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  • Every time i logged in Netflix, Vis a Vis appeared on the main page but as soon as a read the story line i thought this must be the Spanish version of Orange is the New black but now after watching following the TV show i can say that i was so wrong. I decide to five it a try and was the best decision i could made. Such an interesting story, great cast, with no doubt one of the best Spanish productions.

    I have to say that the leading characters of both TV shows are alike and as you know both happens inside a prison but besides that there is nothing similar between them which is a good thing a must say. Im not exactly a fan of Orange is the new black, is more kind of a comedy with some drama while Vis a Vis is a thriller, darker than OITNB, this one is full of intrigue, lies, fights, deaths.

    You all should watch it.

  • This is by far the best female prison serie from this time. Wonderfull actors, great story. Must watch!
  • very good and thrilling, really gets you to watch all episodes. It should be seen in the original Spanish format to get the best out of it. I do not want to disclose any spoilers, but it is surprisingly good written and captivates the attention of the viewer until the last minute. It is not only about the life in a prison but also about how the things that happen in life are interlinked and have unexpected consequences leading a normal family into a turmoil of events that puts everything upside down in their life, with the most unexpected consequences for all and each of the involved characters. At some point you may even lose the usual perspective about who are the good guys and who are the real friends inside a prison. Like in life, you must be ready to establish deals for survival with whoever may give you a helping hand in a given moment; friend or enemy.
  • mister-ed-112 November 2017
    I love this Show and haven't been able to get round to starting watching anything since as nothing will beat it ! I am waiting Series 3 !! Hurry up !! Its a great show - and if you are learning Spanish its good too. Great characters, good storyline - twists and turns to the story all the time.
  • When I first saw this title on Netflix I also thought "Oh, man. This is an Orange is the New Black copy-cat" But, as a fan of prison related shows I decided to give it a try, and man! It was awesome. This show has the intensity in every chapter as Prison Break (2005- 2009) has. If you haven't seen Vis-a-Vis you're missing out a great story, this show is NOT a comedy, it's drama, action, secrets, violence, every single episode will keep you wanting for the next. Vis-a-Vis shows a more real point of view of what is to be inside of prison.

    The show is about Macarena Ferreriro a normal woman who fell in love with her married boss, she was thrown into jail for a fraud they both committed. Macarena is a nice, sweet person, very naive but when she gets in jail she will realize that prison is a horrible place.

    The TV show has great characters, great story, you will not be disappointed. I definitely cannot wait for season 2!
  • marcebell22 February 2017
    This is an amazing show! Wonder if they are still filming a 3rd season? The characters are very well played and the story line is very dramatic and action packed. The actors are make you wither fall in love with them or hate them, to me that is a guarantee of great acting. Highly Recommended! More Vis A Vis, Please!
  • This really cant be compared to Orange is the new black, the Orange-series is failing with its try of comedy/drama, while this series is a real thriller, dark, intense with good writing.

    Does anyone know if/when Netflix will broadcoast season 3 and 4?
  • riveting from the minute I started watching, and I am not a TV fan, do not do Netflix or telly, I came across a review in a newspaper stating series 2 was starting here on Ch 4 and how good it was; I only really started watching in order to practise my Spanish (using the subtitles to cheat) however from series 1 episode 1 I was hooked. It is compulsive viewing I became addicted and quite antisocial, it is gripping, shocking, at times sensual, brilliantly acted and challenging to watch. Great sound track and some wonderful dark humour. The ending of the final episode of the second series was dreadful and I am not sure how I will last till series 3 starts! I have nothing to compare it with but it is utterly brilliant - if not for the faint hearted.
  • I stumbled on this scrolling through the endless abyss that is Netflix, and decided to give it a shot. I did the same thing with La Casa de Papel, and that turned out to be a gem, and this one did not disappoint either. I was absolutely hooked. The series didn't lose any steam going through, and each episode left you wanting more and more. The first episode for me was a little tough to get through, but it captured my attention enough to keep going. And after the first episode, there's no stopping it! 10/10 would recommend.
  • Is Spanish, yes, and is awesome. Don't miss this show. You won't regret. The characters, specially in seasons 3 and 4, are outstanding.
  • muazturkay26 June 2019
    I loved it and I swear you'll love it too.The cast is excellent!The events are awesome!
  • Tweekums11 August 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    This series, retitled 'Locked Up' in the UK, follows Macarena Ferreiro, a young woman who finds herself in prison after she is arrested for embezzling a large sum of money. She claims she was merely doing what her boss told her but he denies any involvement. Life in prison is not easy and Macarena gets off to a particularly unpleasant start when one of her cellmates is murdered. Then she discovers a phone SIM card that belonged to the dead girl… it gives the location to where she hid nine million Euros; naturally everybody wants it. She passes the information to her father hoping he can use it to pay her bail but things soon go from bad to worse when Zulema, the woman who dominates her cell block, finds the location and passes it to her boyfriend 'The Egyptian'. This puts her family in danger from him and on the wrong side of the law and Macarena at risk from Zulema inside the prison. If that weren't enough she has to deal with the prison doctor's unwanted advances and the consequences of rebuffing him.

