Aziz Ansari searched for two Indian actors to play his parents, but was unable to find anyone suitable for the roles, and eventually cast his real life parents, who are not actors.

Like his character, Aziz also interned for Nickelodeon in his early 20s.

Many jokes in the series were written by the late Harris Wittels, such as the "turtle in the briefcase" text and the Eminem debate.

One of the few television series presented in the "CinemaScope" 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Aziz Ansari stated several aspect ratios were tested when developing the series, and he found the widescreen ratio to be the most dynamic.

Ansari's brother, Aniz, was a staff writer on the series.

The title of the series refers to the common figure of speech, "jack of all trades, master of none," which refers to a person who dabbles in many skills rather than focusing on expertise in one.

The show was almost titled "A Little Lost" after the song by Arthur Russell. The song plays in Master of None: Mornings (2015) and is said to be Dev's theme song.

Of the first five words in the series, four of them are "fuck."

Sylvia Plath wrote the great poem from Master of None: Finale (2015).

In addition to being part of a common saying, the show's title also alludes to the song "Master of None" by Beach House, featured in Master of None: Hot Ticket (2015).

Many of the topics mentioned in the series are a regular in Ansari's stand-up shows.

In Master of None: The Other Man (2015), Colin Salmon's domino display was arranged by the 'Domino Wizard' Bob Speca, who pioneered domino toppling.

When Dev mentions the name Darwish while talking about selling tractors it is most likely a reference to Aziz's actual cousin Darwish that he has based some of his stand up routines on

Aziz Ansari, H. Jon Benjamin, and Todd Barry have worked together on Bob's Burgers (2011) and Human Giant (2007). H. Jon Benjamin also did a guest spot on Parks and Recreation (2009) where Ansari was a series regular.

Incidentally, his parent's stories in the show are based on real life. It was said that his in his mother's first day in the USA, she said that she had only known his father for a week and when he was at work (as a doctor), she just sat on the couch and cried that night.