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  • What attracted me to this film was the name Robert Duvall , who is almost certainly America's greatest living character actor . Add to that he also directed WILD HORSES so this looked like a film worth going out of my way to see and while not being a complete waste of time I expected better

    In reply to my fellow IMDb peer Arfdawg I agree the actress playing the lead Texas Ranger is rather dreadful . The actress birth name was Luciana Pedraza and is now known as Luciana Duvall . I guess that answers a few questions doesn't it ? Despite having a few other well known names in the shape of Franco and Hartnett most of the story is told via Pedraza/Duvall's female Ranger and she's just not a good enough actress to carry the film and gives a very wooden and stilted performance which becomes annoying . On top of that the film moves at a very slow pace which made me think the director was copying wholesale the Coens' style from NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN . Unlike that film WILD HORSES is far from compelling and feels like two separate stories , one featuring a crime drama and one featuring a angst ridden family drama stuck together in a rather unsatisfying manner and means we're left with an unsatisfying film
  • Having watched nearly all of this last night i felt i should air my opinion lol for what its worth, Having Franco,duvall,hartnett splashed all over the movie cover i though wow thats a great bunch of actors! But there was something so rotten that it killed off the quality that those actors brought to the film....Luciana Pedraza... Oh dear shes terrible. totally ruined the film her slow speech and her wooden acting killed this film for me. also the kid that played her son looked so uncomfortable it was making me cringe. just watch the first scene at the BBQ lol so bad. The fight scene outside the bar was a farce. Sorry but what a stinker.
  • judyjholland6 June 2015
    Bad directing. The first thing you notice is too much time between actors giving their lines to each other. I hate that. Duvall's wife can't act. English isn't her first language and may have a small part to do with that, but she rubbed me the wrong way right off the bat. Did not buy her as a ranger and her delivery was too slow as well. Duvall himself made me anxious because of his breathing. He seemed to be straining for each breath, yet lights up a cigarette, cause that's what cowboys do! Did he also allow himself some ad libbing here and there? Scenes were choppy. Fade to black then start up again without any smoothness whatsoever. James Franco is a great actor and besides Harnett was the only one worth watching. I kept wanting to give up so many times watching this but stuck with it.
  • This is a film done by a man who has been in film business longer than a lot of us have been alive. His style is old school and you have to pay close attention to the storyline and smaller details because they reveal a lot about it toward the end. Also, it's a modern western and you have to go into this film with an appreciation for the western genre. Without a doubt, Duvall, and Franco carried the film along with Hartnett, but I think it would've been beneficial to see more of him. There were a few continuity issues and plot holes but every film has those issues. Granted, I'm a huge fan of both Duvall and Franco so I enjoyed watching the film. It's definitely a story you have to watch with an open mind.
  • "Don't ever forget the obvious. Those clues will lead you to where you need to be." Scott Briggs (Duvall) is a rancher who comes home and finds something he doesn't like. His emotions get the better of him and something terrible happens. 15 years later an investigator shows up and begins to ask questions about his past. Now Scott is forced to try and hide the truth from everyone while trying to help his family. First and foremost this is a good movie. That said Duvall is starting to fall into the legend trap. By that I mean he is really doing a characteture of himself in every movie lately. He is still great but the person he plays in Night in Old Mexico and this one is pretty much the same person. That is not a bad thing, but it also takes away from the personalization of the movie. Also much like Night in Old Mexico this is not a western even though the cover seems like it is. All that said, the movie is very good and if you liked Night in Old Mexico you will like this as well. Overall, an enjoyable movie to watch, but Duvall really seems to be phoning in every one of his performances lately. I give this a B.
  • I haven't seen any of the other films Robert Duvall has written or directed. There aren't many of them and there's possibly a very good reason for this. The man is a very fine actor, no one could deny that, but perhaps writing and directing are simply not for him if 'Wild Horses' is anything to go by. The script in particular is an absolute mess. The dialogue often feels like it's been written for a 5 year-old and by a 5 year-old. The story is told in incredibly clunky fashion and none of the intended 'heavy' scenes have any effect whatsoever on the audience.

