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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Shame on the directors, the purpose of this so-called movie is clearly politically motivated. The intention smells very bad a political propaganda reminding Goebbels. The movie presents the main non-fictional character Erdogan as a victim of a corruption case. North-Korea propaganda style. Many scenes are from political meeting where Erdogan shows an awful populism. Even the trailer is bad. Anyone can watch Erdogan lies on youtube instead of watching this movie. I would rate zero if that was possible. Keep your eyes away from that. Better to watch "the interview" which is at least a good comedy. Regards RK
  • giannis_maggos30 May 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage garbage garbage garbage and Garbage
  • This is presumably the worst propaganda film ever shot in the entire history of cinema. It gives a highly biased and re-written account of the recent political corruption scandals in Turkey; the so-called 17-25 December corruption and bribery investigations in the year of 2013. What happened in reality was that, despite obvious evidence, the barefaced government officials including the back-then prime minister (the current president of the republic) insisted to call the investigations as a coup d'etat, and produced a surrealistic storyline to cover the allegations. The film intends to prove the unbelievable and mind-blowing theses of the government.

    I admit, though, it would've been fun to watch for those who know the true storyline. Nevertheless, it is painful for me to watch it as I am a Turkish citizen and it reflects the unfortunate fate of my lovely country.

    The film is now free to see at certain cinemas in Turkey. Even worse is that employees of some pro-government firms are forced to go see the film.

    Do not ever spend your precious time to see this rubbish film! (unless you're researching on contemporary propaganda cinema :)
  • poppyoz8824 February 2015
    Really awful. Don't waste your time. if even they give you money to watch it you will regret and you will never take back that hours from your life. You will suffer and suffer. There is no subject on that movie I was lucky I didn't pay because it was free I mean cinema was free. Can you imagine they put this movie free so. Ratings will be high. But I said even 10000 lira you will never take your hours back. I prefer to go and watch horse race or ice skating rather then this fully rubbish movie.i could sit and do nothing and still I will be more happy that hours than spend hours watching this thing. I mean who wrote this? Do they have a mind? Really? And how could you accept a role as a actor in such a ridiculous movie? Are you OK? Please tell me? Why did you do that to us? Why ?
  • orhanmalatyali24 February 2015
    This was the awful movie I have ever watched in my life.Please tell me how it's possible to formally review a film titled K.O.Z.

    Do not watch it. It is an absolute waste of time. It was also too boring. Also I paid 10 TL it was a waste of money. Than I heard that one of Turkish Political party giving tickets to its members for free. Highly political movie . It was produced in order to support the views of a political party. Also the the actors and actresses are not acting very well. I have never seen them before. Very small budget movie.This film is sure madness; a mess of epic proportions with so many odd features, amateur features, wooden acting, and loose ends that should technically derail the picture but, for some reason, do not. This is a charismatic film. One that doesn't allow itself to exercise more than what it is. It's silly, never boring, and embraces badness with a sense of lax, carefree fun.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This shameful movie is about government crimes. Which in fact is a murderer and a dictator. To hide their crimes, They say some people are betrayer. they also used deceased engineers for their own propaganda. People should not watch this movie to support human rights. Did you know this movie is screened for free to the audiences by government with tax payers money? Shame on anybody who watches this movie. If you want to support dictator governments and want to waste your money you may go to this movie. Please offer your friends that they should not watch this movie because of awful scenario. This movie really awful and my advice is to share this comment with your friends.
  • Dear IMDb! please add a no star option cause if I give this film one star this will be an insult for the films which deserve one star. This is the worst and most disinformatic film I ever watched in my life. Please surf on facebook chatting with friends or what instead of watching this film cause it really really full of lyings and I and the people of Turkey is sure that this film is ordered by the current government of Turkey ruled by dictator Erdogan and the government even can put you in prison if you have a poll company and the resutl of you poll is against the gov. There are a lot of journalist are in prison in Turkey that there sine is to write against the gov. And there are hundereds of legal sound and video recording of Erdogan and his ministers that are particpiating in the Turkey's big corruption in the history, instead of answering for their corruption they put the polices in jail. and the government bought more than 90% of the media and even republic media are used actively against the people in Turkey and in this situation how can you believe this film that when asked the director about the film that is biased, he answered that I have chosen my side. Long Live Tolerance, dialogue and peace in the world.
  • WARNING: curse words This is such a shitty movie for several reasons: * This movie is produced only to lie about AKP government's false policies, theft and murders. Such as; letting Iranian spies to occupy the intelligence agency of Turkey (MIT), hiding huge bribery (%10 of every business built in Turkey goes to the president of Turkey, RTE), and killing innocent people against their benefit - like the politician Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu, and so on.

