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  • Warning: Spoilers
    When daughter Alex is denied the university scholarship the town had promised her (because creepy head councilman Bob has embezzled it), Scott and Kate team up with down-on-his-luck friend Frank to start an unlicensed casino in his house, with the intention of running it through the summer and then using the profits for Kate's tuition and to save Frank defaulting on his mortgage.

    This film is deeply silly. It is also consistently funny. I watched it in a small auditorium with about 20 people, and there was frequent laughing out loud. There is a lot of bad language, some violence, some drug misuse, some sexual frankness (though, as usual, no nudity), so it is very much ini the modern style of being crude, crass, tasteless and offensive, but it always remembers to be funny.

    Will Ferrell's Scott is an idiot when necessary (he can't cope with numbers) and scarily competent at others - the character is completely inconsistent, depending on the demands of the plot. Yet it works well enough. There are similar character inconsistencies with both Kate and Frank, yet you are prepared to overlook this because they are likeable characters, and you want them to get away with their activities despite, how can I put this, the dismemberments etc. they are responsible for.

    There is a fairly extensive supporting cast, all of whom are well enough drawn that you enjoy seeing what they are doing, and the various mishaps which happen to them. The violence is graphic but slapstick.

    I was always interested to see where the story was going - it wasn't always where I expected. And I enjoyed spending time with these daft people in their foolish but funny story.
  • Switch of for 90 mins. Enjoy a movie for what it is. Don't compare to others, criticise, judge or hold a candle. Just watch the movie with no bias and expectations and ask yourself at the end did I like it?

    I did that and I enjoyed this movie. It made me laugh. Will and Amy were great as the quirky couple who will do anything to make sure their daughter gets a good start in life. The supporting cast were funny and believable (In that zany movie dimension) and I enjoyed the other characters as much as the main cast.

    "Will it win an Oscar?" Hell no... "Will it go down in history?" I doubt it.... "Is it the funniest film ever?" No way.... But give it a try. It's ten thousand times better than most of the garbage that's been released this year.
  • AaronRon15 April 2018
    Look it is completely brainless humor.... So funny! Like all great comedy you either love it or hate it. I loved it!!!!
  • The House is a great movie with a well developed plot and a top notch comedic cast. It is a simple frat pack comedy, it does not do anything groundbreaking, only exactly what we would expect, it did not try to raise the standard, and that is fine by me. These type of comedies work, and are widely appealing to today's general age group of moviegoers, we get to watch actors have fun, and as a result of that, so do we.

    One thing I would say about it that was underwhelming was when it tried to be meaningful, I have no problem with a movie that may initially seem like a straight up comedy actually having some heart, but it felt very forced and shoe horned in here. Trying to convey the two main characters ambitions to get their daughter in to college simply does not work when a scene five minutes before that showed them getting drunk and struggling to quietly enter their home.

    The cast is absolutely hilarious, I have no gripes with each casting, and the chemistry between everyone was phenomenal. Will Ferrell shines as always, clearly going off script on many occasions, his chemistry with Amy Poehler was great, as was she, they seemed very at ease with each other. It was great to finally see Jason Mantzoukas in a main role, he has shined in several other comedies in minor parts, as well as many stellar appearances in Brooklyn Nine Nine, I was delighted to finally see him play a major character, and hope to see more from this special comic in the future. Nick Kroll is also great, playing a very unlikeable character, he continues to surprise me in every role he plays, showcasing furthermore that he is a very versatile comedic actor.

    Great fun from beginning to end. Hilarious and with a stellar group of comedians, The House is definitely worth the watch for anybody looking for a good comedy.

    Two parents start an illegal casino in their friend's house in order to make enough money to get their daughter to college.

    Best Performance: Will Ferrell
  • WOW is all I have to say. I read most of the (negative) reviews and everyone hating on Will and Amy but I'm unclear what everyone expects - from Will and Amy?! THIS film was their type of comedy - stupid enjoyable fun, and they finally pulled it off to perfection! I want to be clear, although a fan, I'm not a huge fan of either, but they nailed their roles and the comedy in this film that they redeemed themselves and I am now a huge fan of both! Nothing Amy has done in the past has ever made me laugh until now. This is finally the comedy from Will that I've been waiting for from his earlier days.