    The directing is not much better. The actors all look completely lost in every scene. There's some very strange casting with the likes of Josh Hartnett and James Franco, but the strangest of all was Luciana Pedraza. She was so unbelievably bad in her performance I had to look up her IMDb profile just to see who exactly the hell she was - only to find she was in fact Duvall's sister-in-law, sigh! I can't imagine any other filmmaker being willing to cast her and yet I notice Duvall also cast her in his 2002 film 'Assasination Tango'. Perhaps he just makes a film every ten years or so with a role written specifically for her so she can pay some bills. Who knows, but it's really not a good look. An awful performance in an awful film. Nothing to see here.
  • gf-788 June 2015
    This movie is unfortunately a turkey and or a lemon. Everything about it is just plain horrible: the acting, the story line, the script and above all: the directing. The director Robert Duvall must have totally lost any objectivity and clear thinking he could have shown in the making of this film.

    Well at least the Razzie Awards will most likely have a field day on which categories this stinker could be up for. How 'bout going for a grand slam? New Razzie world record perhaps?

    In the end this is all just too bad and a great big shame when they could have made a watchable and enjoyable film with money that was thrown away in the making of this horrible flick.
  • Those seeking for a detective movie might be disappointed. Wild Horses is first and foremost a family drama, while the investigation part takes secondary priority. It provides solid emotional scenes, mainly thanks to the veteran cast and the personal premise, although the pace is unfortunately slow. It may not appeal to anyone since it will take nearly an hour before the momentum actually builds up, furthermore the crime element is considerably weak.

    Story follows the sheriff from small desert town who opens a cold case concerning a missing boy. It happened fifteen years ago, so understandably it rattles some people, especially the Briggs family. It becomes clear early on that Luciana Pedraza as the sheriff is not in the same league as the rest of the cast, which is unfortunate since her perspective, while not in the same volume of the family's, is still crucial to the plot.

    Additionally, there is very thin material for the crime aspect, it could have been skimped to minor subplot, yet the movie invests quite a lot on the police angle. The rest of the time is focused on dialogues in the Briggs family. The Briggs are very rich family and very patriarchy, they also harbors a lot of secrets. Duvall plays as Scott, the head of the family and he delivers a very convincing performance. He keeps the interest of his family first, although this might collide with the tragedy of the past.

    Josh Hartnett has added depth on his character. He looks straightforward or rigid, but can also be passionately aggressive. The youngest son Ben is played by James Franco and he might be hust the nicest and honest amongst all. Between the three of them the acting is highly presentable, but since the screenplay consists of slow pace conversations, it can be tedious at times.

    It has the good intention on delivering very private issue by the perspective of an entire family. However, the inconsistent delivery and tired pacing might not be refined enough to deliver the intended message.
  • kassdo10 June 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    This film was a big disappointment Seemed to be all over the place and the acting, outside of the major talent was terrible. Duvall's wife while very attractive (her best scenes are showing off her body) can not act... her acting style was reminiscent of the wooden acting of Delores Taylor (Jane) in the old Billy Jack movies. Her character's Texas Ranger response to being shot at was not human and after her attempted murder scene, nothing happens. She catches the shooter but apparently the Texas Rangers don't make an attempt to figure out who the shooter is or his connection to the local street gang. Also the gay sub-plot was very trite along with the surprise discovery of the daughter by way of the hacienda maid. Some moments were nice, the range scenes were nicely shot, but not worth the on-demand price.
  • This film tells the story of a Texas ranger who opens up a case of a teenage boy who went missing fifteen years ago. This opens up the wounds in a ranch, where the head of the family disowns his gay son.

