Actors Ted Arcidi (Corey) and Patrick Languzzi (Barry) had a friendship that dated back to 1986 where they trained at the same gym in Waltham, Mass. Arcidi was training for, and later set the world record for the bench press (reflected in the bowling alley office scene) making him the strongest man in the world. Languzzi was a young bodybuilder climbing the amateur ranks where he won two national amateur titles and earned professional status before going on to finish top three at the professional Mr. Universe and top five at the America.

Making and distribution of this movie funded through the website, Kickstarter.

Donald is referring to Veterans Memorial Jr. High School when he says these guys went to "Vets" before playing football.

The scene where Peter goes over to Donald's house for the first time was originally shot with Donald answering the door. The filmmakers later re-shot it so that Donald is already outside taking out the trash when he sees Peter.

The scene where Donald's pants get stuck on the vine was not scripted. The actor really got stuck and he stayed in character and so they kept it in the film.

Began as 22-minute short film of the same name, released in 2012, that the filmmakers later turned into a feature.

Director and star Kris Avedisian got the idea for the characters based on real life, as he was always doing things to annoy his friend and co-star Jesse Wakeman and thought that dynamic would work well onscreen. Avedisian stated that he just changed his voice for the film to make it funnier.

Post-production took more than a year. The filmmakers shot a Kickstarter video a year after filming took place, in order to raise funds to finish editing the film and screen it at film festivals.

Kris Avedisian was worried that his character's accent would come across as too over-the-top, but he asked the other writers and they liked it and said to go with it.

The filmmakers were worried that they wouldn't get the snow that was called for in the script, but it snowed just in time for filming.

Shot in 11 days with an additional three days of re-shoots.

Much of the dialogue was improvised.

The scene in the train tunnel was added late in filming. It was originally supposed to take place in a fort in the woods, but the filmmakers didn't like that idea, so when they found out they had access to the train tunnel they used that instead.

Kris Avedisian based the character Donald on people he knew in real life and many of the events depicted in the film really happened to him.