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  • I amazed at the rating given by some people on here, this movie is absolutely abysmal - the acting is dire, the script is pathetic, the story-line completely unbelievable and there were several occasions where if my remote control was nearer to me - I would have switched it off and gone to bed - and I can normally veg out and watch anything, I'm not even super critical.

    Listen to my advice and avoid it like the plague, you will thank me for it - its 1 1/2 hours of your life you will never get back and believe me when I say it feels like at least 3 hours if not more.

    If you are looking for a compelling reason why wrestling companies and professional wrestlers should not go into the movie business - look no further, your quest is over!
  • vyper-kaos8 September 2016
    This movie had me guessing where it was going. Yes it's a "WWE" film which comes attached with a certain stigma so people will judge it without giving it the time.

    The acting is good not great but that's not to say that certain actors outshine the rest in particular the interactions between "Edge" and the antagonist which is more philosophical than we get in most "Hollywood" movies these days.

    The production values are decent not over the top and the story is solid. It's more than just a run of the mill action movie. I would say if you have the time give this movie a chance you might actually enjoy it more than you think.
  • "If you know what you're looking for you can prevent it all from ever happening." Lucas Nolan (Copeland) is the best interrogator in the city. After a terror plot is uncovered it is up to him to find out where and when. The suspect they have knows the answers but won't give them up easy. The only choice him and his team have is to play along with his games in hopes of finally uncovering the truth. This is a movie where you pretty much get what you expect. A type of 12 rounds sequel that tries to be much more than that. The acting is what you would expect from a WWE movie and the tenseness comes across as forced and a little cheesy at times. The suspect he is interrogating is written to convey a pretty in your face message which wouldn't be so bad but the fact that his dialog is just a series of clichés it weakens his impact. All that said, the movie did have a twist at the end that made sitting through the entire movie worth it. Overall, a very mediocre movie that is saved by the end, only because I didn't see it coming, but it also could have been that I wasn't really paying that close attention to it. I give this a C.
  • Lionsgate and WWE making sub-par movies once again. However, If you are looking to kill some time then this movie is a good action flix that will fill that void. We have a Die Hard 3 type movie.

    The best part of this was actor Patrick Sabongui; aka Vasti Radan. His lines were funny and he hit his lines perfectly. The two people that Adam Copeland, aka Lucas Nolad, are lame. First, they want him then they don't then they use again and then send home. Then there are the parts where the prisoner, Vasit, is handcuffed then not cuffed.

    The fight scenes are good and I only saw one WWE wrestling move.

    All in all, The acting gets a 6 but I give the movie a 4 because it could have been written better. One note: Julia Benson character was just wrong from the start. If I was Lucas I would have said to her face the first time she gave me attitude to "F OFF". -ha

    The film is enjoyable if you are like Vasit. LOL
  • jackhuntermtl8 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    I am not a fan of WWE in general, nor of their films, although I did know who Edge was. So I honestly expect a bad movie. And first ten minutes of so signaled a bad movie. Edge simply does not do a good inner monologue.

    But then film picked up. And quickly! Some action, some psychology, not usual Hollywood paint by numbers nonsense script.

    By the middle of the film I had no idea where it was going, nor how it was going to end. Then it ended, and I thought it was lame ending, ... except it kept going, past lame ending, and into greatness.

    I really do not want to spoil this film for anyone, but I advise you to see it once. Push past bad intro, and slightly slow part around middle, and watch it for 3/4 of film that is really solid.

    I really liked the actual ending.
  • Absolutely the worst acting ever. Copeland is not bad, but the females are B grade best. Yes, the twist at the end was interesting, but a writer can always make it unthinkable if they care to. Decent action, but otherwise just a hair below Bollywood.
  • nogodnomasters2 October 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Lucas Nolan (Adam Copeland) is a memory expert and an FBI interrogation specialist. When a man (Patrick Sabongui) threatens to blow up the city, Lucas springs into action as they have a competition of mind games. Lucas drags the suspect and the FBI all over the place attempting to prevent the disruption coming their way.

    The entire film was this cat and mouse head game chase. You get to see/hear the thought process of Lucas as he is able to pick out clues from small bits of speech. Of course none of this made any sense once the twist was revealed. Acting was fair, plot didn't seem to move. Clues for the twist were meager.

    Guide: No f-words I recall. No sex. Nude drawings.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was a solid action and suspense film starring Adam 'Edge' Copeland as Lucas Nolan, a skilled federal interrogator and all-around dare-devil law enforcement officer.

    The film weaves an intriguing story of a terrorist who has laid plans to cripple the city of Minneapolis without taking lives. Lucas interrogates the perp using his unique "memory house" to read the suspect's mind through tiny clues. As a "behavioral analyst," Lucas is tops, but his overly assertive tactics lead to him lose favor with his colleagues.

    The major lapse in the film was the notion of taking the arrested terrorist around the city of Minneapolis in order to pry information out of him about the next attack. The perp, whose name is Vasti, enjoys himself as the ebb-and-flow of the action reveals his diabolical mind. This pattern stretched credibility.

    One of the most interesting portions of the film was the background provided on the upbringing of both Lucas and Vasti. Those details will figure prominently in a plot twist at the end. There were also some sly moments of humor in the film, such as the critical moment when the computer expert is asked a question to prevent an explosion in the Federal Reserve Bank, and she replies, "I can't do anything! I'm on hold!"

    The film was worth watching for the take-character character of Lucas and his apparent bonding with Vasti. There was good film footage of Minneapolis with a shot of the old Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. The pacing of the film was brisk and it was non-stop action along with an intriguing psychological drama.
  • detektifkocak14 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie started with a man who went to the security building. The detective than using his memory to reveal where is the other bombs prepared by the suspect. This is a very amazing movie. It is just fresh movie for me. At the beginning I thought it was just ordinary detective movie. But I was wrong. This movie was shocking me. I give ten stars for it! I love how the movie flows. It is so intense. Different from other Hollywood crime movie. Love the ending. I very recommend you to watch this movie. The best investigation movie ever. Hope there are other sequels for this movie. I think this movie will be box office. Just wondering about the main character here. My question is why the police did not curious to find their bodies. And why the lady was annoying?
  • cammyjam16 October 2016
    OK, so I'm an Edge fan from his time in WWE. He was the main reason I watched this.

    I did check the reviews here before I watched this, and I'm glad I did, or I might have quit watching not too far in. As someone else has already said, this movie is a bit slow to start with, and there is a bit of cheesy acting at times. But it was SO worth sticking with it, because I NEVER would have seen the ending coming in a zillion years! Once I got into it, it was gripping right to the end. The only thing that spoiled it for me was the language that was used on occasion (I only just saw the R rating - (for the Rated-R Superstar)). Apart from that, I would definitely recommend it. I might even convince hubby we need to add it to our library :-)
  • jerryadlington1 September 2018
    The film was good. Script was good. Acting was good. There was a weird twist at the end that did not ruin it but made it look silly. The power of the pen. If you want to find fault you will. If you want to be entertained....... You will be.