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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The story starts off (set in 1933 Shanghai) with two friends (blood brothers) Chen Kuan-Tai and Don Wong Tao working at a casino and collecting bets for they're boss. Chen decides to bet the bosses money and loses, starting some serious trouble.

    The two decide to split up, leave Shanghai and vow to meet again one day. Chen ends up finding a job at a brothel, meets a girl, gets married, but the casino boss finds him, kills his wife and leaves him in a body cast. That's when don shows up and we find out that he has become a cop. Chen later ends up working for a crime boss that he saved once and as time goes on he keeps getting promoted becoming a "big wig". So... as the story goes... one friend working as a cop and the other in a crime organization. What will the outcome be?.. You'll have to watch to find out.

    Decent movie, decent plot, decent fights and has nudity.... 6

    Also... The leading cast are: Chen Kuan-Tai, Don Wong Tao, Chan Sing, Chen Hung-Lieh and Lung Fei.