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  • I'm due to recant, and soon, my praise for the work of pornographer B. Skow, based on an incomplete exposure to his hundreds of videos. I liked several of his "Skow for Girlfriends" quirky exercises in black humor, but after back-tracking and sitting through a few dozen of his utter clunkers in the all-sex and Vivid filler genres I must conclude he's a certified hack.

    One of Vivid's final releases "Sluts Next Door" came to my home when I was ordering new releases from a British label I collect, Harmony Films. Instead of a new Harmony product from one of its house directors like Gazzman or Tanya Hyde, I received a Vivid Entertainment production licensed for Britain by Harmony and released in Blighty by Erigo Distribution which also handles the defunct Bluebird's catalog.

    It's Skow at his laziest, the progression of a string of beauties, posing for his camera and then humping the usual gang of male Chatsworth idiots. No dialog, just generic sex, and zero interest. Merely exploiting the age-old porn contradiction of fans wanting to see their favorite girl(s) over and over again.

    The over-exposed star roster is headed by Riley Reid who is in the process of frittering away her well-earned good will by appearing in many a worthless gonzo assignment. For me she's become the poster child for what's wrong with Adult Cinema: a talented, always enthusiastic actress reduced to mere "model" delivering XXX footage as meaningless as much as it is prevalent. Whatever happened to quality? And what ever happened to the once-profitable Contract system that made Vivid the industry's numero uno label once upon a time.

    Besides Riley we get to watch two big-busters, Natasha Nice and an uninhibited Lizzy London, but it adds up to nothing. A frequent Skow collaborator Ralph Long, truly untalented both in front of and behind the camera, takes producer and fellow cameraman credit, facts that would have instantly steered me away from watching such a low-level junker.