Donald: Do you do social media at all?

Peter: Not really.

Donald: No? Because I found a guy, uh, Pete Latang, from Wyoming.

Peter: Okay.

Donald: And I thought it was you, so I was following for a while, and he had like a family and stuff. You know, I kept private messaging him, and eventually he told me to, you know, fuck off, 'cause it wasn't who... you know, I wasn't who he thought it was. But I thought maybe it was still you, and you just didn't wanna talk to me.

Donald: Right now it's about the next chapter in my life.

Donald: I don't *want* it to stay up there 'coz then it might fucking blow out the window.

Donald: Are we... do you need me to sign off anything?

Barbara: Please leave.

Kristin: You don't remember me, do you?

Peter: Nah...

Kristin: I'm Tan Megan's youngest sister!

Peter: [hesitantly] Ah, all right. Mm-mm. Yeah.

Kristin: Okay! I thought you'd remember me, but you just totally didn't!