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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Loved the first two seasons. Third season sucks without Aziz.
  • Usually I would never go out and actually make the bold move of writing my opinion, let alone writing a review, but for this one I had to seeing how so many people are shrugging the show off for being "bland comedy".

    Frankly the show is much more than just a comedy, its more of an emotional roller-coaster. It takes different real life situation and problems and introduces them to the viewers in the a more comical way. That is what good comedians do, they are able to integrate real life with a comical twist and Aziz Ansari has not failed to do so.

    There are a few down points here and there, like the seemingly half hearted acting of his parents, but give them credit since they are his ACTUAL parents with no acting background.

    Long Story Short, This isn't a sit com, this isn't a Modern Family like unreal comedy, its real life situations and stories told through a comedians prospective.
  • I appreciate the experimental nature of this season both in general and In comparison to the previous two seasons

    Nevertheless I thought his season was tedious to a fault in terms of execution and overall story

    Naomi Ackie is fantastic and hope her name is considered when it comes to awards season

    I've rewatched the first two seasons and realistically will rewatch them again in the future

    I doubt I will ever rewatch this season.
  • Master of None (2015) - "The personal and professional life of Dev, a 30-year-old actor in New York."

    I loved season 1 & 2. I rewatched both in preparation for this. Season 3 was nothing to do with Dev. So why call it season 3? I like Denise as a character in Season 1 & 2 as she is Devs friend and it's funny to see their interactions, but then it's back on to Dev. That's why her character was good. Making the whole season about her wasn't fun at all. I turned off after half an hour as it was boring and not funny at all. The only part I laughed was when Dev was in it for 5 minutes. Very disappointed, I got a take away and treats for this to binge watch. Such a shame. It should have been a spin off not called 'Master of None' as it's missold.
  • The realness of this show is what hit me the most. It's labeled as comedy and that's certainly the first hook. Aziz Ansari is a good comedian, and I recommend his stand-up.

    But it's as much the comedy as the sad moments in this show (and the excellent music sprinkled throughout) that make it special.

    It's a show that feels so real and unscripted at times that I find myself having flashbacks and experiencing raw feelings as they are being evoked from some hidden depths of my own memory, of things that have happened.

    I am convinced great comedians have this ability of brutal honesty that goes beyond the funny, it touches the true core of what being a human is, and how culture and society intermingle to form a person.

    Aziz and the writers of this show have shown to possess this quality.
  • Seasons 1&2 have a pretty well established appeal, and the shows in general are quite well regarded. Season three focuses on Denise, the changes in her life & living arrangements and more so, the details surrounding her love life.

    The fact that she is gay is largely irrelevant since it never mattered in the first two series, but what is relevant is that the shift in the direction the series has taken is so significant, it will probably appeal to a completely different group of people.

    There are certain comedies I don't watch because I don't find them interesting or entertaining, programs like 'How I Met Your Mother' 'The Big Bang Theory', or 'Modern Family'. There's a whole host of them that have no comedic appeal for me. However I do watch 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' and 'Rick and Morty', and if one of them was to morph in to a version of 'The Big Bang Theory' I'd stop watching them too.

    I think what the producers should have done here is to create a new show called "Denise" (call it what you will) rather than leech of the popularity of 'Master of none' in releasing the new series which lets face it, is a totally different incarnation.

    Ok fair dues to openness, Ansari did say this season would be different, but with a new direction, but what we have here is something more that a slight, or even moderate change, this is a severe shift in genre.

    The last thing I'd say is unfortunately if the show was decent, I'd probably watch it. Sadly it isn't. Denise has lost much of the frivolity of her earlier appearances. Yes she was always deep, but now she's deep without the joviality that made us laugh. It's as though she's grown up, and now dealing with the important issues of adulthood has lost inner child that lit the screen. This may have been deliberate, possibly to give more depth an insight into the rigors of her life, I don't know, but the show is consequently quite heavy, and as if this wasn't bad enough, it is also pretty boring, which makes it largely unwatchable.

    Anyway, I don't necessarily want to rag on the show, but the simplest phrase that comes to mind for Series 3 is... "This is not what we signed up for"