    * This movie is produced with the money of AKP government. They gathered the money from the bribery %10 of everything, then pour it into a financial "pool". They support the newspapers, TV channels and a shitty movie like this with this money.

    * This movie is produced by an ideology, very similar to ISIS. They attack the very foundation of Islam by so-called representing it in this way of pressing, cursing, undermining, and killing - if necessary - all the people oppose to them.

    * ...the more I continue, the more I have to think of their rotten system. This makes me sick already.

    To sum up, this is not a movie. THIS IS JUST A BULLSHIT!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is on Turkish Televisions everyday. Same fictional stories, same lies... Everyday we see internal mails from the employees of the close to government companies in which the managers threaten the employees to go to this movie and bring back the ticket if they want to keep their job. Turkey is passing through very rough times these days with its fascist government. This movie is trying to cover the billion dollars this government and their families stole (which are proved with many legal tapes, photos and voice recordings but darkened); trying to hide the innocent civilians they killed and trying to hide the evil leading the country. What is fortunate about this film for the Turkish people is that it is so bad. It is horrible and therefore no one will ever watch it in Turkey or abroad. It would have been a good movie with horrible lies but instead it is a bad movie with horrible lies...
  • If anybody is curious about this movie and wonders why there are so many negative comments about it, that's because it's the "WORST" movie ever, I mean it. It's completely waste of time, don't even spend your time to watch it if you still haven't. This movie itself is the proof of how much Turkey resembles Nazi Germany nowadays. Since Gezi protests shown the world how "delusional" Erdogan is, his only trump card ("koz" in Turkish, I mean "K.O.Z.") is now telling lies to people about how aggrieved and "Muslim" he is, however, at the same time, doing everything he can to utterly destroy his dissidents, even promoting civil war in order to do so.

    By the way, this movie would be less terrible if Necati Sasmaz (Polat Alemdar) took part in it. After all, he is able to dodge a bullet by simply crouching down...
  • dgtrade0125 February 2015
    This movie is one of the worst movies I have ever watched. It is an analogous to Adolf's "Mein Kampf". Turkish Prime Minister lives in a psychotic mood. So does his inner circle. Kleptocracy is a good word that describes the Turkish government today. Crony capitalism takes over market economy, and country's economy shrinks everyday. Erdogan tries to disguise the corruption scandals that were unearthed between 17-25 December, 2013. I heard that Turkish government subsidizes this movie, so that people can go to theaters and watch it for free. Overall, this movie depicts the shallow vision of the current corrupt and populist government.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is an ugly movie. It is about government crimes.

    Which in fact is a murderer and a dictator. It is boring. It has nothing to do a nice movie. Do not watch it. It is an absolute waste of time. Actually you do not need to pay Money, because if you go to an Ak p party Office, They will give you a free ticket for this movie.

    But even in this case, it is an absolute waste of your time. This movie is a total disaster, in terms of story, technical-spectrum's.

    Poor acting. etc. And everyone, probably even the real dictator himself even agrees with this but who cares?.

    "hail for fuhrer!" he and king's all men order.
  • Total waste of time. It is so obvious that the movie was commissioned by Erdogan's corrupt putinesque regime. This could be shown in schools as an example of mass media utilization by an authoritarian government a la Hitler or Stalin.

    Apparently, they can't sell virtually any tickets, so it is shown for free in many places.

    The film portrays Erdogan as the victim of a so-called 'global conspiracy', and this whole project seems to be an attempt to maintain his voter base, which his party started to lose after the recent corruption scandals about him and his family.
  • Kod Adı: KOZ gives us the Turkish government's version of its spectacular falling-out with Fethullah Gülen, an influential Islamic cleric who lives in Pennsylvania. Gülen was once a close ally of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan but, over the past three years, relations have soured and in December 2014 a warrant was issued for his arrest on charges of "leading a terrorist plot to seize power". The story of the rift is complex, but the official government line is that Gülen is bent on destroying the Turkish state with his huge network of followers embedded in the police and judiciary: the so-called "Parallel State".

    This is rich fodder for political drama, further improved by lashings of artistic license. The key details of the Kod Adı: KOZ poster act as signposts – the silhouette with the unmistakable profile can only be Gülen, Big Ben represents the dark forces of supposed Gülen affiliates – the British and American intelligence services – and the tag line refers to the countless rumors and half-truths peddled by Turkish media on both sides of the fight. At the end of the film, viewers are under no illusion as to which version of the story the producers wish them to believe.

