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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Stranger Things is a 1980s inspired and themed science fiction horror Netflix show. The show is set in November 1983 and takes place in the fictional town of Hawkins. Hawkins residence live a fairly normal life until a boy named Will Byers goes missing in the woods. Three of Wills friends Mike Wheeler (played by Finn Wolfhard), Lucas Sinclair (played by Caleb McLaughin) and Dustin Henderson (played by Gaten Matarazzo) are very worried for him but what they uncover something more dark and sinister. After looking for their missing friend they come across a girl, who they call Eleven because of her tattoo. However they soon find out this isn't any ordinary girl but one with very special powers. It is very clear the show takes lot of inspiration from classics 80's films like The Goonies and ET.

    The performances from all of the cast are great especially the child actors, who show the right amount of charisma and banter you expect from kids growing up in the 80's. However, the star of the show here is definitely Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) who plays the ET type of role in show. Millie's brilliant acting skills have a lasting effect on the viewer even though she has 42 words throughout the whole series.

    The Duffer Brothers brilliant writing and directing skills play with your emotions to create a love letter to all those 80's horror films. It's truly something special! 9/10
  • It can hook you immediately, everything seems fitting , the setting , the acting , the direction. Just as it should be. Bringing out the perfect blend of 1980s nostalgia. It gives mixture of taste of big 80's movies.

    You immediately get hooked with the story , which is amazing because it takes time for me to get invested in a story.

    I have been a fan of David Harbour Since the Newsroom , and he is just amazing.

    You're scared , Intrigued , you're completely invested. With perfect setting.

    I am really looking forward to where this goes from here on in.
  • With its amazing 80s atmosphere and creepy X-files meets E.T feel this show is set to impress. Within its first 8 minutes of run time I could tell I had found something special here in Stranger Things.

    Its intriguing story gives information at a great pace and I never felt myself getting confused of bored and there were enough twists or turns to keep me interested. This also had some rather great horror sequences and their use of lights flickering while yes a common trope fit so well in to the story I was on the edge of my seat every time the crackle of electricity shot through my speakers and the lights flickered.

    The characters of the show are the true stars here, I loved every single one of them. They were all great with amazingly interesting flaws and the way they mix and clash with one another was fun to see unfold. They certainly help to carry this show although I would say that the government antagonists of the show felt a little flat and under developed and not nearly as memorable.

    Production values are also quite good with some beautiful cinematography, editing, lighting and sound. My goodness I loved their music choices. I would say that the CGI does look a little obvious and from time to time I did notice some issues where the scenes didn't look quite up to scratch. I do think however I've been spoiled for visual quality since Game of Thrones so I would take that criticism with a grain of salt because it certainly didn't detract from the overall experience. The setting and style of everything in the locations where also great to see and felt real and interesting. The way everything was shot also captures every moment expertly and really helps to draw out those story moments with greater emotion.

    Stranger Things is one of those special shows that I stumbled across and after the opening I knew I was hooked. Its exciting dark tale is expertly woven through its 8 episode run time and I know I will be back to re-watch this one. The ending is fairly well rapped up with a few loose story threads left hanging, with a promise for potential follow on seasons but the story is quite satisfyingly rapped up by the end. Memorable, exciting, dark and haunting Netflix knocks Stranger Things out of the park, 10/10.
  • Stranger Things is the newest foray into Netflix's original programming, of which brings us their most impressive- and strange- production to date. When a young boy named Will Byers goes missing, his friends, mother and the town are thrust into a conspiracy involving a mysterious girl named Eleven and something even more sinister hiding in the woods of Hawkins, Indiana.

    From the get-go, you can tell this is an homage to classic '80s Spielberg, drawing on E.T. and Close Encounters, as well as JJ Abrams' Super 8. But, as the show progresses, it becomes more and more like a twisted Stephen King story set in a Spielberg movie. It becomes a dark and twisted ride into an even darker and more disturbing world where the stakes feel higher than anything before it.

    I can't go into great detail because spoiling even just a bit of the story takes away from the greater mystery, but I can say, it's one of the most thrilling and intense series to be on TV, without being on TV. If it were to continue, they have to pull the same punches they did with the first season, because they took a great many clichés, and somehow made them fresh and surprising, save for just a couple that they purposefully left cliché.
  • Season 1 is a declaration of love to the 80ties ans films like critters, gremlins, goonies and some others. They picked up the in hindsight trashy charm of those in a perfect way. Season 2 was still good, but i guess tv-series routine kicked in and with season 3 it became somewhat generic. It takes half the season episodes to pick up speed, the subplots are too equally big and too disjointed from each other, yet fail to generate the necessary tension, because when you have more then one storyline you have to let the viewer know more about the antagonist side or you get lost. Often out of proportion aimless bantering are not helpful either to develop the story, they are just annoying. Some scenes are superfluous. Basically you are watching half the season without really knowing what you are watching exactly. Failing to articulate the plot they fail the suspension. Hopefully they will do a better job on the final season.
  • I've been trying to put my reaction to this series into cohesive sentences - even cohesive thoughts - and I just can't seem to do it. "Stranger Things" blended the best parts of some of the great 80's sci-fi films from "E.T." to "Poltergeist" to "The Goonies" to my all time favorite, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." It was simply brilliant, and brings you back to a time when you were still able to feel a sense of wonder.

