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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Unsere Zeit ist jetzt", also known as "CRO", is a German movie from 2016 and it is among the more known works by director Martin Schreier, who is also among the writers of this movie. The alternate title I just mentioned already tells you one major player here, namely "German rap phenomenon Cro" (quote by IMDb). First of all, let me say that I am not aware of the artist at all and I don't know any of his songs. But what I heard in here also did not get me curious at all. I like some German hip-hop artists, but Cro is nowhere near that elusive group of people. Now we should not judge a film by the musician who stars in it. Bushido (who I also don't like) starred in a fairly decent film that received a lot of unjust hate. And I am not scared of saying that the latter is certainly better than this one here. This one we have here is as generic as it gets and basically exactly the forgettable wishy washy stuff that the likes of Schweighöfer and Schweiger have starred in many occasions, films that try so hard to achieve a contemporary relevance that you almost want to vomit because of how strong the try-hard is and because of how limited the writing ability is. This is certainly very true here. Include stuff like Asperger's to make the film seem pseudo-important too.

    I guess it was one of Cro's and the writers' main intentions to make the artist seem like a fairly normal guy (despite his ridiculous mask) and show how close he is with his fans and how he cares for them. Have you ever heard of a case when an artist (no matter which area) lets random fans come up with a screenplay/concept for a movie that he stars in. This already shows you how much sense the absolute core essence of these 120 minutes makes. Oh yeah, it runs for almost 2 hours and this is way too long. At some point, it is just random uninspired rambling and lets not forget about the oh so important and deep message the film shoves into our faces. I actually don't think Schweiger is as bad as Schweighöfer, but if he keeps lending his name to projects like this, he will soon be on the same weak level. His cameo was as unfunny as it was random and Schweiger being a producer here also says nothing good about the movie. Besides, the casting also sucked as none of the lead actors really did a good job at all, including the Troian Bellisario look-alike playing the central female character.

    Now that I think of it, the film actually does maybe not even deserve a **/*****, but I will be generous here because the first half was still somewhat bearable before it turned into complete boredom in the second. The Howard Carpendale cameo was somewhat entertaining and the very first line about the fact that they can make a film like this for only a couple minutes was a solid entry too. But in retrospective, it actually would have been nice if this film had never crossed the 10-minute mark, because it felt utterly uninspired and showed on many occasions what is wrong right now with German films that are a mix of comedy, drama and romance and it pretty sad to see audiences still rushing to cinemas and paying millions of € for all this uncreative mediocrity. A sad sate of affairs. I don't recommend "Unsere Zeit ist jetzt". Thumbs down.