Colette Hughes: I first met Eleanor Riese as her lawyer, but soon - because Eleanor was Eleanor - Eleanor became my friend. And soon, because Eleanor was Eleanor, she became my protector, guardian, my worst critic, and my greatest support.

Colette Hughes: You know, Eleanor, you are not gravely disabled, you're gravely obnoxious.

Eleanor Riese: [laughs out loud] That was a good one.

[last lines]

Colette Hughes: Sometimes, when I find myself overwhelmed by how much there still is to do, I see those big eyes of hers, and her chievious grin, and I think she's still looking down at me. And I better sit down and have a 7up. And I hear her say, "Tell me I'm not right. Just tell me I'm not right!"

hospital's lawyer: Tell me, when you were a nurse, you never gave drugs to patients without their informed consent?

Colette Hughes: No. Never. I always felt it was my primary responsibility to care for the patient, not manage them for my own convenience.