    Though there are plenty of thrilling moments, this film does not rely on heavy CGI or jump-scares. It focuses on relationships between parents and children, best friends, and even a touch of romance. It takes you on a journey from a parent's worst nightmare to the resilience of those who rely on friends and cling to hope.

    Also - you'll never look at Christmas lights the same way again.
  • Horrible Russians = commies = bad propaganda. All these silly catch and run Benny Hill show style, kids that infiltrated super secret, super secure underground fortress. This season is non stop cringe fest, with silly talks/songs, awkward situations, lack of communication and just LOGIC. It was really hard to finish this season, uninspiring and ultimately disappointing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Season 3, that's all that needs to be said. Gone is the charm and charisma that the show had in the first 2 seasons (especially season 1). Russians have somehow built an underground lab 100 stories deep below a mall in rural America and installed Marvin the Martian's P-36 explosive space modulator. Why do they want to reopen the portal to the upside down? We never find out because too much time is spent on forced humor and and awkward scenarios that we don't care about. The connections between characters is not there and it just felt sad. The song Dustin's girlfriend forces him to sing at the most crucial part kills the pacing and is just more forced unwelcome humor. There is also a Terminator disguised as a Russian for good measure. What happened? This falling after the horrible season 8 of GOT. What a bad year so far.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I honestly found the trailer worrying a few months from release, and sadly I was right. Season 1 and 2 are brilliant. I love this show. Season 3 unfortunately drop the ball astronomically. I found most of it predictable, cringeworthy, boring, unreal Russians being the ridiculous bad guys from like a cartoon sitcom. 80% of the dialog is pointless filler, there is no progression from season 2. We learn nothing new about the Upside down world, about Eleven.

    Over all it doesn't capture the essence of the original Season 1 and 2. Hugh Disappointment.
  • mokoker17 July 2019
    They should finish with season 2. Loved first two hated the third.
  • The reasons in no particular order:

    1. The red scare: the russians' plot felt contrapted, it's inconceivable that the USSR was able to build a whole underground military base in the middle of indiana where the US government had a secret base as well. Also they portrayed the Russians as one dimensional villains. Also highly trained soldiers were constantly beaten by a fat cop (doesn't add up). I may have given them a break on this if they were involved in s1 or s2 and this was a continuation, but out of the blue in season 3 they just show up.

    2. Product placement (cocacola, marlboro, eggo's, etc) was excessive. There is a whole scene just about how awesome is cocacola in ep7!

    3. All the "suspense" scenes weren't exciting at all. We knew that nothing bad will happen to any of the main characters no matter who they are facing. They all had plot armors

    4. The main villain is a one dimensional lumpy monster with no particular plan or purpose, just roaring and stuff

    5. All the talk between kids about capitalism, socialism and communism was out of character and cringeworthy. Please don't go into politics.

    6. There was no character development through out the season, no real plot or story.

    7. Puberty: self explanatory

    8. Too much music in scenes that didn't need any (that's my personal preference).

    All in all S1: 9/10 S2: 7/10 S3: 1/10
  • Started of well but the season 3 has turned in to comedy circus. The writing is pathetic with cheesy one liner. all the characters trying too hard to have their say and all of a sudden everybody wants to be heard, by the way how did Russians manage to make a huge bunker in America???
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This review got deleted for no apparant reason. It was ranked as the most helpful 1 star review and got to be the 13th most helpful overall, so I am reposting it with minor adjustments after it got deleted.

    This is a list of everything bad about season three that I can remember.

    * Hopper turned into a a major as*hole for no real reason.

    * Max was an overacting, useless and annoying character

    * Eleven lost her powers for some reason

    * Coke, Eggo, and burger king product placement

    * An entirely out of place argument about which type of Coke is best that lasted several minutes. Didn't make any sense.

    * "Never ending story" song when people were dying sung by Dusty-Bun and Suzy-poop.

    * The Sassy, mini Michelle Obama who is apparently a math wiz and political expert (Erica)

    * Forced mentioning of being a lesbian that didn't serve the plot. Apparently, everything needs a coming out story now to fix the past.

    * Russian military outfits

    * Jonathan moving away from Nancy

    * Eleven moving away from Mike

    * Bickering about who is a bigger nerd between Dustin and Erica... while trying to escape murderous Russian men

    * Talking about my little pony when it had nothing to do with the plot... at all.

