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  • Warning: Spoilers
    A spoiled rich girl loses her money and is forced to take up service job in a Sporting Goods Store and move in with Mom. As expected she learns a lesson or two and becomes a better person and finds love. There have been some movies like this before but this one keeps it fresh and funny. The dialog is well written and jokes are well delivered.

    Anna Hutchison does a good job as the leading lady. Jonathan Wood is her love interest. Gail O'Grady looks pretty as her mother.

    The only let down is the pseudo drama that ensues when it is revealed that she isn't really poor but just being taught a lesson by Mom. As if the guy would be so angry if he found out his girlfriend had money.

    Worth one watch.
  • I loved every minute of this movie. My favorite stars were here. The storyline appealed to me. I love movies where characters evolve and relationships are tested. The picture was amazingly clear. Story of a young woman who experiences a life changing event that tests her in every way. The new relationships she forms along the way become a blessing to her and her true character evolves. A romantic, fun, sweet movie. It ended well. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!
  • toncincin13 October 2019
    So ... came out about the same time as Autumn Moon. Same story - different location, different parent. Basically same story. Gotta say Jessy Schram is far more likable than Anna Hutchison. Hallmark really needs to embrace more story lines. At least this one has Constance Marie - a joy in most roles.
  • ME=SUFFERED THROUGH 30 MIN before I stopped, BUT LEAD GIRL WAY OVERDONE as NASTY, UNAPPEALING CHARACTER that there is NO WAY THAT PERSON could EVER BECOME 'HUMAN' as this 'Hallmark bad movie plot' ALWAYS SHOWS. They never gave her even small hints of 'kindness or caring' at the beginning.