Since Bill O'Reilly's dismissal from Fox News between seasons two and three, his interview footage will not be appearing on the show any further. He is however still credited as 'executive producer'.

Watching Legends and Lies, David Crockett. Just saw a huge historical mistake. According to their version, David Crockett was sent by Sam Houston to re-enforce the garrison at the Alamo. In fact Houston had ordered Jim Bowie to remove the artillery from the mission and destroy the fort. Bowie was unable to secure wagons and draft animals to remove the guns before the Mexicans arrived. While the Alamo had very effective artillery and a lot of it, they had very little ammunition for those guns with no grape or canister shot. William Barrett Travis, commander of the small group of Texian regular soldiers decided he and his men would defend the Alamo, as he believed he could hold until the other Texians could mount a sufficient relief force to defeat Santa Anna. He convinced Bowie and Crockett to join him in defense of the Alamo.