    * Max "enlightening" Eleven by trying to get her away from the boys. Surprised they didn't turn into lesbian lovers and that Eleven didn't come out as bi.

    * No explanation of why Eleven lost her powers

    * No explanation of why Russians are under a mall wanting to reopen the gate

    * Alexei had no purpose except to show off his weird smile

    * The absence of Will for most of the show

    * The fact that Will only ever said "can we play D&D now?" Or "He's Here".

    * Forced and unnecessary references to anything that ever took place in the 80's

    *"Does you species like M amd M's?" -Mike

    Any finally.....

    *The fact that suzie-poop and dusty-bun sung an entirely random song at what would have been the most suspenseful and critical moment of the entire season. That completely ruined the ending of the show!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I expected better than the mess that season three was. It could have been so much better.

    This should have been about the kids versus the world. Not the kids versus each other. I hate how they used Hopper to create unnatural conflict between the kids. Perfect way to ruin the character who used to be my favorite.

    Dividing the groups in genders was very cringy. Max and eleven should never be with each other. Max is a horrible character and never had any chemistry with Eleven.

    "There's more to life than stupid boys" -Max the mad maxi pad

    That was max's way of "enlightening" Eleven.

    Constant and Mindless banter and bickering involving Dustin with Erica, and Steve with Robin.

    My little pony conversations? Seriously? And the Constant bickering between Erica and Dustin about who is more of a nerd.

    This horrible dialogue took me out of the moment and ruined all suspense.

    Dustin singing never ending story was horrible. It was so unbearably out of place and long. The song isn't the problem, the problem is that the song felt like it would never end, and was so poorly placed. Singing while people are dying is what this cheesy disaster of a show has turned into.

    I can't believe anybody actually liked this season after seeing that!

    This show was supposed to be a deep science fiction drama series. Not a useless cringe-inducing and shallow sitcom.

    Having Robin come out as a lesbian was so unnecessary. Why not put effort into making the dialogue serve the plot instead of showing that you're culturally sensitive? Stop trying to use an 80's themed show to fix the past or something. Just stop. Robin never fit in with the other characters anyway.

    Why are the Russians there and trying to open the gate?

    Why was this season a useless redo of what we already saw except with more useless bickering and cheesy Russian costumes?

    Maybe we are expected to watch season 4 to find out, but I have lost all interest.
  • Boy did this go downhill. Gone are the solid acting of the first two seasons and character development. The whole thing feels goofy and uninspired. Some scenes are utterly pointless and I had to skip them. One scene in the last episode (that stupid song) is absolutely cringeworthy and ruins everything and how it wasn't cut out is beyond me.
  • I just finished season 3. It was not good. I can't see myself hanging around to watch season 4 since the show declines every season.

    Season 1 was really good. Season 2 was average with its highs and lows Season 3 was not any good.

    Honest review.
  • hashemboussi31 August 2019
    They ruined everything this season was too childish and eleven was so useless she did nothing and the idea of this season is trash compared to season 2 and 1 il rate season 1 10/10 and season 3 3/10
  • Netflix created one of the most captivating and unique television series ever produced. "Stranger Things" created a cult following after the first season. The second season continued into the realm of "Strange" and captivating. Hold on! Behold season three. Did they get new writers? Or did the regular writers sit back with a lackadaisical attitude saying "We are on a roll. We got this!" Well, whatever went down in the Netflix studios really went down. This third season is the result of the mistaken idea that more is better. The only industry the made a killing ( pun intended) was the producers of the kids toy "slime" and who came up with exploding rats! The casting director must have gone to "the home" to cast an eighty year old broad who would eat fertilizer. The histrionics of the actors made me wish they hadn't forgotten their meds during the shoot. The only redeeming moments during season three was the acting of Gaten Mazarazzo and new comer Priah Fergerson. Although bordering on the hysteria of the rest of the cast they were the light in the darkness of "the upside down"! Maybe they studio should have named it "Dumber Things"!
  • ATTENTION TO ALL OF YOU WHO LIVED YOU'RE YOUTH IN YEARS 80, liked movies like Goonies, Portergeist, The Evil Dead, The Thing, Alien(s), Star Wars, ET, Clouse Encounters of the Third Degree, Indiana Jones, It - Stephen King, Lord of the Rings (ok, this is newer, but the books are older and the references are all there) and so many other fantastic and unbeatable classics of that magic decade. I have to say: Watch THIS, STRANGER THINGS! Oh really. Watch it. But watch accordingly: at night, turn off your mobile, whats-app, Facebook, Instagram, blah blah blah, watch as you should watch every movie, with immersion, transport yourself into the adventure, and I assure you, you will remember how it used to be, when going to the movies itself was already an adventure. You will be transported to the 80's. Cool characters, family dramas, pure and sincere friendships among nerd, intelligent, and excluded children, teenage's dramas, music and soundtrack of the 80s, in every detail, from the suspense in songs of each scene, the opening song and title of the series, the soundtrack, the references/homage to the 80's is very strong, very clear. I loved it. For me, it is among the 2 best series I've seen in the last 10 years, with only Game of Thrones at the same level. I cannot think of any other that has given me so much pleasure to watch, which has given me the desire to watch again, and again, and again. No, not even Breaking Bad, Marvel's Daredevil, The Walking Dead, The Expanse (unknown by many, but i liked), NCIS, etc. I'm looking here at the list of series that I follow (around 50), and none is equal to the entertainment provided by this. Congratulations to the Duffer brothers. The series is amazing. Worth every minute.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Loved season 1, season 2 was ok, but season 3 is cringeworthy and bad. I only watched all 8 episodes because of my wife. The overuse of El's power kind of ruined it. The addition of new characters was fine but at times, too many and too much, the original 4 get shut out. Not going waste time with 4th season.
  • How to make Stanger Things