    I think this is a fair appraisal of the show. I hope it helps.
  • The first 2 seasons was magical but season 3 was painfully boring. I don't think I laughed at any point and was even horrified at times. Aziz was onscreen for maybe 5 minutes...
  • Loved season 1 and 2, was looking forward to season 3. And it's was totally awful. Was expecting a lot of Aziz in season 3 as well, but he was only in one episode. Too bad he wrote out himself from the script.
  • This was one of my favorite series and I was really looking forward to season 3. It's awful. Removed everything great about the show and made it unwatchable.
  • I have watched the first 2 seasons several times over and could honestly say Master of None was one of my favorite shows. To my disappointment, season 3 was as bad as it gets. It not only had a generic and extremely depressing storyline, it completely ruined the image of the show for me. If I could go back in time I would 100% make the decision of continuing to rewatch season 1 & 2 and just appreciate the great TV that it was. I do not want to give away spoilers for anyone still willing to give it a shot, but I HAVE NEVER SEEN a later season in a show ruin an entire series like this (and I watched all of game of thrones). It turns the happy, witty, funny, and meaningful Dev into a complete depressed loser. I wish I was kidding.
  • I truly do not understand the audience they were going for. Season 3 is a total snooze fest. It is slow as molasses in January. It is a total departure from the first two seasons. I understand the "Art House" style Ansari was going for, but please do not bore your audience. He should have just stated a new TV series and not "bait and switched" us with this show, calling it "Master of None". You have been warned, your patience watch these five episodes will not be rewarded.
  • Master of None is a Netflix original TV-series that at first glance looks nothing more than your mediocre story with a single guy trying to find his love of his life. After watching through the first season one can absolutely say that it is more than that, it is funny, romantic, and sad. And goes deeper than most romance themed movies and shows.

    Master Of None focuses on Dev (Played by Aziz Anzari), an Indian- American who is in his 30's and is still single. In his journey of finding the perfect girl he continuously turn down girls, always trying to find someone better, all this without knowing that the perfect girl is none existing, but only attainable in the right mindset. Every episode spread his journey out, from dating, social life and work life. While the story might not in itself sound original, the message is bigger than what the eye can see. It is not about his journey, but what he discovers while uncovering it. The story is entertaining, but the message is not really noticed before your good in the season. What I feel is important to address is that every episode is special, one episode will make you laugh, while another might give you the chills when it gets heated. However most of the episodes are somewhat more mixed, giving you a "I really want to laugh, but it might be a little inappropriate" Feel.

    Dev is definitely a great protagonist. He is the good guy, always fighting to make the perfect choices, but the cast is bigger. I will definitely say that the cast is spot on, every character feel believable, even the parents to Dev (Who is Aziz actual parents). They do however have some less believable moments, but never anything noteworthy. Rachel (played by Noel Well) is definitely one of my favorite character, she is easily likable, which is important after how much time she uses with Dev. The chemistry between Dev and Rachel feels believable, and exciting, making those Cuddly scenes more entertaining and believable than in other shows and movies.

    As said earlier, episodes are different and some of them more emotional filled compared to other who will make you laugh more. It is a nice twist compared to other shows who feels the same every time. It is more believable with episodes that are different in themes. Just like life, Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it's not. You can therefore relate a lot to the show.

    Overall, Master of None is a stretched out romantic journey that really doesn't tell something new, but something better. The content is cared for, and feels relate able. The Cinematography is great, and sometimes it is just done perfectly. Master Of None is gonna make you laugh at most, but still make you question both yourself, and our society for the better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The witty and mature comedy shapings of our friend Dev as he maneuvers through the seemingly desperate and difficult aspect of dating and "making" it in New York has turned into something sad and unrecognizable.

    Denise had such great potential as a character and had it spoiled by some lesbian farmland drama bull****. I mean do not get me wrong I have no problem with either lesbians or making a lesbian drama but to attach it to the name of "Master of none" just to help it get traction is just sad and pathetic. The creators nearly forces us into a narrative that seems to drag on forever without giving us any explanation what happened with Dev or what happened with the stuff at the end of season 2. We see Dev in 1 episode for a short segment where he argues with a wife. And then he is gone. The entire force of the series and brand name does a guest spot. The timeline skips years and after two very heartfelt but boring episodes about fertilization of eggs and allot of drama the 5 episode travesty just fades into obscurity not to be watched again.

    I would recommend going into this with a very open mind. As a series that has nothing to do with master of none I would have given it a lot higher score seeing how it is far from a bad season but since it attached itself to the title "Master of None"iI am deeply disappointed.
  • I loved Season 1. Season 2 was a decent follow up. Not as great as the first but still funny and engaging and thoughtful enough that I was anxiously looking forward to see what Season 3 had to offer. Well... Season 3 is a total letdown. You're just left wondering "what happened to this great show?"

    Where's Aziz? Where is that poignant, biting, and witty banter? Where is the humor? What happened to the deep introspective into the characters and storyline that kept me thinking about the episode after it was over? This new artistic direction took this show down the wrong path.

    It's as if you went to this great takeout burger place and had an awesome experience. So you go back the next week and the burger is good but not as good as you remember. But it's still better than most things out there so you eat it. You wait until they're open again and order another burger the way you like it with no mayo, only to come home and open up the bag to see that not only is your burger slathered in mayo but it's undercooked and mashed down so it's not even recognizable as a burger. That sums up the total disappointment that is Season 3.
  • If you enjoyed Parks and Rec, the Office, and 500 Days of Summer, watch this show.

    At first I thought this show was going to be just another Netflix things I watched one or two episodes of and then moved on. Then I got hooked. I finished the whole season in just a few days. I liked how short the episodes were. It felt like they cut the fluff and gave the audience the concentrated good stuff.

