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  • Warning: Spoilers
    In the world of this series the comet Charlotte passes the Earth every seventy five years; as a result of its dust a small number of young children are affected by a condition that will give then super powers once they reach puberty. The protagonist of this story is Yuu Otosaka; a boy who gains the power to possess others for a few seconds; a skill he uses to cheat in exams and to start fights between people he doesn't know. His abilities are spotted by Nao Tomori, a girl who is collecting people with abilities and having them transfer to Hoshinoumi Academy where she tries to hide their abilities from the authorities who have been taking an interesting in these special children.

    The early episodes involve the finding of various power-users but after an awakening power leads to the death of Yuu's sister things turn dark. A previously suppressed memory about his brother surfaces and he learns that he has another far more powerful power; the ability to take other people's powers; if he is to save those he cares about he will have to use this skill to is full… if there are no people with the powers there will be nobody for the authorities to hunt.

    The idea of having people with varied superpowers is hardly new, indeed there have already been anime featuring such characters… this isn't a problem though and this is a welcome addition to the genre. Yuu is a good protagonist and the early episodes are genuinely funny. The various powers exhibited are entertaining. By the time the tone turns darker we are caring about the characters and what happens to them. When Yuu started gaining more and more powers I feared that his character would just become ridiculously powerful but we see that there are also some very negative consequences for him which saved the story from a disappointing ending. Talking of the ending; things are wrapped up nicely in one of the best episodes of the series. The characters are fairly distinctive and the animation is pretty good. Overall if you enjoy this genre I'd recommend checking this out.
  • This anime has comedy part at episode......Wait, i almost forgot. Anyways, at first watch you'll get funny moments, until the scene is being serious at middle to end.

    (Sorry for my bad english)
  • This is the same people who made "Angel Beats!". I heard good things about this since it aired but it was in my long list of shows that I plan to watch eventually, the reason I ended up watching it sooner than later was because my friend had just finished it & bugged me to watch it for days(lol). So my first impression after episode 1 was, "this looks like it could be interesting, i'm curious to see where it'll go". So I watched 1-5 & said to myself well this isn't bad its definitely interesting but its far from the scale of praise everyone gives it, seems pretty average/slightly above(in terms of story) to me. So I watched 1 more and everything from that point to the end just took a complete left turn in story(in a really good way) I didn't expect it at all. Went from a slightly above average > pretty awesome show. The story is about teenagers who develop supernatural abilities around puberty & a group of students from a school that houses these special teens go out & prevent others from abusing their powers & endangering the welfare of others with abilities with their poor actions. Its so much deeper than it sounds, don't let the "stupidly plain over done" theme discourage you! The animation & artwork is great, visually pleasing from start to finish. All the character designs are great, no one looks off or stupid. The music is fantastic! The op & ed are soooo good you can listen to them over & over without tire & everything in the show matches great. My only complaints with the show are it feels very rushed from 1-5ish, but then everything past that seems well paced and something that happens in the last episode irritates me I can't get into it without spoilers but it just leaves you with a how?..that doesn't even make sense due to what you see in the episode before it. Its got quite a bit of a darker theme then it lets on so if your tastes are instability, powers(with realism to them which is pretty cool from your typical power genre), action & or a fan of the previous work "Angel Beats!" you'll definitely enjoy this as long as you stick with it past the beginning.

    4.5/5 Why? It felt rushed for the first half, something happens in the end that irritates me because it doesn't line up with the previous episode. But the story is pretty solid & much deeper than you'd ever guess from the first half, the animation & artwork are awesome and the music is majestic af. If you like a darker theme show you have to check this out, especially for fans of "Angel Beats"
  • This anime suffered from overhype at its release. It came after Angel Beats, a very well known and loved anime by the weebs, with the promise to fix its problems and deliver an even better story. And, I must admit, kinda did; but then forgot it had a schedule and had to rush. Story-wise, it has some really neat concepts to work with, but could be a movie or a couple OVA's. Sometimes the longer format of an anime really helps to give you the feeling of something alive, get familiar with its characters and grow inside you. But the characters on this anime are really well introduced, and you immediately can feel close to them - the intense moments are really intense, and the emotions always feel like a punch. It simply delivers everything very well and right away. The episodes made to develop our relation characters feel very bad and useless compared to the ones delivering the hard stuff. I had to rewatch the whole thing to be sure, and I was right. There are two or three breathtaking episodes, filled with every kind of emotion you can wish for, dealing with touchy subjects with such finesse I had to take a bath and reset my mindset, but the rest is just... eh. Give it a shot, it's worth for the good parts. Those good episodes are outstanding, really great if compared to other modern anime and movies, but the remaining 75% of it is skippable.
  • I'll refrain from saying anything specific. But what I really liked about this series is how creative, "unformulatic" and surprising it is.

    Typicially watching series these days I easilly catch "filler" patterns that will go on for the full series except perhaps the first and last episode per season. Charlotte also plays with such patterns, but then abruptly without warning change things up to something highly new and surprising. Just when I thought I had this series all figured out and could predict how it would proceed for the rest of the season, my idea was shattered, and always kept me on the edge of my seat.

