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  • horitaj24 October 2016
    "Imperfections" is a black comedy of sorts that stars Virginia Kull as Cassidy, a down on her luck actress who can't seem to make her dreams come true or balance her life out at all. After getting laid off she decides to crash with her mother, Val, played by Marilu Henner. Cassidy's mother gives her a business card for a small jewelry shop that's hiring. Cassidy decides to go and is immediately hired by the shop's manager, Barry, played by Ed Begley Jr., and his son Alex, played by Ashton Holmes. Cassidy's job is to carry a small package of diamonds to her destination and hand over the diamonds, nothing illegal. It turns out Alex is in a bit of trouble when he's in debt and owes this guy some money. So Alex and Cassidy come up with a scheme to screw the insurance company into giving them money by staging a fake robbery with Cassidy having fake diamonds on her, but it's not that simple...

    Now I saw this film at the 52nd International Film Festival this year, plus it was shot in Chicago as well. Sadly to say this is my least favorite film of the festival, not saying it's bad, but it could've been better than what it was.

    I'll start with the positives, the acting is overall good, there's semi interesting characters, the story is overall entertaining, and the cinematography is as good as it's going to be. Other than that I can't really say much for the film.

    Now the negatives. This film is okay, it's an okay film and it's okay for a film to be that, but I can't help but feel the film could've been better. I personally did not care for any of the characters except for the character of Ray, Cassidy's former boyfriend in the movie played by Zach McGowan. McGowan gave the best performance out of the entire film and he was by far the most interesting and entertaining character of the film. A lot of the jokes in the film fell flat, the film didn't have any clever jokes except for a couple and some slapstick humor as well. The first half of the film felt like the director was trying to find his footing, and the story seemed very unclear of where it was going. A lot of scenes in the film felt like they were cut when there was clearly more to the scene/some choppy editing. And I can't forget the microphone that kept appearing on the top of the screen which was very distracting and obvious, good job editor.

    The film really picked up for me at around the halfway mark, but at that exact same time I felt like the film switched genres. The film originally started off as a comedy about a down on her luck actress, and then turned into a detective mystery, drama comedy film. Now the film has some pretty tense scenes which were very well done and I enjoyed very much, and there were some pretty laugh out loud scenes as well, but there were so few of those scenes that the film just felt flat. Many scenes felt like they went on for a little too long or just had no real importance except to get a chuckle from the audience.

    Overall "Imperfections" is a pretty average film that I can go on forever about how it could've worked better, but I'll just take it for what it is. "Imperfections" is a cute comedy that just felt a little flat for me, and I wish it could've been executed better on so many levels.
  • Comedy, romance, thrilling action; few movies can manage to include all of these elements at once, but Imperfections does so and uses each element expertly. Following Cassidy, an aspiring actor who – thanks to her financial situation – starts a job delivering diamonds for her mother's new boyfriend. When her boss's son reveals a way for them to steal diamonds without harming their business by faking a robbery, the two plot to get rich quick. Their plan is easier said than done however, and trying to put it into action leads complications, from the return of Cassidy's drug-dealing ex to entanglement with local gangsters. The cast, featuring familiar faces such as Zach McGowan (Shameless and The 100) and Virginia Kull (Boardwalk Empire), all seem to fit perfectly for their roles. The characters are realistic and relatable, and make you want to see them all succeed – even when they are at odds with each other. The writing in the film is phenomenal as well. Each character has their own hidden motives, all eventually revealing themselves and intertwining to make for a complex and interesting story. For a fun and unique heist movie, I have to recommend giving Imperfections a watch.
  • LLgoatJ8 November 2017
    Film tells the story of a struggling actress who takes a job as a diamond courier. Apparently the best courier is a young female who no- one would think is carrying tens of thousands of dollars of diamonds across a city. The son of the diamond merchant enlists her to encourage her ex-boyfriend to rob her. She will give up fake diamonds when robbed and her and the son will split the money,