    I did not quite expect "Wild Horses" to be so emotional and touching. On the surface it is about the disappearance of Jimmy Davis, but the other subplot of Mr Briggs and the relationship with his children steals the site. It is almost inconceivable that he would treat two of his children in such a manner. The story also seeks redemption and forgiveness, which makes it even more powerful. It's an unexpected surprise, especially because it's not getting much love from the internet users. I wish more people would appreciate how beautiful this film is.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film starts with some of the worst acting i've ever seen. I gave it ten minutes and things picked up a little with Josh Hartnett and Robert Duvall on screen together but the minute Duvall is left with a different actor it all go's to pot again, he becomes as awkward and one dimensional as the rest of the cast (Hartnett and Franco aside).

    Only watched because i like Duvall, i won't make that mistake again... Time he retired!!!

    Watch for the first scene between Hartnett and his son... I'm still holding my head in my hands in disbelief... Such an inappropriate conversation, it just felt really awkward!
  • The first part of the film was a little erratic, jumping abruptly from one situation to another. Not sure if that was intentional or if editing created continuity issues.

    Also in the beginning some of the minor actors seemed to be quite literally reading their lines from a teleprompter that wasn't keeping up.

    If you stuck with it, things did improve. Duvall both starred in the film and wrote it. He was, as always, excellent and I'm impressed that he (apparently?) came up with the story idea. Possibly he personally had some past demons he wished to put to rest.

    It deals with a Texas rancher coming to terms with changing times, a need to address past wrongs and an attempt to reconstitute a family that his attitudes and behavior had torn apart. His efforts are not entirely successful in many ways and yet may have been the catalyst for some painful healing nonetheless.

    James Franco was quite good. His acting is so much better when Seth Rogan is not involved. Maybe a hint of James Dean dealing with father-son alienation but with more understated drama. Josh Hartnett was also excellent.

    It is not really a feel-good sort of movie, but there is a comforting sense that some things are changing for the better no matter how painful the process.
  • I'm giving it a little higher rating than it may deserve because I can't believe the rating it currently has. This movie is very well done, good acting, and Robert Duvall is boulder among rocks. If you want to watch the same formulaic films over and over, this is not for you. I like a variety of films and this one delivers a nice drama, with good acting, almost like reading a book. A couple of the actors have English as a second language and I found that interesting and authentic. Anyway, it is a helluva lot better than a 5+. Now I have to write additional text to submit this review. I am perplexed by this obligation. I guess I'll have to add content that is not really relevant to this film. I recommend you check out all of Duvall's films, starting with The Great Santini. Okay, sorry for the last paragraph but this is my first review and, again, I don't see the relevancy of needing to submit a minimum of 10 lines.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ruined everything! At the very beginning of the film, it's a night scene, very dark. Then we heard the trademark murmuring of Robert Duvall's old-fart shadow vaguely bow-legged walked around with a gun in his hand, then he intruded into a stable or warehouse, gun blazing and shouted. We saw two young men chased out by him. At that time, we didn't know what happened. Then, suddenly, it's 15 years later. 15 years passed, and the old fart Duvall riding a horse, galloping in the desert, looked even younger?! Give me a break, will you?! Then the awkward and clueless screenplay ushered two Texas Rangers into this awkward scenario, started a cold case of a missing young Chicano, then... then there was a horse riding scene for Duvall's grandkids with another vague parent showed up....then we suddenly got a clueless picnic or some kind BBQ scene, with several Mexicans playing guitars and singing Mexican songs, Hi..ya...ya...ya......then there was a shooting scene across the stream that divided US of A and Mexico. Then, inserted a scene of the female Texas Ranger knocking on couple of doors with awkward dialog.....then the estranged son came back home, then the plot of gay gay gay finally started.

    Like the other viewer's comment, who cares and why we'd give a rat arse to care about the 2% gay people in America? An awkward movie like this that we can use two lines of a song to sum up: "Let it be~~~Let it be~~~" A total waste of time to write a review for such lousy movie.
  • The Plot.

    A detective opens up a fifteen-year-old missing persons case and begins to suspect that the boy it belongs to was murdered.

    And that a local rancher was involved.

    Robert Duvall is sort of the overlooked Clint Eastwood. Well into his 80s and still acting and directing.