    KOZ sails dangerously close to libel but stops short by assigning fictional names to its characters. Instead, actors have been carefully chosen for their physical resemblances to the politicians, prosecutors and clerics they represent – sometimes, the resemblances are so uncanny as to suggest that these "actors" are in fact random men spotted somewhere by a casting agent and hauled off in triumph as the closest available body doubles.

    This theory is supported by the fact that many characters have been dubbed (badly) by marginally more talented off-screen actors, an otherwise inexplicable artistic choice. Either way, the resulting effect is surely to stoke credulity in the minds of audience members already receptive to the stories found in state media.

    Despite its poor rating, the film must be commended for its efforts to fit all the darkest political scandals of the past few years into two hours, each event inevitably portrayed as the work of Gülen, whatever its outcome.

    One example is the mysterious helicopter crash in 2009 which killed Muhsin Yazıcıoglu, the head of the nationalist-­Islamist Great Union Party. In the film, the crash is engineered by a Gülenist spy in revenge for Yazıcıoglu's refusal to fall in with Gülen's nefarious plans; the camera lingers several seconds too long on the bloodstained snow in the wake of the crash for maximum impact.

    Another episode dramatizes the arrest warrant issued in 2012 for Hakan Fidan, Erdogan's much-trusted head of the Turkish intelligence service. This Gülenist plot was, apparently, foiled by Erdogan himself, who heroically sent his personal military guard to save Fidan in an armed standoff outside secret intelligence headquarters.
  • In my opinion,it is a masterpiece and unforgettable Turkish political near future story.

    When I saw this cult movie first I was so impressed during watching the movie because we have a real like this virus problem in our government system and we are suffering a lot of difficulties a as Turkish people. This radical religion group,it is called 'Gulen Cemaati'is so introvert and they are trying to lead all Turkish government bodies for forty years. Finally;

    I can proudly recommend this movie as a documentary about some extremist Religion groups, in Turkey!
  • tiligo-mes9219 February 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    I saw the movie, and it was great. Interesting, funny, enlightening - I loved it. On Reddit I saw that readers are calling on "all atheists" to give this movie a 1 Star rating - even if they haven't seen it. Don't believe the low rating its been getting. Very misleading. Cymen does an excellent job of putting together a family friendly film. It's not too preachy - it's actually anything but that. The characters are endearing. The jokes come at all the perfect times. My family got the biggest kick out of some of the humor. Way better than 99% of the garbage Hollywood puts out these days. I guarantee anyone rating it low has not actually seen it, and are simply haters.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is a just propaganda tool of the Fascist Erdogan's regime. Like all fascists and their supporters who have no ability to use cognitive skills and creativity, Producers did a terrible job. Theme is stupid, actors played incredibly terrible. There is nothing related to art of film making. Just a propaganda of totalitarian regime. Fortunately, they are even bad in propaganda compared with previous totalitarian regimes. All public in Turkey employees are being either forced or encouraged to go this movie. Free sessions of this movie are available all over Turkey. One should ask this question when evaluating this movie. if you do not aim profit from this movie, how did producers finance it? The answer is obvious: from poor Turkish people wallets. Fascist Erdogan regime financed this movie. You should see free movie just for understand a Government(Erdogan's) could be such a miserable.

    Erdogan's regime are demonizing the biggest social movement in Turkey, the Gulen movement, through this movie because Erdogan wants to control all Turkey. Briefly, this movie is just an unsuccessfull attempt of totalitarian regime for demonizing ideological enemies.
  • msn-891-96634625 February 2015
    These kind of films consist of falsified news. They are the films of the state. So they just try to prevent the people from seeing the right things. Also the movie quality is really terrible. The players are really amateur. And nobody has watched it since it was showed in some places. Because everybody says that these movies are falsifying the people. As a result I don't recommend watching this film. It doesn't worth watching. We need more professional movies. Even if you're a talented filmmaker and you've made a movie that everyone is pretty much in love with, you're still not guaranteed an easy ride. Because it is not easy to make grate movies in these days.
  • Actually even 1 star out of 10 is too much for this horrible film. The movie is a propaganda of tayyip erdogan, who I think is a dictator. The worst thing about the movie though, is not the bad acting, or for that matter the inane plot or over the top acting, it is the main subject itself. I am wondering why tayyip erdogan didn't act himself in the movie. Whoever made this film had a lot of cash, to bag all those actors/actresses to star in it. Now all of them wish they hadn't starred in it, I bet they all deny they are in it, it's that bad. Conclusion: there was only ever going to be one reason to watch this film and that was to see the Fat Slags, but, as they are not in the movie, there really is no reason to watch this film.
  • That movie is a perfect reason reason why politicians should stay away from art. I don't know if you know what is the story behind this movie, let me explain briefly.