    This is not a bad film. There is a good story. There is a twist and then a twist to the twist at the end. Well acted. Good script. Its funny in places but more snigger than laugh out loud. Overall well worth a watch.
  • Looking for an exciting heist comedy? Imperfections is the film for you. Channeling The Big Lebowski, David Singer's film is full of offbeat characters diving into a world of crime they aren't exactly sure of how to be in. Virginia Kull (Boardwalk Empire)'s Cassidy is a struggling actress who takes a job working at a diamond store. When her and her boss' son (Revenge's Ashton Holmes) decide to fake a robbery and take the insurance money, things get out of hand. Cassidy finds herself falling back in love with her ex-boyfriend and would be patsy, Ray (a scene-stealing Zach McGowan of Shameless), tangled up with real criminals and handling her mother's relationship with her boss (a delightful pairing of Taxi's Marilu Henner and St. Elsewhere's Ed Begley Jr.). The plot twists and turns as they lie and flirt with each other and the result is a very entertaining crime-caper that leaves you guessing until the end. Fantastic performances really bring to life a script full of witty banter and dry humor. Some inspired camera work, including a couple of great tracking shots, compliments the acting nicely and keeps the film moving. Imperfections plot is well-paced and takes time to introduces complexities to the characters that really pay off. Ed Begley Jr.'s character had a lot of layers to him that I found interesting, but won't reveal to avoid spoiling anything. This is a very well-crafted and fun heist film that packs a little bit of everything. Imperfections is worth the watch.
  • After reading all the reviews that thought this was a funny movie I start wondering if there's something wrong with my sense of humor as I didn't laugh once, not even a small grin. And I normally smile and laugh a lot in life, so maybe I didn't get the humor in Imperfections. To me it was just a boring movie, one that I will forget everything about it by tomorrow. Even the crime part feels bland and the twist towards the end is so obvious that I can't imagine anybody being surprised by it. The acting is average, perfect for a tv-movie, and that's how Imperfections looks like, a tv-movie.
  • Imperfections is a movie that revels in the flaws we all have, wrapped up tightly in the narrative of a heist movie. What's ironic is that Imperfections manages to betray its namesake, delivering a masterclass movie that appeals to all audiences, whether they're looking for a light film in the vein of a romantic comedy or a thematic experience that makes one question his or her morals. The plot follows Cassidy, an out-of-work actress who finds herself evicted and living back with her mother in Chicago. When the man Cassidy's mother is seeing offers her a job at his business – a precious gem import shop – she must learn the unique position she's been offered: the diamond courier. What follows is a wild descent through uncomfortable moral quandaries, unexpected twists and a plot that dances on all the grays the ethical spectrum has to offer. Cass grows close to characters who she intends to exploit for personal gain, and these characters are written in such a way that their endearing qualities nearly always tug at the audience's gut. Despite this, the movie never becomes unenjoyable, having far more in common with The Wolf of Wall Street than something like Heat. The lighter tone Imperfections adopts doesn't impose upon the truly significant nature of the film's content, but rather sands the edges of the piece in a way grittier movies don't. What emerges is a polished product that is downright fun to watch in the moment, but manages to stick with the viewer long after the credits roll. A genuine treat from start to finish, Imperfections is a gem of a movie in and of itself that I can only recommend.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just wanted to say that this movie is underrated, it is set in Chicago and gives an interesting insight into one career field with a good premise as well. It follows this girl and the romantic love triangle that evolves around her, as well a serious decision that she has to make if she wants to continue chasing her dreams. Overall worth watching.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is a reminder of the roller coaster of emotions a movie should elicit in its viewers. Comprised of plenty of suspense, romance, action, and mystery, this film is enjoyable from start to finish. It revolves around Cassidy, a struggling actress who goes to audition after audition with no luck. Anxious and nerve-stricken about never making it big, she takes a job at her mom's boyfriend's jewelry store as a diamond runner to save money to move to Hollywood. When her paychecks aren't up to her standards, she teams up with the owner's son in a shady get-rich-quick heist that proves more challenging than they'd anticipated. With plenty of twists and turns, this movie will leave viewers guessing until the very end. Great lighting, special effects, and editing makes this movie pleasing to the eye and leaves much room for analysis by technical film fans. This is a movie for everyone: business owners, fashion-lovers, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, etc. The characters are vibrant, deep, and all so different that any type of viewer will relate to them in some way. Imperfections is simply a well-done, entertaining film that reminds us all that though we're not perfect like real diamonds, we're priceless in our own ways.
