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  • The subtitle for this lengthy but forgotten Bluebird Films release reads: "Where Fantasy Meets Reality" - a brainless description of a mindless video.

    Somewhat whimsical, the Brit team of director Max Cool and moneybags Paul Chaplin deliver whimsical ladies sort of role playing or cosplaying, take your pick. They wear an assortment of costumes too trashy for Ricky's, ranging from a Minnie Mouse outfit for the actress named Passion to Michelle Thorne in the familiar Brit fairy garb. The studs are variously styled like the Easter Bunny or the Big Bad Wolf, all of it ludicrous.

    Emma Butt appears in a dungeon scene, and many of the girls including Lou Lou show up merely as eye candy, not getting down in the XXX action.

    Other than a display of many of the Brit Porn femme stars of the day, this 2-disk junker has Landfill stamped all over it.