[from trailer]

Hobbs: I will beat you like a Cherokee drum.

Mr. Nobody: Thanks to your botched Berlin job, you all made Interpol's top 10 most wanted list.

Roman Pearce: Top 10? That's alright!

Mr. Nobody: Well, not you Roman.

Roman Pearce: What do you mean?

Mr. Nobody: You just missed the cut, you're number 11. So...

Roman Pearce: I missed? That's impossible!

[Everyone snickers]

Roman Pearce: What number did they come in at?

Eric Reisner: [Points to Hobbs] 6.

Eric Reisner: [Points to Letty] 8.

Eric Reisner: [Points to Tej] 9.

Eric Reisner: [Points to Ramsey] 10.

Roman Pearce: She's 10? That's impossible, there's no way she's a 10.

Tej Parker: Oh, she's definitely a 10.

Roman Pearce: [Looks at a Lamborghini Murcielago] I'm in love.

Eric Reisner: Again, no, no! That's a million dollar show car. The point is to not draw attention.

Roman Pearce: That's reverse psychology. Dom will never see it coming.

Eric Reisner: It's neon orange. The International Space Station will see it coming.

Deckard: In another life you could've done some serious damage.

Hobbs: With all due respect captain, when this whole thing is over, we're gonna find a location and I'm gonna knock your teeth so far down your throat you're gonna stick a toothbrush right up your ass to brush them.

[They both chuckled]

Roman Pearce: [after shooting several men single handedly] Number 11 my ass!

[from trailer]

Roman Pearce: Why are they shooting at me?

Tej Parker: I don't know. Maybe because you're in a orange Lamborghini.

Roman Pearce: Shut up, Tej!

Deckard: Do you really believe you can beat me in a straight-up old fashioned fist fight?

Hobbs: Let me tell you something. Me and you. One on one. No one else around. I will beat your ass like a Cherokee drum.

Deckard: Maybe one day we'll find out.

Hobbs: Oh, you better hope that day never comes.

Miller: Hobbs! I've been waiting along time for this!

[Hobbs grabs the knife in his hand and stabs him with it]

Hobbs: Keep waiting, bitch.

Cipher: London... Abu Dhabi... Cuba. Our paths have crossed before, Dom. You just didn't know it. I think I need to remind you why you chose to be here.

[Dom points a gun at Cipher]

Dominic Toretto: I got no choice!

Cipher: One thing I can guarantee... no one's ready for this.

[Remotely hacks and takes control of hundreds of vehicles in New York City]

Magdalene Shaw: Why do I think that you're about to suggest something very wicked, Mr. Toretto?

Roman Pearce: Is that a torpedo?

Hobbs: Take the wheel!

Roman Pearce: What?

[Hobbs gets out of vehicle, drifts torpedo into a convoy of trucks with his bare hands]

[Roman's lamborghini slides on ice]

Tej Parker: What's the matter Roman? Forgot the snow tires?

[first lines]

Plymouth Owner: [in Spanish] We swap in parts from Fords... Plymouths and Cadillacs. My grandfather bought it in 1957. When he died, it passed to my father. Then my brother, and now me.

Dominic Toretto: [in Spanish, to Letty] Look at this. This is an engine from a boat.

Letty: No way.

Plymouth Owner: [in Spanish] Whatever it takes to keep it running

[from trailer]

Letty 'Ortiz' Toretto: [Dom and Cipher blow up the door to the team's base and walk in there with guns] Dom! You Gonna turn your back on Family?

[Dom kisses Cipher, Letty is shocked]

Dominic Toretto: [after killing Rhodes by breaking his neck] That was for Elena.

Hobbs: What's it gonna be? You're gonna close your eyes on World War III or you're gonna saddle up and save the entire damn world.

Cipher: [to Deckard, who is holding her at gunpoint but is out of bullets] There's one thing you don't have: a parachute.

[jumps out of the plane]

Hobbs: Why are you always yelling

Roman Pearce: This is a gift. A real gift. I know what you're doing. I like your beard. You're Blanta - black Santa.

Magdalene Shaw: He's got this thing, it can see everything. It's like... It's called the Devil's Bumhole or something.

Deckard: It's called the God's Eye.

Magdalene Shaw: Yeah, well, whatever.

Mr. Nobody: He's still green.

Hobbs: Yeah, like fresh baby shit.

Magdalene Shaw: I'll give you until I've finished me cuppa - and I'm fucking thirsty.

Hobbs: Yo, shrinkage! We've got a sub to catch. Get in!