    The investigating characters in this film have to be the worst actors I've seen in a long while. How they got in this movie defies logic.

    They are introduced in the first few minutes and instantly bring the film down.

    And then we have yet another gay themed movie. A bore fest. Why? Why is this narrative forced on us in nearly every movie by 2% of the population?

    The storyline stinks and is poorly acted and written.

    Not worth it. Not at all.
  • i really enjoyed this film. it tells a few stories about an old mans life and mistakes. i really enjoyed the way it was filmed and the dialogue . no stupid noise noise ,no childish explosions,just a great film with a story. it made a refreshing change. a great film,for mature and patient seems to have been given bad reviews in some places,maybe thats due to the times we live in,when style over content is king. most don,t seem to have the will to sit and watch a good story unfold. yes this tale may have told before,but not with such grace.nothing is new in film any more,but for me this claims some dignity back to film makers. mr.duval has done a fine job. good acting all round.
  • This was an authentic film with real-world family and moral issues. If you want to live with your head in the sand instead of facing the real world, and want to watch something politically correct, or like mom & apple pie, or be entertained by flashy personality, watch something like the more Hollywood style and simplistic stereotyped characters in Walker Texas Ranger (which is entertaining but totally fake.) I noticed many reviewers who did not like this movie were from foreign countries, more urban or conservative parts of the US who may not understand the historical or cultural conflicts and complex characters in this movie, but that is their problem, not the movies'. The lady ranger character, who has been often criticized in reviews as not having enough pizazz, was portrayed as having nerves of steel, and wasn't supposed to be the Sandra Bullock character in Miss Congeniality (which I loved as well for totally different reasons.) There is a difference between poorly acted and not liking the character. It is refreshing to see many types of actors portraying an inter-weaved set of characters that mirror the complexity, love, and frustration that is real life.
  • companyorder2 October 2015
    I'm glad that I scrolled down far enough to read Tony Heck's review. Was expecting something laughable, judging by the majority of comments but I knew that wouldn't be the case with a legend in the driving seat. Many harsh comments about his wife's acting. She was very natural/believable. I really enjoyed this film. A very decent story about a proud man of his time finally coming to terms with himself. And doing the 'right thing' (albeit at the end. I hope that that Mr. Duvall can churn out a few more films like this. He's in great shape for a man of his age and I doubt that he'd require any mounting aide in real life. Lovely touch with the cell phone in the opening scene and some wonderful shots of Texas. Must put it on my bucket list of places to see. Slainte
  • josephhuckstep5 August 2016
    When I first read the summary for this film I was pretty hyped. A 'classy' western it said! From the first scene to the last its poor direction and script left me almost dozing off. I kept on asking myself, what the heck is Rob Duvall doing in a film of this poor standard. Disappointing at best. It's best moments come towards the end of the film but it can't do enough to haul this failure back up. IMDb readers out there, know this, I'm not a pro critic so I'd rather you read top critic reviews so you guys can get the best out of the movies. But people don't waste your life on this absolute piece of garbage. I was shocked by the end product and not surprised by the dismal rating of 4.8. Real potential here guys just not enough heart, soul (or budget) to keep wild horses afloat.
  • ozjosh037 May 2016
    As a genuine movie enthusiast, I can usually find something worthwhile in a movie... maybe it's an intriguing premise, even if it hasn't been at all well realised... maybe good performances elevate a hackneyed script... maybe there's great cinematography, if nothing else. But Wild Horses defies you to engage with it at every turn. It utterly fails to deliver as the psychological thriller it seems to aspire to be. The script offers no surprises or delights. The pace is so sluggish it often seems more like a rough cut than a finished film. And the female lead - Mrs Duval - gives the most amateurish performance seen in a Hollywood release in some decades. Mr Duval does his usual taciturn schtick to absolutely zero effect. And only James Franco seems to be investing his role with some genuine emotion and enthusiasm - perhaps in the misguided belief that it might be worth the effort. The up side to the boredom that the film generates is that you won't care when it fails to deliver any kind of satisfying ending. Best avoided.
  • Floated217 July 2017
    Not much to be said about this film, though concerning the lives of a Texas Ranger involving ranches and features horses. One would know what this film is about from the trailers and overall tones. The film is a slow paced drama which are good at times but the directing, writing and acting aren't too great. The best scenes involve those with Robert Duvall and James Franco together, while the worst (and a lot of screen time) involves the Ranger character of Sam.

