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  • Hajo Eichwald is a career politician representing his district in Parliament in Berlin. Many small and not so small scandals seem to haunt his daily life. One feels sorry for Hajo and his constant failed attempts to connect with his adult daughter, who is never seen and almost never answers her phone. Surrounded by staff and a few higher ranking politicians, Hajo is long divorced, and his days are filled with challenges and disappointments. Everyone seems to be out for their own political advantage, hedging their bets on controversial issues, or selling one another out as the fall guy when a situation seems to call for it.

    Throughout the 10 episodes, the mostly unhappy personal lives of the main characters are hinted at. "Bastie", the office manager is so desperate for companionship that "not being alone" becomes his obsession. The young single mother Julia fears being pushed out while on maternity leave, and is determined to impress her employer by performing over and beyond any call of duty. Hajo's personal assistant is divorcing his wife while having a strange relationship with an unseen live-in refugee who appears to take advantage of the middle aged man. Another team member has just published a best seller, rubbing everyone else's nose in his sudden success.

    The most hilarious comedic lines come from another career politician, a woman slightly higher in rank than Hajo. Always appearing to come to Hajo's rescue, her scheming usually ends up being self-serving and the exact opposite of friendly advice. There are many laugh-out-loud moments, but never a dull one! This series is an excellent, humorous look at the inner workings of one of the many office teams working for and with a member of parliament. Satire doesn't come much better than this! Highly recommended!