  • I'm a huge film buff and have seen many crime/heist films in my day, however, one that stands out the most is a new movie I watched called Imperfections. It's a comedy/crime thriller that is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat the whole time! The story line is centered around a struggling actress named Cassidy who is at her wits end when it comes to getting a job. It isn't until her mom, Val, comes home from a date one night with a job opportunity at a diamond importer business in Chicago that she decides to get herself back on track. However, while at this new job she meets the owners son, Alex, who shares his get rich quick scheme with her in order to help pay off some debt, which sends the movie in an exciting new direction. I think that the directors did a great job making each character as realistic as possible, and the cinematography was excellent. My favorite aspect of the film has to be the comedic relief that pops up unexpectedly from scene to scene, to give the audience a break from the thrilling narrative. All in all, I loved this movie and highly recommend keeping it on your radar!
  • Imperfections is laugh-out-loud funny! This romantic comedy/drama will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. If you liked Shameless, you will love this movie, Zach McGowan (from Shameless and Agents of Shield) is even in this movie! So are Ashton Holmes from Revenge and Virginia Kull from Boardwalk Empire. This all-star cast performs with perfect chemistry in this unpredictable suspense film. The film is well-paced and even has a twist ending making for a well layered movie. It is centered around Cassidy and her new job as a delivery girl for a jeweler in New York. She gets caught up in a get-rich-quick scheme that doesn't go according to plan and leaves her mixed up with some con-artists in a heist gone wrong. This film is full of dry humor and authentic characters that you are guaranteed to fall in love with. Fans of crime thrillers, romantic comedies and suspense films will love this movie!
  • From the great cinematography and tracking shots, to the amazing use of color and lighting, to the writing Imperfections is a great drama with some comedy and romance giving it something everyone will love. Imperfections is set in the city of Chicago that follows a struggling actress named Cassidy. Similar to the feel of the TV show Shameless, in order of her to continue to follow her dreams she comes across a business deal that isn't quiet legal. In making the decision to go along with this deal, she has to grown up and makes hard decisions that affect people other than her, including the ones she loves. This film captures the defining moment is a struggling millennials life that resonates with the current problems that millennials are facing. Besides the great cinematography, lighting, and music used throughout the film, Imperfections managed to attain a great and well-rounded cast. It has actors such as Zach McGowan who is well known from his work in The 100, Shameless, Black Sails, and Agents of SHIELD, Ed Begley Jr from Veronica Mars, Virginia Kull from Broadwalk Empire and HBO's Big Little Lies, and Marilu Henner from Taxi and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This 'dramady ' with a touch of romance is all-around a great movie that I recommend to anyone looking for a good drama that makes you laugh.
  • It says a lot about a filmmakers skill when they make a movie about theft that actually steals your heart. Charming and nuanced Imperfections revolves around a small unsuspecting company that delivers Diamonds to famous retailers. Our main protagonist, Cassidy Harper (played by a remarkably genuine Virginia Kull), is a struggling actress working in Chicago, who finds part time work by delivering diamonds as inconspicuously as possible. She forms the cornerstone of an eclectic and dedicated cast, each shining in their own individual roles and working in perfect harmony together. Zach McGowan plays Ray, a bumbling yet kind hearted drug dealer vying for Cassidy's heart, and his warm and emphatic performance is his best to date. These two are joined by Ed Begley Jr, Marilu Henner, and Ashton Holmes. Director/Writer David Singer weaves all of these colorful characters together in a witty and daring film that pushes and challenges its audience's perspectives from start to finish. Imperfections is a film that relishes in human flaws, and ties itself inextricably into the lives and loves of its characters, it has as many angles and deflections as an actual diamond, and is just as beautiful and enduring.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film surprised me in the best possible way! Imperfections effortlessly and skillfully combines both genres crime and comedy into this character narrative. The film follows Cassidy, played by Virginia Kull, is a struggling actress who was fired from work due to an audition. Realizing her dream as an actress isn't successful in Chicago, Cassidy moves back in with her mother to save move for a move back to Hollywood and starts working as a diamond runner for her mother's boyfriend's jewelry store. The salary of her new gig won't help her cover the costs for her move, she and the boss' son plan a heist to help solve their financial problems. I wasn't sure what to expect, but Imperfections surpassed my expectations and pleasantly surprised me with the entertaining story line that occurred throughout. The casting director did a superb job as I feel the story and characters truly came to life with these actors. The footage is well paced with cool shots that complements the excitement of the story. Imperfections unfolds into a gem of a film with witty humor, heart, and an unpredictable plot that I highly recommend to any film fan!