    The acting here was clear she wasn't much of an actress with her tone and delivery (Her accent was noticeable). She was miscast and her scenes dragged the film down. Also poor acting from the Hispanic mother asking about her son, and a few of the thugs. The climax and overall 'reveal' of the film was very weak, as it just so happens and was dumb. The little subplots with the Maria character didn't really lead anywhere. Also with Josh Harnett's character and his wife, nothing amounted. As he wasn't used as much in the film as we thought we would be. The bright spots as mentioned were the performances of Duvall and Franco, and some nice scenes of the scenery. Wild Horses is a forgettable slow drama.
  • Saiph9030 January 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    When you have Robert Duvall, James Franco and Josh Hartnett it would be a challenge to make a bad movie, while this is not a horrendous film it has a huge amount of flaws. Casting your wife in the film might earn you brownie points but she takes wooden to a whole new level. I can only presume the director wanted her to spend the film acting like a trauma victim. This was a real disjointed film with things thrown in which added nothing to the plot, what was going on with Josh Harnett and his wife? someone tries to murder a Texas Ranger and nothing is done or even discussed, what did the Will scene add to the film? Some excellent cinematography of the mountains and plains can not rescue the film, it is poorly paced with little tension and an awful script some of the support actors appear to be reading from cue cards. The central 'reveal' is mundane and a bit stupid, you are chased from a house by a gun toting redneck so you hide in the barn? then when the horse kick kills him Robert Duvall thinks it is a good idea to bury the body? it makes no sense. Shame with the talent available we ended with entirely forgettable film
  • From The Great Santini, to Tender Mercies, to Sling Blade, to The Apostle to Crazy Heart, Robert Duvall is undeniably the king of the sleeper film. One of the greatest American actors ever to live, he has chosen to keep his career centered on simple films with deep meaning and human interaction, and that's what makes him so great. He does not let us down with Wild Horses, which he wrote as well as directed. He plays an elderly horse rancher coming to grips with reuniting with his gay son while at the same time being probed by a snooping Texas ranger regarding a missing person cold case that is 15 years old. I won't go into details so as not to spoil the subtle plot, but if you loved the above mentioned films, or the film Lone Star, sit back and enjoy the wonderful acting of yet another Robert Duvall gem.
  • Tiresome is putting it mildly.

    OK, we get it, some 3% of the population is gay. Other than Duvall, the acting is poor, the story is predictable.

    Very predictable. Very boring.

    Bad, evil people hate gays. And kill them. Terrible people we should all hate. Oh, wait, haters do that,right?

    They should be punished. They should be Branded, scorned, had poor movies made about them.

    Average in scope, below average in delivery. Spare yourselves this mediocre propaganda flick...
  • This is a flawed movie and I would not recommend it but I still gave it a 6.

    Here's why, starting with the issues: She is BAD (tommy wiseau bad). Actually anyone with a police badge in this movie sounds stupid, and it would have even been funny if it was done on purpose, but she is just not playing her character, you can only see an unprepared actress. The script isn't helping either. The story is fine but some of the dialogues, especially those that should give context aren't working. The lines that are there to give depth to the characters instead work fine, I think especially because of the actors.

    The good things for me: photography and actors. There are some really beautiful shots and maybe it is because I'm not used to it in real life but the big american sky always gets me. And now the reason i enjoyed it. Everyone who plays a family member is really good and convincing. The reason i kept watching the movie is that i like Josh Hartnett, I really like James Franco and really really like Robert Duvall.

    So if you really like some of these actors enough to forget the flaws watch it, if you just want to see a good movie skip this one.
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