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  • phd_travel5 September 2015
    Don't confuse this with the TV series on Lifetime, it isn't an episode of the series. This is a TV movie loosely based on one of those true life cases and the plot is quite good in the way true stories are often better than fiction.

    A young woman Heather who has bipolar disorder (played quite convincingly by Olivia Crocicchia) and an ambitious woman Shane (30 Rock's Katrina Bowden) become friends after meeting at a hospital when giving birth. They become neighbors and baby sit for each other. Chris Zylka plays Shane's struggling husband whose weakness of character is quite well portrayed. Things are quite normal at first and they have some problems but then some bad decisions are made when Shane wants to invest in a business and things spiral out of control. Nobody is obviously good or bad at least at first it makes things tense because you don't know how things are going to play out.

    Worth a watch.
  • I was so hesitant to watch this movie at first because of the title, but to my surprise, the plot is far more complex than the title makes it sound. It's not what you expect. The lead characters are not teenagers for what feels like the first time for this type of movie. The story is much more complicated and there are many characters involved.

    The screenplay was amazing, not like other lifetime movies. The actors actually fit (were well-suited for) their roles. Some lifetime movies include these very attractive actors (models) that cannot act and/or don't suit the lead character that they are playing. It helps that the sound effects, audio and visual were also very good, unlike other lifetime movies.

    This movie was well-done, unpredictable, good selection of actors, good ending, and is based on a true story: the murder of AnneMarie Camp.
  • edwagreen1 July 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    It would have been nice to better explain bff to the public. This movie easily could and should have been retitled to "Parallel Lives."

    Two girls become friends when they give birth at the same time at a local hospital. One seems to be with it and the other, Heather, is bipolar. She breaks up with her boyfriend who seems to find himself with another lady.

    Both young ladies are unmarried, but hatred shall develop when Heather, the complex character, develops an attraction for the other's boyfriend.

    We see the results when bipolar disorder is not treated. We also see embezzlement, jealousy, taking control phenomenon, robbery, jail, being set up and a whole host of other issues.
  • This is a really good movie with a really horrible title. I've seen it in the channel lineup several times and skipped past it. Having BFF in the title is so corny and I 100% assumed this involved some cheesy drama with high school girls. It wasn't like that at all. Not even close. I randomly left it on the other night because recognized the hot blonde from Tucker and Dale. I missed the first 20 minutes or so but I loved the movie. I really dig the Lifetime stuff..guilty pleasure. This is one of the better ones I've seen. I know they say not to judge a book by it's cover, but the title of this movie is going to turn off so many people. Shame.
  • This is an intense well acted drama.

    Two young mothers become best friends but events occur to cause their relationship to go bad and murder arises....

    The lead actresses Olivia Crocicchia and Katrina Bowden both give super creepy drama queen performances and its just about a tie as to who steals the show.

    Worth a look!