Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    John is on a night out with his friends for a drink. Gets a bit to drunk and trys to get with his best friend, martin girl friend and gets rejected. Jane (john girlfriend) doesnt want anything to do with him. John runs off to escape because he just wants to be on his own.

    The next morning he wakes up and doesnt really remember how he got there. Hes walking around and finds a guitar. He sits down on a bench and starts planning it when a girl called abi come by walking her dog. Abi tells john that the guitar used to belong to her dad before he died in a car crash but is happy for john to keep playing it as she was enjoying his playing. They get talking and she tells him about how her parents died and then he explains his family situation. She tells him that e should find out what happened to his dad. They exchange numbers and both go home.

    John goes home and has an argument with his mum and eventually gets her to tell him about his dad and gets his dads address. John then goes to his dads house they talk about why he left his dad reveals to him that he was gay couldnt say with his mum for that reason. They get along fairly well. When leaving his dads house john gets a phone call from abi saying she cant deal with it anymore. John runs off to find abi but its too late and shes killed herself and she collapses into his arms.