    A bunch of us went to see this and we were in stitches and crying in laughter - and no, we were not drunk or high! This is the funniest comedy I've seen this year and for that matter in a long time.

    It was very well written and directed and actually had an entertaining (and for a change) different type of story. All the actors were on point!

    Props to everyone involved! I really wish I could find out from all you 'supposedly' Will fans what more you all expected?

    It's the perfect comedy and if anyone thinks this is a fake review, check out my over 300 reviews and hundreds of ratings!

    A perfect 10/10 from me and I hope there is a part 2 very soon!
  • Will Ferrell is a good actor, he has his own specific original comic charm. But nothing of that can save this film from the disaster. It's so bad that probably you'll leave the cinema hating all those who made the film and there are real chances that you'll never want to see Will Ferrell again, in another movie, with this one he lost a lot of his audience. Amy Poehler probably thinks she's funny, but she's just the opposite, she's just annoying. All the other actors, including Jason Mantzoukas, Ryan Simpkins, Nick Kroll, Allison Tolman, Rob Huebel, are really frustrating. These people don't know at all what entertainment means! Ridiculous!
  • jase-365 July 2017
    I went in to the cinema expecting to be entertained with a funny and entertaining film. Oh how I was let down. The acting if just plain bad. The humour is almost non-existent, and when there is some, it is dragged out until it is no longer funny. Almost from the beginning I was tempted to walk out of the cinema, but I was hoping that the film would pick up - I wasted the 80 plus minutes of my life.

    I do not know when I will be able to risk watching another film with either of the lead (I should use the term 'Actors' here, but I felt that there was nothing that could be referred to as acting in the film from them). Avoid, and save some of your life.
  • Don't believe the positive reviews about "The House", they are bought and paid for reviews.

    The House is a god awful, terrible film. It has absolutely nothing going for it. The acting is bad, the plot is terrible.

    Nobody laughed during the entire film....nobody.

    I am a Will Ferrell fan and I like Amy Poehler, I like them both but I just cannot lie to you about this film.

    It is so bad that it may ruin both of their acting is that bad. stinks.
  • I can understand why some people dont like this movie. Giving it 1/10 is being too harsh though.

    I really enjoyed this movie.
  • This was possibly the worst film I have seen in a very long time. Not only were the jokes absolutely terrible the characters were so immature you genuinely didn't know whether they were the parents or the children. Will Ferrell played his typical childlike male figure which is amazing for films like Elf or Step-Brothers but when you need to be acting like a parent? No good. It seemed like Amy Poehler felt the need to then act exactly the same as Ferrell and to be quite frank she was awful! But, I can't blame the actors for all of this god awful movie. It just felt like no one knows how to produce, direct and act in films anymore.

    Please don't waste your time.
  • I love Will Ferrell, but this movie lacks punch and true wit. Comedy is a tightrope, it either works or it doesnt and this "comedy" never gets really hilarious or charming. It is not really bad, just mediocre.

    The story: Will Ferrel starts an illegal casino to earn money for his daughters college. Will he succeed?
  • My son and I left the movie thinking we were angry we wasted our money! I didn't laugh once in the movie! I think it's the worst movie I've seen in a VERY long time!! So disappointing! Not a single person in the theatre laughed once! I'm not in a hurry to see a movie with Will Ferrell or Amy Poehler anytime soon!!
  • I wanted to go to the movies to have a laugh, so I decided to break my pledge to never, ever go see a Will Farrell movie. Bad, bad, bad mistake. There were more laughs in Kramer v Kramer. This was very possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. Gratuitous, nonstop foul language in what had to a parody of bad comedy, no one could make this crap on purpose. I would have left after 20 minutes, but my wife was getting a nice snooze. When she woke up at the credit roll and asked what she had missed, I said "Absolutely nothing." My new pledge is to never, under threat of assisted suicide, go to a Will Farrell OR Amy Poehler movie.
  • Lets get one thing straight, Will Ferrell is a comedy genius! However this movie sucked from start to finish. There is no LOL moments. The story was OK i suppose but the actual comedy in the film is lacking BIG TIME. Do not pay to go and see this movie you are wasting your money. Stay home with a big glass of scotch and watch anchorman on DVD. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is easily the worst comedy i've seen this year. Almost every aspect possible is poorly executed. Story, Characters, Editing, Directing, Humor, Soundtrack, ETC. I went in with an open mind thinking that i could find this film somewhat entertaining, but i didn't even crack a smile. I sat through 90 minutes of absolute pain and misery.

