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  • Of recent Marc Dorcel porn in the wall-to-wall sex category, YOUNG HORSE RIDERS is one of the more successful achievements in terms of eroticism. Director Franck Vicomte, an erstwhile cameraman, avoids the artsty-fartsy pitfalls that have plagued fellow helmers in the Dorcel stable like Kendo and Herve Bodilis.

    That is because Vicomte keeps it simple: for this no dialog exercise the countryside atmosphere, with all-outdoor sex scenes, and long takes/real-time feel engages the viewer where the fancy editing and contrivances of his peers are annoying distractions.

    Lana Fever is the principal schoolgirl, away at riding school and narrating her (and her fellow girls') sexual exploits. Feature leads off with an impressive tryst between Lana and James Brossman as an overage baker's son, and she soon follows up with a three-way in a stable with the school's horny headmaster and a stable hand, which culminates in a d.p.

    There's plenty of lesbian action plus other three-ways, the most impressive of which is teacher Cindy Hope letting down her guard and servicing two young girls she catches humping out in the field. Vicomte's photography is expert at capturing the eroticism of rear-view shots of the girls as Cindy does her number on their private parts, their legs thrust up to the sky.

    Sound recording is used to give the country flavor (birds chirping, almost comically loudly at one point) plus the sounds of sex, notably star Lana's rhythmic heavy breathing once she gets going.

    Finale has Cherry Kiss completely uninhibited as an art student who has a fling with a bald, older, Black American (Mike Chapman), and the guy's talking dirty during sex is the feature's only dialog, and in English. This lengthy mixed-combo scene emphasizes anal sex and is a good antidote to the innumerable current gonzo interracial videos where there is no relationship established between the female talent and the hired guys with big black dicks. I was going to call them hired hands...

    Various narration tracks purporting to represent Lana's point-of-view are provided in various languages on the DVD.