    Recipe: Take 10 part X-men Take 10 parts ET Take 20 parts Aliens Take 10 parts Godzilla Take 10 parts Mirror Take 5 parts Take 5 part Highschool musical

    Mix it together until nobody suspects plagiarism and you have got yourself a show which is simple enough that children can enjoy. It is a children's show with boring plotlines mixed in with cheap thrills. It is highly predictable with no real consequences to the primary characters. Everybody comes out safe and sound and only the secondary characters die. Stuffed with huge plot holes and nonsensical teenage drama this show is poor horror and even worse comedy. At no part you feel invested trying to guess the mystery. Although it does have its moments where it's mildly interesting. If that's your thing then all power to you.
  • Season 1 = 9/10, season 2 = 7/10, season 3 = 2/10. Season 3 what a joke. No plot, no story, nothing new, cheesy, cliche, just plain annoying dialogues, illogical, cringey. CRINGEY! What a woeful, horrid season. Writers and producers should be ashamed.
  • Basically every characters in Season 3 are very annoying. No content at all just see them keep shouting and no taking action. Season 3 sucks!
  • Season 1 and 2 were fantastic. Kept me engaged, "afraid" and excited. Season 3 is pretty much a fiasco. The monster is grose, too much comedy which is not necessarily well placed, the constant bickering, and evil russians? Really? There must have been a better plot than that. The hospital scene reminds me of a bad zombie movie. It's a bit slow and boring. I'm halfway through the season, I must see how it ends, but I am slightly disappointed. I still enjoy the actors performance though. Winona is great, also most of the kids are pretty cool.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First season was an absolute relief from the all-formulaic, know-what-comes-next, predictable shows around, some of them successful and welcome to an extent, but we're always looking forward to the "next big show".

    Stranger things had it. Or at least, it looked like it did. Season one definitely kept us all wanting more and it was a long wait for the continuation, then it started going downhill but adding the same formulas the show appeared to stray away from (which was the best thing of the show)

    Season two, if there was nothing more from the writers of the show, should have found a satisfying finale, since Season three has not offered just more of the same, but taken it to new grounds of clichés, taking very little advantage from a great cast enssemble which they should have cared more for, and the writers should have at least looked to deliver what the cast itself deserved.

    Unfortunately, the show simply took a nosedive. Less likeable actors were brought into the mix since season two, and we kept waiting for the plot point where they would prove the cast was perfect and that they had something up their sleeves. None of this happened. Yet, the audience was forgiving. Hey, there might be some great growth and development for season three, right? Wrong again. Those two characters being Max and Billy, well, they had no reason to be in the show, it's like they needed some wildcards so they could throw any save-the-cat kind of writing moments into the show, not because they were planned, but because they had done exactly the opposite: not planned anything at all.

    The more I write the more I feel "nostalgic" about the first season. That being the main reason the show did well in the first season: Playing with nostalgia. But once you make it the strong part of a show, with the actors coming second, and the screenwriting taking a third, even a fourth or even fifth place in priorities, well, it even makes you be grateful that such a sweet era like the eighties, has passed.

    Season 3 is a collage of "why don't we add some russians into the mix.... why don't we make it more gory.... why don't we give them an alien instead invasion of the body snatchers...? ... why don't we ..." until we as viewers are like : Why don't we just forget about the show, and let it go down in the glory it once had.

    Such a shame. They were onto something good. Now instead, they've made any films or shows that use that nostalgia from the 80s be something, well, redundantly, old. I look forward to any content that has the actors that were a part of the show since season one (from the second season, meh, I wouldn't care if they're simply forgotten, they've given their all, and their all just turned out to be straight-up mediocre)
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