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  • Mogelberg20 August 2016
    Horrible, horrible, horrible
    What an utter waste of time. I wouldn't even call it a film school project, but rather a high school level project. The idea itself I suppose is OK; the execution just awful.

    If I have to write ten lines of text about the movie, I will say that the story is awful, the acting is even worse, and the fact that it has been shot on an iPhone just doesn't make it any more interesting. I wonder if the inspiration came from the Blair Witch Project, which, frankly, I also found to be a pretty awful movie, in spite of the cult status it attained.

    I suppose the 15 ratings it has received prior to mine, must have been from friends and family of the crew (or the crew themselves) trying to do them a favour, otherwise it is beyond me how anybody would rate this utter waste of time above 5, even if you are a fan of the genre.

    I really wish I had not spent a bit more than an hour watching it, and I hope that my review may serve as a warning to anyone considering watching it.
  • lola21 August 2016
    A few slow moments but overall excellent!!!!!!
    I have to admit I was unsure about watching this film, but after hearing that it was shot entirely on iphone6 I had to see it for myself. It definitely took me for a ride. I didn't know this film was a comedy until I watched it. It had me laughing all the way through but also had me cringing at my seat due to the awkward moments of Hunter Johnson's character Spencer. The film suddenly gets more serious when Lara Jean Mummert's character Jennifer appears. Her and Dave Coupe as Mack are impeccable together. I don't want to say to much but give this film a chance. It's fun, awkward, and well shot for an iPhone film. Very impressed, great job guys!!!!!!
  • meredithjillbrown21 August 2016
    The Slimiest Best Horror Flick!
    Whether you have seen To Jennifer (James Cullen Bressack's film) or not, there is still intense appreciation for this group of friends who set out to make a sequel. Headed up by Spencer (a wicked little ambitious director with the ultimate "creepy" factor), we are led via iPhone into his unwinding madness to find the perfect Jennifer for this sequel. His sidekick Mack is anxious to start, unaware of some foreshadowing that plays a hefty part into the gory ending. Don't miss this little gem. Hunter Johnson proves to be a talented force with this horror mark in the unforgiving genre. I look forward to seeing more from him and the group!
  • Michael Ledo18 October 2017
    I'm making a movie James
    Warning: Spoilers
    Spencer (Hunter Johnson) with the permission of James Cullen Bressack is making a sequel to "To Jennifer." He travels to L.A. and his buddy Mack (David Coupe) agrees to be his producer. Mack questions Spencer's idiosyncrasies until thing culminate to a point of no return.

    Personally I like the second Jennifer reading the best. The first hour is designed to build the character of Spencer and create a mystery about him. If you have a fast forward button, feel free to go to the party that James is attending. That is when the film really starts. This is another hand held camera film, although not filmed through a smart phone camera.

    Guide: F-word. No sex. Nudity (Lara Jean Mummert)
  • reereem28 September 2017
    Spencer is a film maker. He and a film maker friend are attempting to make a sequel to a cult film. But, there is something more sinister happening behind the scenes.
    I have three words to say ," I am Jennifer."

    This is the mother load of "It's so bad that it's good." Hunter Johnson's "Spencer" is Norman Bates meets Hannibal Lecter. If nothing else, Hunter Johnson really commits himself to this role. It has over the top performances, underwhelming special effects and the word "dude" makes up much of the dialogue. I say,do yourself a favor, and call all your friends over, pop some popcorn, pull out the tequila and watch "2 Jennifer."
  • Leofwine_draca25 June 2017
    Another slice of shot on video nonsense
    Warning: Spoilers
    2 JENNIFER is another nondescript example of shot on video junk with some horror content. The story is about a couple of filmmakers who decide to make their own sequel to a supposedly legendary film, only for one of them to discover that the other is something of a psycho. This is badly acted throughout, unconvincing, and the 'found footage' style of shooting is totally tedious. It's also very slow with the only incident occurring during the big party scene right at the end. I suppose some scenes might have been disturbing had they not been so cheesily acted and unrealistic.