    All in all. Great series!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "A small percentage of adolescents have onsets of special abilities. Yu Otosaka deftly uses an ability that takes over a target's body for five seconds to live the school life of an honor student, and gets accepted into a prestigious high school. Just when Yu is about to live a stable life in high school, a girl named Nao Tomori appears before him..." that's how the official website starts the story of this new series. it begins like any other school Anime's. beautiful bright world and funny Characters makes you believe it's gonna be a beautiful school fantasy with funny elements . Yuu has a cute little sister too named Ayumi. Soon Yuu ;the main character finds out about his special ability and tests it to find it's boundaries and limits. Using his possession ability he cheats his way to become high school's finest and top of the class student, because of this outcome his disguise is soon blown by two other similar powered students a gray haired girl named Nao Tomori whom has the power to hide herself(invisible) from one individual's vision and a mysterious looking boy with the ability of moving so fast that it is called teleportation who's looks is rather looking dark and cold at first but then it is known he's just a simple high school boy,funny and a little stupid and is a big fan of girlish pop idols. these three join powers to save anyone with a power similar to them from the government and the scientists who want to dissect them to know the power source. Yuu,Nao and Jojiro then find others like them and they help them to hide themselves or admit them into their own group and school. So let us just skip to the interesting part and the biggest spoiler yet... Episode 6. this episode begins like the other episodes funny and bright and a little romantic. the plot goes on with normal flow. Ayumi is sick, she's got a fever and has to stay in bed. Yuu and the groups next target is someone with the power of collapse. soon they find out that their suspect is nonetheless Ayumi, Yuu's sister. they visit her often but they don't find any proof of her power. when she's fever drops she asks of her brother's permission to go back to school but Yuu's worry is not down so he says she must stay one more day.when her brother leaves Ayumi breaks out of their room and goes back to school. she is greeted by some of her from this point on the plot gets strange theme and even some horror BG music . Oikawa who is a funny boy that has a crush on Ayumi and of course Ayumi denies him.her other friend is the class rep (I don't remember her name) who helps her get out of another hit on situation by Oikawa. when Ayumi tries to go to class she is met by her last friend Konishi, a sad looking girl. On the other hand Yuu is informed just now that Ayumi has gone to school without permission, he and the other characters run off to check on her. the music gets more strange and mysterious. let's go back to Ayumi Konishi starts acting weird and only replies one sentence "...It's your fault..." time after time and then spill's out the reason. "...Oikawa only hung out beside me...,me and him sat together,ate together...only the two of us...he was literally dating me...until you came...he totally forgot about me...he only looks at you all the I was never there..." the Konishi draws out a cutter, and starts running after her and Ayumi runs away desperately. the music becomes intense and dark even the theme changes into a dark and strange one. then Ayumi is cornered by Konishi who is still replying "It's your fault" comes against her and suddenly says you will get some pain for it and brings down the cutter on her. Ayumi just before the impact screams for help and then her power (collapse) activates. collapsing the whole building, Konishi runs away but ayumi falls and a lot of the ceiling and broken parts of the building falls directly on her showing her to her death. a painful scream from her. and there is a new character saying I guess we're late. and the the group gets there. nobody dares to get close but suddenly Yuu runs crazily screaming Ayumi toward the building wreckage, digging desperately to find his little sister that suddenly a standing column falls onto him. the episode ends, the credits is changed too, it's changed into a dark, sad credits with a music as Sad as possible. and in the after credits there is a glimpse of the place the column fell, and there is blood everywhere. This is why you should never trust the cover of an anime made by Jun Maeda. his world is amazingly dark and mysterious. this anime changes from comedy and romance to a mysterious and dark thriller anime. I suggest everyone who loves anime should take a look at the mastermind Jun Maeda's Charlotte.
  • This story kept surprising me. I initially liked the funny characters and the situations they appeared in. But after a while the story suddenly really grabbed me and just when I was thinking it was going to drag a little BOOM again something unpredictable happens.

    After I was done with this rollercoaster ride I realised how much I had begun to love the characters and the amazing story plot twists.

    • Loveable characters
    • Funny
    • Great story

    • Bit short
    • Some episodes I was in danger of getting bored but then luckily something amazing happened again
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I would 100% recomand Charlotte. But please watch episode 14 after episode 4 or 5 that way you are sticking with the flow. Also the ending music is very touching and beautiful. In my review I might spoil a lot of the show so in my opinion please go watch the show before you continue read.

    Okay now that I have got that out of the way, I truly cannot express my love for this anime. I can't believe I actually doubted this when I first saw the poster.

