Ale Kino! - International Young Audience Film Festival (2019)

The Organiser's Prize [Winner]


Niamh Wilson

Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards (2019)

CSC Award for Theatrical Feature Cinematography [Nominee]

Guy Godfree

Directors Guild of Canada (2018)

DGC Craft Award [Nominee]

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Feature Film

Tom Bjelic
Adam Stein
Jill Purdy
Lorraine Samuel

Outstanding Directorial Achievement [Nominee]

Feature Film

Keith Behrman

Guadalajara International Film Festival (2019)


Best Feature Film

Keith Behrman

Göteborg Film Festival (2019)

Audience Award [Winner]

Best International Feature

Keith Behrman

Dragon Award [Winner]

International Competition

Keith Behrman

Leo Awards (2019)

Leo [Winner]

Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Motion Picture

Darren Mann

Leo [Nominee]

Best Lead Performance by a Female in a Motion Picture

Taylor Hickson

The Joey Awards, Vancouver (2018)

Joey Award [Nominee]

Best Actress in a Principal or Supporting Role in a Feature Film

Hailey Kittle

Toronto International Film Festival (2018)

Best Canadian Feature Film [Nominee]

Keith Behrman

Vancouver Film Critics Circle (2018)

VFCC Award [Winner]

Best Screenplay for a Canadian Film

Keith Behrman

VFCC Award [Nominee]

Best Actor in a Canadian Film

Josh Wiggins

Zlin Film Festival (2019)

Golden Slipper [Winner]

Best Feature Film for Youth

Keith Behrman