    In December 2014, it was proved by numerous evidence that Erdogan (the president of Turkey), his family (Bilal The Clever (!) and Sumeyye The Evil) and some important governors from AKP (The ruler party of Turkey) were involved in some serious corruptions. Consequently the positive perceptions of public about Erdogan, his family and Akp were teared down. Since then, pro-Erdogan and pro-Akp media companies started a propaganda to cover these corruptions by creating an imaginary enemy: "the parallels". Kod adi K.O.Z is work of those pro-Erdogan and pro- Akp media companies. With this movie, they aim to manipulate the facts and change the public opinion about those corruptions. They want people to believe that everything was a trap performed by "the parallels".

    About the movie; regardless of the ideology behind it, casting, plot, music, etc. are at their worst. This is the worst movie that I have ever watched. If you want to make a propaganda to change the realities, you should do something way better than this.
  • Well lets see here. I can't exactly remember how or why I ended up seeing this movie It is so crappy acting, stupid story, no plot, dumb half wits, If I had the choice I would live with herpes in exchange for this movie being totally wiped from my memory. Words cannot describe how completely idiotic and boring KOD Adi K.O.Z is. And oh if you thought the previews had anything to do with the movie think again. They do not. A lot of people in the movie theater walked out never to return. Right now some of city mayors give free ticket to make AKP propaganda but apparently it is not working at all. here I am thinking Well, There is hardly a plot, but old, cliché gimmicks to create a Enemy of the State. Does it work? Three? No. It does not. I have no idea how Cem Kurtoğlu, Hazım Körmükçü, Tolga Karel, Turgay Tanülkü,Remzi Evren got persuaded to participate in the film (MONEY). What can I say? Awful film. That had to be the single worst movie in the history of cinematography. It is not a movie, it's AGITATION FOR ELECTION.
  • emre_kocyigit25 February 2015
    THE trolls of akp come here and write good rewievs for this bad movie. troll means they gain money to make the akp propaganda on internet. at every where they are make comments and paid for this. believe me the movie is worst movie on earth

    Even 1 star is a lot for this movie. the producer says that it will break a record. he is right they break the record of the worst movie of world. this movie made by the order of the sultan tayyip erdoğan. they try to make the people believe in their lies by this kind of movie and with some shows on TV.

    but modern people of my country don't believe their silly lies. even this movie is free no one watch it. i wish we will break their lies and our country will go to the shinny days. the worst thing a country can live is manage by the peoples which says only lies to their public.

    you need to give a title to this movie. this title will be the most bad movie of all time.
  • Imagine a totalitarian country leader pays to a media company to have a movie about himself, describing him as an angel/messiah sent to world to bless the human race! I bet you could have read this kind of stories in books describing a Soviet Union or North Korea type of countries. But to your surprise, it comes from a modern country in the middle of Europe: Turkey!

    The ruling party - AKP and its leader are trying to cover up the corruption they were accused of by any means: Dictatorship kind of laws, imprisonment of journalists, degrading anyone does not support them, and changing the judicial system to protect themselves from any lawsuits. Yes, this is what is happening in Turkey. And yet, financing a movie trying to make the "leader"-today's president as a savior.

    Although technically you may call it a movie, but in fact it is a long version of an election advertisement of a corrupt political party.

    Still, do you want to watch it! You do not have to pay for tickets since this movie is FREE. Just go to the box office and get your tickets for FREE! I would go if they would give free popcorn and soda.
  • obill25 February 2015
    This is a propaganda movie that supported by the president of Turkey and they tried to give their message with a terrible quality.

    Really awful. Don't waste your time. if even they give you money to watch it you will regret and you will never take back that hours from your life. You will suffer and suffer. There is no subject on that movie I was lucky I didn't pay because it was free I mean cinema was free. Can you imagine they put this movie free so. Ratings will be high. But I said even 10000 lira you will never take your hours back. I prefer to go and watch horse race or ice skating rather then this fully rubbish movie.i could sit and do nothing and still I will be more happy that hours than spend hours watching this thing. I mean who wrote this? Do they have a mind? Really? And how could you accept a role as a actor in such a ridiculous movie? Are you OK? Please tell me? Why did you do that to us? Why ?
  • It's the most awful movie I've ever seen. From the beginning till the end just the propaganda of the dictator Erdogan in Turkey. There is no sense in the most of the scenes and the expectations of the viewers are not filled at all. Thus, the movie had a free entrance for a week. It's a shame for the country, which mentions to be a democratic one. Very stupid end, very stupid story. Too much problems with the actors. The actors have no sense of authenticity and don't play professionally. The story seems to be written by Erdogan himself. It's a big problem, that this movie is a "must seen" in Turkish schools to manipulate the children. Avoid it.
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