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  • DomsDad14 September 2018
    Lifetime for men. How much whining can we have? How many times can we yell, "Boys weekend!"?

    And how about the magic cooler? Unlimited beer and weighs nothing.
  • Good Lord this was the worst movie ever! Absolutely nothing happens until the last 15 minutes. Then what happens is you smack yourself in the face for wasting your time.
  • draftdubya16 September 2018
    Pete's friends were way too stupid. These idiots chose to go on a day and a half hike(way unprepared). All of them could see that Pete clearly had mental issues, but chose to stay and help him out. When me and my male friends(we're the same age as the actors here) go camping, we don't no where near like that. It make no sense at all to walk a day and a half to a spot when you're there just for a weekend. You couldn't pay me to tell you that any of these guys were friends.