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  • Someday Omar Williams, and his partner in crime here Tony DeSergio, will be remembered for their yeoman performances in Tanya Hyde's classic fetish videos. But they also have cranked out hundreds of junkers, including this slapdash big-dick mixed combo opus imported to the U.S. as part of a low-rent package deal by VCA Labs.

    Feature is an intentional homage (read: ripoff) of those Robin Askwith Brit sex comedies of the '70s I used to enjoy seeing endlessly at drive-in showings back in Ohio, in particular "Confessions of a Window Cleaner". Omar has made innumerable such videos starring himself (and boasting a vast number of self-propelled money shots) as a working man, delivering pizzas or otherwise involved in odd jobs, but irresistible to the neighbor ladies.

    Main gimmick, which partially fooled me, is that the actresses appear to be amateurs involved in a pro-am video and perhaps some are, as each video ends with a contact number for girls seeking to be "discovered" to contact Big Omar (or his Big Willy Productions, Willy meaning a man's willy in Brit slang). That's just like the approach Stateside of a Score Group video. But these ladies are pros, and handle swallowing Williams's mighty big dick with ease.

    Very early in his career Tony De Sergio plays Burt, Omar's sidekick and faithful cameraman (sort of Tonto to his Lone Ranger), handling cross-talk and silly gags and frequently stepping in to service the ladies himself and provide back-to-back facials at the end of a scene. Tony never shows his face yet oddly gets a cameraman credit on screen, blowing his cover. Now that so many videos avoid credits entirely (see Girlfriends Films catalog of 600 titles with no credits) this is refreshing for the film historian in me.

    Tracey (Williams), no relation, wears her trademark glasses to hump the big fella and spring for anal sex as well. None of the girls is beautiful, and a big no-no in this series is the opening sequence where some smashing beauties and extreme facials are shown in a montage from other films, NOT from the video you're watching - a very misleading tactic.

    Omar has a pleasant personality and interacts well with Tony's cinema verite styled camera, but the videos would benefit from more local color as the guys traipse around London. 99% of the footage is on-location humping in desultory interiors/bedsitters, and any serious fan of porn knows the sidebar thrill of seeing old sights and social history that these prurient artifacts from another era can contain. This one was produced in late 1999, which seems (and is) like a century ago.