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  • Mz. Berlin as the Virgin Mary (!) and some really hot nuns make Volume 3 of Buttman's ridiculous "Voracious Season Two" worth watching. Of course, it is a tall order to just watch one chunk of a series, especially in the era of binging, but take my word for it, this nunsploitation content is the best director Stagliano has on offer.

    Episodes 8 through 12 dwell on the horny ladies in white & black outfits while also presenting plenty of cornball Rocco the vampire action, as the big-dicked Euro porn giant makes his way from Budapest to San Francisco in search of local vamps. Stoya is the leader of the Frisco undead brigade, but her relationship to Vlad is garbled due to the fact that originally cast Brooklyn Lee (from Season One) in a leading role is a no-show, much to the detriment of the story's logic. Basically Stoya fills in for her without playing the same character, a pointless solution to the "missing actress" conundrum facing our butt-obsessed auteur.

    The whole show is dedicated to one Christian Mann, who died after filming. He portrays a janitor at the nunnery/halfway house run by Mother Superior Rain DeGrey. In a brilliant acting performance (matched by her no-slouch XXX performing too) DeGrey seems to be auditioning for the lead role of Jeanne in "The Devils of Loudon", that stage play adapted memorably for films by Ken Russell and Jerzy Kawalerowicz. She is obsessed with driving out the devil (through various orifices) from the four nymphos turned nuns under her charge, and the show's best scenes have these gals doing outrageous stuff with massive dildos. Later on they get to sample Rocco as Vlad's big dick, but the lesbian action highlighted by vampire (and Buttman's collaborator behind the camera in many creative areas) Lea Lexis ravishing DeGrey as well as lesbian group-sex is memorably performed.

    Highlight for me was no-contest at all, as Johnny Stag cast the incomparable BDSM/fetish actress Mz. Berlin, replete with her trademark fake red hair, as a statue of the Virgin Mary come to life as Mann the janitor flagellates himself and worships at her feet. Berlin is photographed in all her glory via low angles, magnifying her fabulously large breasts, as she literally has Mann lick her stiletto high heels - even the late Ken Russell would be impressed with this touch heaped upon the already uncatalogable series of blasphemies heaped on the viewer by Stagliano.

    These fine ladies in habits will be back in Volume Four but be forewarned - much of that portion's nearly 4-hour running time is devoted to tedious, repetitious James Deen BDSM exercises at the expense of lovely submissive vampire Stoya. It's a rough slog ahead of us "Voracious" watchers.