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  • On the surface this looks like a good movie for the kids, which maybe it can be. I guess it's a comedy, but it's a little sad and disturbing also, for although the focus of this film is on a boy genius for the most part, the adults play a large part, mostly as greedy and selfish characters, which gives off a different angle and mood. Even Jeremias's own family come across as users as they force the kid into chess tournaments with cash prizes in order to get quick money. The acting in this film is pretty decent, and it is touching how Jeremias develops a friendship with the old guy who runs the bookshop. The pace and plot of the film are good, and the subtitles are easy to read. Overall, this is a good movie for kids, as well as adults.
  • Love this movie. The little boy is so good and the story has so much to say about how the adults act and that a child is smart enough to perceive our unkindness and how it effects a Childs take on themselves. It shows us the awfulness of us to treat each other and how our greed will smudge the life of a child and how easy it is for us to change when faced with that possibility. The music is wonderful. I want the soundtrack. Tried to find it on Amazon but it is not available.
  • lucianaorendain2 February 2020
    I just watched this movie and all I can say is that is one of the most beautiful Mexican films I have ever seen. Loved the acting, the music, the photography... everything is great!
  • I laughed out loud throughout the movie. This movie makes several good points in a mostly lighthearted delivery, which was believable and relatable as a parent and as someone who likes to ask questions. The characters were likeable and not overdone. There were a couple of points where the movie felt a little slow, but overall kept a good pace.