Christian Grey: Good morning, wife.

Anastasia Steele: Good morning, husband.

Christian Grey: [to Ana] Mrs. Grey, look out your window. I'm taking you away for the weekend.

Christian Grey: [to Ana] It meant nothing to me before you.

Anastasia Steele: [to Gia] You may call me Mrs. Grey.

Christian Grey: I'll pick you up at five.

Anastasia Steele: I may not be done by then.

Christian Grey: You insist on defying me, Mrs. Grey. What should I do about that?

Anastasia Steele: [smiling] Learn to live with it.

Christian Grey: [to Ana, during their wedding] I made a vow to love you faithfully, forsaking all others. To comfort you in times of need, and to keep you safe for as long as we both shall live.

Dr. Greene: [to Ana] It seems you're pregnant, Mrs. Grey.

Anastasia Steele: [to Christian] I just can't believe this is my life, that I get to live with you.

Christian Grey: [to Ana, as they are driving] We're being followed.

Anastasia Steele: [referring to the private jet they are about to board ] You own this ?

Christian Grey: [reminding her of his wedding vow ] *We* own it.