    Will Ferrells films as of late have been garbage, ranging from the absolutely forgettable and bland Get Hard, to the Cliché and obnoxious Daddys Home. After this film, i've officially given up on his films, and it seems that many other Will Ferrell fans have as well. His performance in this film consists of him overacting at seemingly random points, and gets old really fast, but at least he was trying in this film. The rest of the cast were absolute crap. Amy Poehler, Jason Mantzoukas, Nick Kroll, Rob Huebel, and especially Ryan Simpkins, were terrible in this movie, just like the characters they portray. All of the characters are bland clichés and stereotypes that have nothing funny, unique, or interesting about them.

    This film is quite possibly the longest 90 minutes i have ever sat through. I literally felt like i was in the theater for hours, only to realize that i had another half hour to go. The pacing is so slow and tedious, there's too much filler and a load of subplots that don't go anywhere (such as the daughter doing drugs), and despite being a film about a home casino, there's barley any fun gambling scenes in the film. There's only one near the beginning (but because of the dreadful pacing i thought it was at the halfway point) but its so poorly shot, rushed, and has an agonizing slow motion effect shoehorned into it.

    Speaking of which, this has got to be some of the worst editing I have ever seen in a film. Some scenes are so quick and pointless purely because of the way they are edited. there's this one scene where the casino runs a pool party during the day (even though the casino is supposed to be secret), but there's no jokes, no exposition, no fun to be had in the scene, and it ends on a terribly rushed edit. There's also poorly choreographed fight scenes that have horrible shots, badly placed slow-mo, horrible fake blood, and there isn't even any fun music to make these scenes more entertaining. Its pretty pathetic when the trailer has better editing and soundtrack than the actual movie.

