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  • This show is not what I had expected.

    After selecting it on Netflix I wasn't sure what to expect. It's subtitled and rightly so, as the characters are so utterly well done.

    I can't really give a summation of this, other than that. The cinematography is gorgeous, beautiful and well placed scenes. Hilarious jokes. I haven't laughed out loud in years but I snort through half of the episodes.

    The father is a goddamn gem.
  • rsantibanezab14 April 2017
    It was the first Korean series I watched in Netflix, and for my surprise it was amazing. With characters perfectly composed and ridiculous but credible situations. Amazing Asian humor and not enough bizarre for scare away the western public.

    The music is really Korean, but don't make away the viewers who don't like the Kpop (like me).

    The father and the brother are pure gold.
  • I decided to watch this show to practice my Korean.

    It's honestly a great and fun show. The humour is excellent. The characters are done well. The music is great. The pace of the episodes is great as well. I really hope that there will be more!

    I've watched everything in one evening.

    It's a must-see.
  • The first season was perfect, with Lee Kwang Soo as the main actor and perfect selection of actors and actress who act as his girlfriend and family. But I really don't understand why they make another series - The Sound of Your Heart Reboot with another line of actors and even have until season 3 whereas I don't find the the show entertaining at all unlike this one. The "original" Ae Bong as well (Yuri SNSD) doesn't look pretty at all with the bob haircut but in the show they look at her like she is a goddess.. I hope they will be season 2 for this series ( not the reboot one).
  • Could not stop laughing out loud... HILARIOUS. The episodes keep getting better and better.
  • Found this randomly on netflix. Tried to watch 1st eps, i thought its kinda cheesy korean drama, but... Inwas totally wrong! This korean drama is HILARIOUS!
  • This show is comedic gold!!! It will have you rolling on the floor dying of laughter the cast is amazing the lead is character is really funny and plays the role well. The supporting cast is also really good. It's unfortunate that they made a reboot with a new cast because this one was soo good I've watched the whole season twice already I'm gonna have to watch it a third time, I love this show.
  • The original Sound of Your Heart has an ensemble cast that perfectly embodies each role. The show is hilarious from start to finish. Not many shows have made me laugh as hard as this one. Avoid the reboot as it was made because the original cast was unavailable to do a second season. In the reboot, the humor is very cheap in comparison and the actors don't fit the roles at all. I tried to watch it as I was desperate for more but it's tough even for a fan of the original.
  • tester-8414619 February 2020
    This was too funny! Unexpectedly funny. I did not expect to like it all as it is silly humor. Had it been an American show I would've hated it but this type of humor work here. The actors are so good!

    I am sure a lot of it was lost in translation but still almost every episode was hilarious. I totally lost it on the Interview episode -hilarious

    Netflix where is season 2!!!?? Edit: I found the continuation of this show but it's under a different title/show and new cast , which is not as funny as the original boooo :(
  • airhome29 January 2020
    This version is way more funnier than the reboot version
  • chilligrrl14 September 2019
    The first couple of episodes were alright, i laughed a bit and kept watching, wondering how each episode could possibly have a fart joke (does it get old? Hmm). Then i hit the motherlode. Seriously, there's an episode where i just couldn't stop laughing, and it didn't stop until the end of the series and my stomach muscles hurt. Weird, crazy people, but really they're all of us.

    Well worth watching!
  • The cast is amazing!!! Comedy and very natural!!! At their arts!!! Love the casting on this show
  • The masculine temperament, this strong calculation is very in line with the needs of the plot. The plot is fragmented and the coherence is slightly poor.
  • I really thought this was gonna be better since I watched the reboot first... I mean it still can be funny, but it has too many filler episodes which are not funny at all... and the main character is so uncharismatic I really prefer the reboot. But it appears that this show presents the life of the artist before his webtoon got famous, so if you want you can watch this one first but as I said I don't find it so funny.

    Like seriously, everything is downgraded here, the humour, the fashion!! Watch the reboot if you want something funny, the pacing of the chapters of this show can be slow.

    However I do appreciate that Netflix does shows outside of the USA!