    If anybody thought this series would be easy viewing the first episode will dispel those beliefs; it can be quite gruelling at times. Thankfully it isn't all depressing though; we see that not everybody there is unpleasant. Maggie Civantos does a great job as Macarena; she makes the viewer feel for this vulnerable character while also believing in her as she gradually toughens up as the result of what happens to her in prison. Najwa Nimri also impresses as Zulema; a believably unpleasant character who we believe will carry out her threats… and sometimes does in fairly shocking ways. The rest of the cast, both prisoners, prison staff and Macarena's family are also pretty good. The design of the show is great; most notably the yellow and green prison design which extends to the inmates' bright yellow uniforms. So far I've only seen the first season but based on that I'd recommend this series and hope that season two becomes available in the UK soon.

    These comments are based on watching the first season in Spanish with English subtitles.
  • Both are by Alex Pina, and both feature his insanely enjoyable over-the-top narratives AND awesome dynamo Alba Flores. The first two seasons of this show are self-contained story, following the imprisonment of Macarena (Maggie Civantos), and her transformation into a capable prison survivor. One part of the story follows a crazy caper outside the jail involving Macarena's family and stolen money, while the other focuses on the prison conflicts and is filled with some great characters and performances among the incarcerated, particularly Flores and Najwa Nimri as Zulema. The show also includes impromptu interview segments in a documentary format that provides some lighter moments with the characters as the story itself gets dark. The third season moves beyond the original premise and is just as enjoyable. The show is both lurid and touching at the same time, a whole lot of fun, and other than Prisoner of Cell Block H, easily the best women in prison show ever. UPDATE: I have now seen all four seasons, including the series finale. It is a lovely show about survival in the face of brutality, about keeping hold of yourself when a system is designed to strip you away from yourself. The finale ties everything together so wonderfully. A perfect TV show with great women in it.
  • Opinions are subjective, but I see most negative reviews resulting from defending the Middle Eastern culture/religion and homophobes complaining about lesbian sex.

    Every episode puts me on the edge of my seat. The characters' evolution are outstanding as well as the acting. On season 3, just when I thought what else could happen, they put a whole new spin and the absence of the main character put the spotlight on the amazing supporting actresses. Must watch! Highly recommended!

    Orange is the new black paled in comparison to this series.
  • I was scrolling down my Netflix feed and found this show. I wasn't expecting something great, maybe something good, but I was rewarded with something Awesome.
  • teenydutton17 August 2019
    I hate when people say this is a Spanish version of orange is new black. Two TOTALLY different shows! I loved this series it is full of drama and action. The characters are amazing and the actors are phenomenal. The storyline is creative and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I can't get enough of Zulima, she is the character you love to hate!
  • samranahachli2 February 2019
    This is way more awesome than what other people think.
  • toknado313 September 2019
    I love this show. Good plots and rich depth of characters. It's especially interesting to see how the different characters deal with their morals and values when faced with situations where they have to make a choice between life or death. Gets you thinking if you were in their position, what choices would you make? Would it be the same or different? Keeps you hooked and you can never stop at one episode, no matter how hard you try.
  • pazcur16 August 2019
    Orange Is The New Black has nothing on this must watch Spanish thriller. Yes, it may feel soap operish at times and directors abuse music sound effects to dictate mood. But the acting is excellent and the character work is superb. This series will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat until the last minute. I truly hope there's a 3rd season in the works.
  • aldree26 July 2019
    Is one of the best series. Have no words yo descrtibe how food is it. you have to see it!
  • rajasertin23 July 2019
    Not to miss. Script, acting, cinematography, music...excellent in all ways. Season 2 is a bit repetitive at the start but continues on an amazing suspenseful note. Great!
  • rajasertin18 July 2019
    I like it a lot, but season 2 is becoming too repetitive: Macarena made so many bad and "stupid" decisions in season 1 and we expect her to be wiser after the consequences. But no. In season 2 we are still having a naive bordering stupid woman acting like a teen. Why?
  • msh-1715117 March 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    This series was so amazing and entertaining to watch woooow , zolyma she is the big boss and psycho 👏🏽👍🏽
  • Let's see El Barco the best catastrophe , adventures , mystery , SF, suspance TV-Series, Vis a Vis the best W.I.P. TV-Series, Casa de Papel the best thrillerTV-Series and the best production of all times.I only hope to not go to Hollywood
  • This show is a mix between "Orange is the New Black" and the Australian "Wentworth" with a main character similar to Piper Chapman while the overall tone of the show is more like Wentworth: dramatic, dark and gritty with the occasional black comedy.

    It's well acted and written with a story line that is very different from ONTB and Wentworth.

    However, in terms of the writing, directing and overall execution is doesn't quite reach the level of Wentworth which really excels in all areas.

    The character writing is not as strong (but still good) - most of them are very likable and easy to root for, but especially the main villain could be more interesting and complex.

    So overall I'd say it's not as addictive as Wentworth but still really good and definitely worth watching.
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