    Overall, The House is a terrible summer film that only succeeds in Losing Will Ferrell his fans, and because his next film is Daddys Home 2, it doesn't look like he's going to be winning them back anytime soon.
  • JDono10 July 2017
    This is truly the worst movie I've paid to see since "The Ice Pirates" back in the '80s. Will and Amy are two of my favorite comedians, so I can't imagine how they agreed to do a script that had so few laughs in it. A comedy can get away with being implausible if it's also hilarious, but implausible and unfunny is a deadly combination--and the perfect description of "The House."
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Every so often, a movie comes along that exceeds all expectations, and revitalises a genre that had been looking a little tired. There were several movies that did it for horror last year, and the results have been amazing. Can the comedy genre please get one of those movies? Look, it's not all doom and gloom. We had a couple of hits earlier in the year with Pork Pie and Going In Style, and even Baywatch had a few laughs. But with Rough Night and now The House, we've hit a downward trajectory. I'd say we can only go up from here, but I'm honestly terrified that might not actually be the case. The premise of this garbage is that Scott and Kate (Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler) are terrible parents. More specifically, it's that they can't afford to send their daughter Alex (Ryan Simpkins) to college, because the scholarship they'd been relying on has been discontinued. (Why? Because the councilman in charge of said scholarship has been spending that money on his mistress.) So here's my first question. If your daughter – nay, your only child – is getting good enough grades throughout her school years that getting accepted into her choice of college looks like it's actually going to be feasible for her, why aren't you saving any money towards that? Everything I've ever seen that's been about college in the U.S. has emphasized how expensive it is. Come on – you live in a nice house, and have always had the option of bringing in more money, as evidenced by the fact that Kate looks into going back to work when she discovers how much money they're going to need. Why didn't you look into going back to work before now? I understand that a lot of parents want to stay home and spend time with their children, but Alex appears to be an intelligent and capable girl. She is in no way dependant or reliant on having her mother home all the time, and if my understanding of teenagers is correct, most of them would be mortified with having their mother home all the time. Kate's not the only one to blame, though, as Scott is simply terrible with numbers. Alright, so math isn't a strong suit for a lot of people, but as the family's only breadwinner, Scott should have taken some responsibility for this problem a long time ago. At the very least, he could have hired an accountant or financial consultant to help him understand what's happening with his family's money. The answer to Scott and Kate's money problems comes in the form of Frank (Jason Mantzoukas), a clearly unstable lunatic who suggests turning his house into an illegal casino. It doesn't take long before things get out of control, and everything goes belly-up in exactly the ways you'd expect. The biggest example of this is when the three catch someone cheating, and end up cutting his finger off with an axe. This earns Scott the nickname of "The Butcher", and Kate somehow winds up as "The Burner". Frank… well, he was clearly a psychopath already. The first thing to note here is that the effects are terrible. I've seen intermediate school productions that would handle a severed finger and spurting blood more realistically. As for the attempt to re- attach the finger, that has to be seen to be believed. (Then again, I did see it, and I'm not sure I can believe it.) Scott, Kate, and Frank quickly adopt their new personas, and only Frank manages to pull off anything remotely close to "threatening". Not even a glorified cameo from Jeremy Renner as a mob boss can save this story – although the bloopers at least show he seemed to have fun filming it. Yay for him. Then there are the side characters in this monstrosity. The best thing about the movie is when the casino holds an impromptu "fight night", and that's only because it's so damn satisfying to see these idiots beat the tar out of each other. Not a single character is at all endearing, and the only one you have any reason to care about is the one going up against Martha. You thought the (now infamous) "Martha" scene from Batman v Superman was bad? This is worse. Much, much worse. At this point, you might be questioning where the police are in all this. Well, it would appear the town of Fox Meadow has only one police officer, and the only person in the world more inept at their job is currently in the Oval Office. To be fair, Officer Chandler (Rob Huebel) does have his hands somewhat tied by Councilman Bob (Nick Kroll), the most corrupt politician since the one currently residing in the Oval Office. And how does this all end? Yeah, I'm going to spoil it, because this is so bad that I don't recommend anyone see this, and the ending is one of the worst parts. Scott and Kate wind up in the clear (despite having run an illegal casino, chopped a man's finger off, been implicit in burning down a house – and in doing so, likely killing a mob boss), Frank gets his wife back (who has been holding the moral high ground all movie, then promptly suggests she and Frank commit insurance fraud), and the councilman's mistress goes back to her husband, while said councilman suffers no other consequence, despite his embezzling. The lesson, then? Do whatever the hell you want, as life has no consequences. At one point, Kate does tell Scott that one of them needs to be the adult, but it's quite clear maturity was not a factor in any of this.
  • It was 5 stars .

    It was in no way "good".

    But it wasn't nearby as bad as reviews led me to believe.

    I smirked through most of it and chuckled a few times with one belly laugh.

    I think Ferrell and Poehler worked OK together.

    Worth a watch.
  • This movie is hilarious. My roommates and I have watched it twice and we all laughed our butts off each time we watched it. Packed full of jokes. "Why are you wearing sunglasses inside?" ".....Because my futures so bright?" Freaking hilarious!

    Give this movie a chance, it's worth it.
  • The professional movie critics are already attacking 'The House' starring Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler.

    I like Will Ferrell because his films no matter how ridiculous and raunchy they are, they have a morale behind them.

    Last week, a brilliant poster mentioned how the majority of 'professional' movie critics are a cancer. I'm in complete agreement with this person. I also believe these movie critics are a cancer to all artists. And they're a cancer to the film industry.

    TRUTH: Critics kill any joy of those who actually do something. Phil Collins said he was glad to retire because of the music critics. Kevin Durant said sports critics are killing the game. And James Cameron didn't direct for 10 years after Titanic because he was sick of movie critics bashing him.

    Everyone knows the story of Herman Melville who died a broken man because the critics savaged his book, "Moby Dick". The book didn't sell well and Melville went bankrupt and spent his last years in a grocery store. True story.

    Movie critics are not just a poison, they're very dangerous. I didn't watch Kevin Costner's 'The Postman' for YEARS because the movie critics said it was utterly horrible. However, after watching the film, I was shocked at how good the film was. I almost missed out on watching a great film because again I listened to these loser critics.

