The exterior set for the Cloud 9 Superstore can be seen in the NBCUniversal truck storage lot at the intersection of Barham Blvd. and Forest Lawn Dr. in the Studio City area of Los Angeles.

The series takes place in St. Louis, Missouri.

Second time for Tony Plana to play America Ferrera's father on TV after playing him on Ugly Betty.

Cloud 9 stores are also featured in Good Girls, another NBC TV show.

A running joke is that the actor who plays Jonah looks like Scott Baio. Scott Baio starred as Charles from Charles in Charge and homage was paid to this in episode 4 from Season 2 when Jonah dared Amy to sing the theme song from Charles in Charge.

The first season originally had 13 episodes, but NBC cut it down to 11.

Cloud 9 is a store that is featured on The Mindy Project. The show's main character also played a recurring role as a former boyfriend on the show. Additionally, Superstore co-star Jon Barinholtz is the brother of Ike Barinholtz on The Mindy Project.

Cheyenne Lee gives birth to a daughter named Harmonica in the first season. "Cheyenne" and "Harmonica" are the names of the two supporting characters from the 1968 film Once Upon a Time in the West.

Lauren Ash and Nico Santos also appear in Paul Blart 2

A Canadian flag sits on a cabinet on Glenn's desk. Mark McKinney, who plays Glenn, is Canadian, as is Lauren Ash, who plays Dina.

Michael Bunin, who plays Jeff, was in the wildly popular and award-winning commercial for K-Mart called "Ship My Pants" in 2013.

Amy's (America Ferrera's) name tag is different in every episode. She stated in the first episode that she does not like strangers calling her by her name. Except for episode 11 where she becomes assistant manager and her name tag finally says "Amy."

"Oh s**t", are the first (and possibly last) words Brett, a subcharacter that everyone admires, ever said over the 2 seasons he's appeared on.

During the "Spring Cleaning" episode, Eugene is seen cleaning graffiti off of a bathroom stall. The graffiti reads "Bo", indicating that new employee and father to Cheyenne's child was the one who did the grafitti.

In S2E4, "Spokesman Scandal", Amy and Jonah paint over the large picture of Kyle the Cloud 9 cloud. The girl lying down on the bed in the picture is Nichole Bloom, the actress who plays Cheyenne.

In season 2 episode 16, Amy's father is played by Tony Plana, who also played her father when they starred in Ugly Betty.

In Season 3, Episode 5, "Sal's Dead," Sean Whalen's character Sal Kazlauskas is found dead behind the drywall at the Cloud 9 store. In 1991, Sean Whalen played the character Roach in the movie "The People Under the Stairs" in which he was confined to live under the stairs and in the walls by his adoptive parents.