    I almost turned it off after the first episode or two since I wasn't sure if the casting was just bad actors, or if it was on purpose. I'm still unsure, but the season certainly got better as it went along. Props to the production team and film crew who made creative shots and edit.

    Great backstories mixed with a brutal dose of comedy makes for a super entertaining show which seems more like real life than fantasy. I felt like so many clever things were done and I could relate so much with Dev, the main character, in his quest for enjoying life yet overcoming first world problems.

    All in all, Aziz Ansari is brilliant, engaging, and hilarious.

    He deserves high praise for letting the world have glimpse into what a fun yet very real life he lives. Can't wait for more.
  • I'm talking about S3. If you like Arthouse drama you will love S3. I think is genius. In my opinion Aziz Ansari got some serious drama talent. I understand why people don't like S3, it is not Master of None it is an entirely different genre and could easily be named differently, maybe it should be.

    So, if you hate slow, heavy but also ballsy and beautiful drama, avoid S3.
  • ajware23 May 2021
    Season 1 Great, Season 2 Good, Season 3 Average... show is going in the wrong direction.
  • Yes, S1 & S2 packed with sharp and comedic scenes (fantastic writing!). Season 3 is a different animal, but I think it's really good. Aziz did excellent job (he seemed learned a lot)! Although perhaps he should create a different series with S3 so some particular fans of S1 & S2 won't feel "betrayed".
  • This show is incredibly disappointing. No humor. False advertising: "A mature evolution of what we've been doing" Not putting any jokes in a comedy-drama isn't maturing.

    Season 3 is unwatchable. It's the sort of production you find from an undergrad who wants too badly to be pretentious, yet lacks the restraint to do it with elegance.

    Not the comedy Master of None, but a completely different story just milking off the original title. Not like the original show people loved at all. It's a drama about a character I forgot existed & don't care about. I just can not stay awake watching it. It's a completely different show now. Would not recommend.

    Awful & Dull. Just another story about a lesbian couple, but this one moves at a snails pace. Absolutely nothing to to do with seasons 1&2. Should have been a spin-off "directed by Aziz.."

    Unless you like watching people fold laundry while dancing for an hour. Only 5 uneven episodes, 35-55 mins each. Full season? Nope. Ten minutes of content stretched out into an hour. Boring.

    First two seasons 10+ while Season 3 Less than Zero.

    Not really related to first two seasons. You'll see that in the ratings I'm sure -- people will start and not finish. This show used to be funny, now it feels like some forced woke lesson. Maybe @netflix should start making content people actually want to watch again instead of making content for a tiny demographic of ultra woke urban elites.

    I've been waiting for season 3 forever. I love aziz so much as a character. So far I've watched the first episode and my thoughts are I didn't like it. It was slow and there was nothing interesting about it. It also felt fake to me. I could tell they were forced unrealistic acting.

    Why 4:3 though? No 4K? Horrid & crunchy visually adds nothing. Not artsy. Creative direction of making season 3 technically look and sound horrible as if recorded on a broken 1987 VHS Camcorder.

    Was Aziz trying to hit all the woke benchmarks to hack in to awards?

    However, music used throughout season 3 is great, as it was for seasons 1&2!!
  • I was so looking forwards..... then the story line is weak in content. It is like his friends convinced him to make episodes about nothing. Everyone knows gay marriages have sam eproblems like hetero marriages...... so what is it about?? Not interesting and there is no point..... these topics regards difficulty of having kids or gay marriages or love HAVE BEEN COVERED.
  • Just incredible! Beautifully shot. Such real and raw moments captured. I laughed, I cried. Such a delicate and intricate storyline which will surely inflict reflection upon anyone who has ever loved, lost and desired for something bigger. Very much resembled Cassavetes in my eyes, but with a more modern and fresh eye. I am just in awe of how well-made this season was. Every moment was believable. Captured my full attention the entire way.
  • Who allow for this monstrosity to reach a daylight :( after fantastic 2 seasons they ruined it completely. You thought game of thrones last season was bad...

    Seriously... So sad :( Was this someone kid's high school project?
  • What is going on these days? I used to watch this show to LAUGH and as an escape from my everyday. I stopped watching within the first 5 minutes because it was painfully obvious this wasn't the same as season 1 and 2. It's incredible that i can't escape my everyday with my entertainment anymore. STOP TELLING ME TO THINK LIKE YOU. I stop listening the moment someone tells me how to think. Good God! Enough already. Get back to entertaining us. You are comedians, not Buddha. Get over yourselves.
  • mrzazz24 May 2021
    Really boring. Couldn't even watch. What happened? Wow.
  • We miss little bud, big bud. Eric and Aziz are the best part of the show. Very disappointing having to sit through season 3 just because the title says "Master of none". It would make more sense as a completely different show. I honestly wish they could just remove season 3 and try again.
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