    I almost didn't watch 'Hidden Figures' because another critic savaged the movie as 'unwatchable'.

    What is going on?

    Like the previous poster said, "Movie critics have never written, directed, acted, or produced a film in their entire lives. They're just losers who wish they could be filmmakers."

    So this is the essence then of today's movie criticism. It's useless. Pointless. Fake News. One critic admitted he would never give Paramount good reviews because Paramount wouldn't read his script.

    So what can we do about this? What can movie fans and those artists (and crew members) in the film industry do? FIGHT BACK. Let's 'out' these critics by name in public forums like ''; '' '' - the critics will see their name smeared on Page 1 of Google the same way they smear filmmakers. Give them a taste of their own medicine.


    I give 'The House' a 7 out of 10. I like the originality and I like Will Ferrell as a comedian/actor.
  • paulfiduccia26 July 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    The movie was pretty good and funny. I like Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler and Ryan Simpkins. Will Ferrell the father was working but can't afford college,(Bucknell) so he had gambling in the house instead of a casino. Amy Poehler agreed. Ryan Simpkins was upset because the father was suggesting a cheaper college. I don't recommend it for children because of gambling and cocaine. I recommend this movie because of the gambling in the house. Its exciting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Let me start by saying something good about this movie. IT'S OVER! THANK GOD!

    I won't bore you with the details, but clearly once you make a name for yourself in Hollywood you can take on as many bad roles as you want and still get work. I damn near walked out of this one on a few occasions. Painful to sit through and very likely my last time wasting money on a Will Farrell movie. Amy Poehler was every bit as unwatchable and should be lucky to have a job.
  • melbrooker-801-17391716 December 2018
    I'm not sure what everyone is so upset about. I absolutely loved this movie and there were moments where I couldn't stop laughing. Definitely watch it again one day!
  • I'm a big fan of Will Ferrell and after watching the trailer thought this story would be a great set up for some good comedy. It started off with some fun chuckle moments but gradually degenerated into gross, unfunny, violent crap. Several folks walked out after the first blood-squirt but foolishly I stayed till the end. Was I amused? NO!! The 3 stars are for WF still showing some talent along with Nick Kroll as bastard Bob and Ryan Simpkins as goody-2-shoes Alex.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Different people laugh at different things. Some laugh at epic stupid gaffs and poop jokes, some find stupidity suffocating and unfunny. I'm among the latter.

    Some few laughs here and there other that the story must assume we are stupid to believe any of this crap! So, the parents "suddenly" realise they don't have enough money to send their daughter to uni. So they decide with their equally broke friend to start an illegal casino. Where they get the money to start such a casino? Nobody knows. Then expansions and more expansions (work that would take contractors months to finish is complete in the same amount of time it takes for the camera to pan to the left!) but come on we don't want to get pedantic now do we? Farce after farce, more bullshit piling up by the minute ... For some bizarre reason, there's a side story about the estranged wife of Will Ferrell's friend. She gives her husband the divorce papers to sign because she had enough of his gambling and she appears to have started dating another guy. Suddenly, the wife changes her mind for absolutely no reason even after she finds out the husband is now opening an illegal casino complete with a mini brothel! Yep! A mini brothel and a DJ with pool parties that SOMEHOW don't get any attention in small town suburbia.

    The movie makes every single American look like a money grabbing greedy idiot of some sort. Nobody seems to be remotely a voice of basic reason of any nature. May be if they classified this movie as a surreal story and put some flying pink elephants in it, it would've done a bit better. Amid this insanity, the three buddies start (for no reason at all) attacking town people, raiding their shops, beating them up with shoes and other objects, threatening them with soldering irons, throwing them out of their vehicles, etc etc without anyone complaining to the police, berating them, or even saying anything to them at work. And this is where I lost any respect or empathy and felt I was watching hysterical vomit.

    I'm very angry that someone in Hollywood actually thinks we are a bunch of stupid losers who can happily part with their hard earned cash for this rubbish piece of work and walk away without feeling we've just been insulted or mugged by it.

    Watch it only if stupid jokes and general ridiculousness cut it for you!
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