    I have to admit there are a few moments which can get very childish and annoying like Yusa singing songs as her powers and Ayumi getting over hyper. But does that mean the show can't be serious or dark? No! Watch episode 6 when a girl tries to kill Yu's sister Ayumi with a pocket knife which cause Ayumi to have a power surge and the build collapses which puts her to her death and Yu to get injured. In the next episode Yu goes into depression to the point where he cuts him self off from his friends and too the state where becomes a thug and starts killing people and going crazy. But lucky Tomari stops him from entering that path. In later episodes it gets more darker like in episode 11 Yu's eye gets bursted and Koragami (the person who help find ability wilders) meets his fate by having two massive metal screws (or what ever they are called) stabbed into him which cause Yu's older brother to lose hope. Another example of a dark episode is when Tomari's brother becomes a dangerous person because of the scientists. Which have me a nightmare the day when I watch the episode.

    Oh wait in the 9th episode we are introduced to Yu and Ayumi older brother who had been gone from there memories for few years. Yu regains his memories but not Ayumi.

    However episode 14 (OVA), 4, 1 and 2 were very childish and annoying. But episode 10 and 13 are easily the best episodes of the series.

    Even though I wish the person who helped Yu and Tomari's brother was mentioned again.

    Even though there have been references to Angels Beast in some of the reviews I might put that on my watchlist and this anime felt more like X-Men without Wolverine or Professor Xavier and even gives me vibes from Smallville at times.

    Overall must watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The anime itself was quite gorgeous like visually gorgeous! The characters were quote good too as well. Although I did feel sad that Yuu ended up having dementia in the end because of his super powers going down. That scene as well as his right eye being slashed, really shocking! I never expected this type of anime be so lighthearted and then suddenly make your heart sink!

    Definitely give this a watch folks if you have not seen it!
  • The series is totally awesome the starting look pathetic but tell me about it if you got power like controlling anyone then you don't like to use it for examination.

    But because of doing wrong thing from long time the hero just lost his morals. And that's takes in the path that is like to say not human.

    He join the team actually force to join and saving people like them and thing goes for better or worst a person which is cheater turn to good person by the influence and help of friend.

    Story have enough secret that you don't even get it first time like some hint given before reveal secret that is very good interoperation for secret. It let you cry hard but have so much to heal it.

    The story has something great that you can feel it, right now it is 7.6 that is most underrated anime in the IMDB. I usually don't like dark but too the some extend it is ok. And recommended as if anime is dark but ending is complete with sense of saving or achievement that it look better doesn't it.
  • americandragona13 August 2019
    One of the best short anime ever seen.. I mean it has everything humour.. Well executed screen play.. N n awsome sad happy ending ... Story is awesome Just watch it..
  • naderxdsae12 August 2019
    The story is boring and the characters are not good and the events are not great and the hero of the story is boring but my anime design and drawing was good
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Jun Maeda is a talented writer. I like Air, I like Clannad, I like Kanon, I like Little Busters. Angel Beats? No masterpiece, but at least it's fun. So why then is Charlotte so awful?

    For starters, I don't think I've ever seen an anime where so much of it is made pointless. Look, after the promising first episode, it goes into episodic nonsense, which is fine, a lot of Key anime start out rather episodic. However, considering how rushed the last half is, while these episodes may not be terrible to watch when you first see them, looking back, did they really need all of them? No, they didn't.

    And then comes the big, dramatic, plot twist all Key anime have, the one there to make you cry and feel feelings. The annoying sister of the main character, Yuu, is killed off. It's done in a silly way, but it'll certainly lead to deep character development, right? Two episodes later, a whole episode is spent concentrating on the lead singer of a band the main girl character, Nao likes. This singer seems important, like she's part of the character's problem and may have gone through something similar to them, and you want to know about her. Well after her episode, they make it so that way the meeting with her never happened as they time travel back in time to save the sister. What was the point of meeting her? Who exactly was she? She's never mentioned again, just put her out of your mind, it doesn't matter.

    So we have 4 purely episodic episodes and 3 episodes that never actually happened due to time travel. That's arguably seven episodes wasted in a 13 episode anime. This leads to what you'll expect. A rushed final four episodes that make absolutely no sense, introducing new characters and having the characters make absolutely dumb decisions. The last episode, especially, is one of the worst anime episodes I've seen. I am not exaggerating when I say this last episode should've been its' own thirteen episode season. It may have been an awesome season, it may have made up for the terribleness of the rest of the anime. But nope. It's just a rushed piece of nonsense where our main characters travels to steal the powers of thousands, if not millions of people, in a span of about 23 minutes, while losing his sanity.

    It's sad, actually, really. This anime could've been so good, but the pacing is just god awful. Granted, Charlotte is more of an entertaining mess than unwatchable, but I still only recommend this to the masochists out there.
  • userresu10 June 2018
    It could have been incredible but it ended up being one of the worst anime I ever watched. In fact, there are ~2 episodes that are cool, and the rest is just a waste of time.

    Obviously one or two of the directors had some really cool ideas, and the rest just ruined the show. I strongly suggest not wasting your time.
  • simeonanderson9513 December 2018
    *Rant* I started watching this dub late last year/early this year. I only got a couple episodes into it when I gave up all because the main characters voice was so dull ( more like a voice I would/have used). it since really annoyed me since some people have complained about Bryce Papenbrook 's but for some reason this characters voiced gets a pass Evan some prase *i tried to make to make this rant as small/quick as possible*