewers. Or maybe they promised not to make the critics watch the show again. That would be more effective than threatening to shoot their dogs, rape their wives, and release embarrassing photos.

    Apologies to the people who appeared on Gogglebox. You're probably nice people. I'm probably not interesting to watch whilst I'm watching TV. I'm not Mike Nelson either. But you are being used as instruments of torture.
  • ccladue-968-31640116 February 2015
    My wife and I were not going to bother with this pointless drivel from the awful promos alone ("Oh that poor cow!" is still tumbling around in my head making me want to tear my hair out) - as the incredibly inane idea of watching people watch television is a bit too pointless for words. It turned out to be far more unbearable than we had imagined and we certainly will not put ourselves through it again.

    Apparently there are actually people who like to waste precious time out of their own lives by watching other people that they don't even know watch television and make juvenile comments like a class clown in the back row. It takes all kinds I guess, but this is produced in a way where it never even seems to begin by the time it is over and seems to be made for people with an attention span of about five seconds (which, in this day and age, is not that far off). There is no continuity of any kind or rhyme or reason to anything in this tortuous mess.

    One male attempts to hum the theme song to a show he is watching.

    People imitate the voice of the people they are watching.

    One woman gets up and stands around for a few minutes (her head not even framed in the scene with just her torso showing) saying "I have to pee!"

    No...I am not making any of this up. Really.

    Someone once told me that you can't underestimate the intelligence of the general public and this is most certainly true. (Notice I said "can't underestimate" - in other words, many people would probably watch a show about bread burning or algae growing as long as there was music and odd pointless incongruous comments in the background.) When it comes to pure sensory deprivation, dunce-hood, and depersonalization, this is probably the "best" show for it. Good luck with your time on planet Earth. Something like this just about kills it and is actually depressing when you consider how many people really spend their time in such pursuits.
  • If your an avid YouTube user, chances are you'll know what reaction videos are and how pointless and boring They are. This show is pretty much YouTube reaction videos on TV. People watch a trending show of some kind and comment on things that happen. These people try to be funny but make you groan instead since most of the show's humour is "Lol, they swore. That's pretty funny." This isn't entertainment, id rather watch these shows myself rather then having random people i don't care for talk over them.
  • matthewandrewmccurdy6 September 2018
    Worst show on national television and nothing comes close. Absolute garbage, dribble, cringy. How is this even a show?
  • bellab19729 September 2015
    After watching Ggoglebox my IQ decreased so much I had to relearn how to type! Googlebox is beyond the most idiotic show I have ever seen and is an insult to the viewers!

    The only reason I am bothering to review this god awful show, if you can call it a show, is because they have made a second season and going to waste more precious TV time on this dribble!

    I can not believe anyone would be so stupid to actually participate on this show even if they were desperate for the attention!

    I beg the producers, please stop now! I understand it's cheap and easy to produce but any normal person would prefer to put their hand in a wood chipper than sit through this show!
  • Although I am pretty sure this isn't an Australian concept, it is still important to understand Australian TV. You see there is a law in Australia that dictates that a certain percentage of TV shows must be Australian content. This is to try and ensure some kind of cultural identity or something.

    The problem of course is Australian TV is just pitiful and it is nothing more than a sheltered workshop. Not that many actors seem to be getting work anymore as most of the shows are reality TV. But then, reality TV is scripted with actors anyway, right?

    So now we have a new low. Watch tragic, mostly overweight people watching reality TV shows and making comments accordingly. The fact that this show won a Logie says it all really. Australian television is dead.
  • shoudychen-0638516 September 2017
    Gogglebox is nothing but with people watching TV behaving in a stupid manner. These people talk too much trash and it made me annoyed. I have seen too many ads of people giving too much opinionated ideas over the place. This kind of garbage does not deserve to be on the Australian Television, it should be placed into a scrap yard. I hope that this show does not come back forever.
  • I didn't think much of Gogglebox when Channel Ten were advertising this and sure enough upon watching one episode this show was nothing more than a crap concept. This is purely bottom of the barrel stuff here.

    It seems that the UK version was more successful than the Australian version when first aired in 2013. God forbid if there was a US version of Gogglebox, that may be more entertaining.

    Is this really what television has come to?! Watching viewers watch TV and hear all their comments, remarks and reactions?! Do people really consider this to be entertainment value?! I just can't fathom for the life of me who thought that this was going to be a good idea. Watching this show feels like an insult to my intelligence.

    I feel sorry for the participants of this show for participating in such rubbish.

    Shows like Gogglebox confirms in my mind that today's television is getting worse now for the past several years and sure enough Gogglebox is a perfect example of how bad TV is nowadays.

    Will Gogglebox return for a second season? I guess we will all have to stay tuned.

    In the meantime, I will be avoiding Gogglebox as I have better things to do.

  • Within 10 minutes your IQ will be reduced by half. I'm barely able to control my bladder. The people in this show (if that's what you want to call it) cover in little than layperson terms, multiple unpopular simulated reality TV shows. They mispronounce words and battle with intelligence.
  • That title is not a joke, this is genuinely my favourite show on TV right now. It's genuinely funny, the families are a blast to watch (with Adam and Symon being my favourites). Is it brain dead? Absolutely. But sometimes it's nice to just sit down with my own family and laugh at the reactions.
  • Some no brain tv but better than reality tv. Honestly funny. Anna and Faye among my favorites. No commitment tv.
  • kavarnclemenger27 March 2019
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