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  • There is a brash, surreal, out-the-box vibe to Braid that I have to appreciate, but it's hard to ignore the amateurish aspects which make it feel more like a B-movie, whether it's the uneven acting, bratty characters, unstable tone, and almost random attempts to be edgy and experimental.

    I absolutely love overt weirdness in movies, but I also believe there must be a solid vision to be able to employ it successfully. What makes surrealism work or not, is perhaps down to personal taste, and since it becomes clear very early on that the director has every intent of sabotaging a 'normal' telling of this story, one then has to rely on intuition as a guide.

    My problem is that despite watching with full attention, my intuition kept telling me that this whole ordeal is bupkis. As it devolved into predictably violent terrain, with a poorly drawn detective character, the film began to feel less intelligent, and deliberately inchoate, as though its director put this whole thing together during a manic coke binge.

    Instead of the pleasure of watching little pieces of brilliance come together like pieces of a dream, I was simply lost very early on, and when I submitted to that loss, I was bored. There are moments of crazed greatness here, but they are unfortunately not well enough sustained, and arrive along with a mixed bag of scenes and characters that don't amount to a whole lot.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really thought it was going to come together in the end..there is usually suspense built into a plot and you have to remember bits and pieces so when the story starts coming together your questions are answered. For the most part of the movie I enjoyed it. I thought it was quirky I thought it was a bit out there but it did not bore me. What I do not like is, spending my time watching a movie only to have nothing explained AND for it to get even more confusing when it comes to the end. There was literally no explanation for anything concerning the game concerning the girls concerning the cop their childhood The Treehouse it goes on and on and then at the very end who the hell is that at the sink? If anyone can tell me what happened in the end I would be extremely happy.... because /spoiler alert/ it appeared as every girl took her own life. So I could not give it anything higher than a five and I would not recommend watching it unless you literally have time to kill.
  • Honestly would not have reviewed this movie, but then I saw the director (Mitzi Peirone) left a 10/10 review under her own name. Gross. But also totally in line with this sort of pretentious, indulgent, try-hard "art" horror. Giving this a 3 because there are some interesting visuals scattered throughout, but the story and acting just aren't there.
  • I nearly gave this a 4 because I really didn't enjoy it but opted on 5 in the end as that doesn't reflect it is at least a solid piece of film making.

    In brief: three girls in a house, two of which are there to get paid, for playing along with the hostesses odd fetishes and fantasies. Not all is as it seems ... but for whom?

    It takes quite a while to get to the point and is hoping to wow the audience with some innovative plot turns late in the day, which might work for you but I didn't really get much out of it.

    However, if you're happy with its style and enjoy the off-beat characters, you might find this film a pretty satisfying watch. Unfortunately, that was not the case for me and its lack of an evolving plot left it feeling like a stuck-record.
  • Just finished watching this and really have no idea what happened. Did any of it even happen? Literally nothing was explained. I feel like if there was a bit more explanation this could have been a really good film but it just wasn't.
  • Mitzi Perione gave her own film a 10* rating and she did it under her own handle/name. While this has a terrific presence and the actors are very good, this film dragged and dragged. One girl is insane and the other two start out as normal druggies but then they all go nuts. Strange movie that makes you feel as if you are on drugs too but it lacked energy and substance. Could have been MUCH better. Was looking forward to this but feel let down.
  • I watched this at home on DVD from my public library. I first read several user reviews and they are scattered all over the place so the only way to know for sure was to see it.

    The summary on its IMdb page pretty well summarizes it, "Two wanted women decide to rob their wealthy psychotic friend who lives in the fantasy world they created as children; to take the money they have to take part in a deadly perverse game of make believe."

    The two "wanted" friends were dealing drugs, lost about $80,000 worth in a police raid and now they are on the run. Both from the cops and from their drug supplier.

    I see the writer/director is Italian, maybe that partly explains why it is so unusual, the relationships, the dreamlike aspect of some scenes. Frankly I didn't find it to be a very good movie, I was never invested in the characters and what they were doing didn't make a lot of sense. I'm glad I watched it, I enjoy seeing experimental movies here and there, but my opinion is most viewers will NOT find it a rewarding experience.
  • Two of the thirteen reviews so far have a ten star rating. I'll let you guess how many other reviews those two people wrote. None! There is no chance in hell that somebody not involved in this movie would score it a perfect score, or maybe if you're very easily pleased and have no clue about other real gems. Braid starts promising, with good filming shots so I can't blame the director for that, but the more the movie advances the lesser the quality. It's just badly written, not interesting at all, and the final twenty minutes I just lost all interest as it became just a mess. Don't waste your time on this boring story.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was a film that another reviewer was telling me about on social media and it had me intrigued. When I saw that it was coming to my local theater, I made it a point to check it out. The official synopsis is two wanted women decide to rob their wealthy psychotic friend who lives in the fantasy world they created as children; to take the money they have to take part in a deadly perverse game of make believe.

    We kick this off seeing the three young women as they are digging what turns out to be a shallow grave. We get images of them in it before it finally shifts to a seedy room. Tilda Darlings (Sarah Hay) is taking inventory of the drugs that they have and what they are able to make it if they can sell it all. On the bed is Petula Thames (Imogen Waterhouse). Things take a turn when the cops show up and they have to flee without their inventory.

    They need to come up with money to pay off Coco, who I'm assuming is their supplier. The two young women take a train to what we learn is their hometown. As the synopsis states, they are going to visit their friend, Daphne Peters (Madeline Brewer). They arrive and head for the house.

    We are giving images of these three girls when they were kids. We see them as they are playing doctor in a tree house. The film then informs us that this is Rule One: You Must Play the Game. The film is then broken into three chapters, with the other two rules as headings.

    Tilda and Petula put their phones in the mailbox along with their IDs. Tilda then goes into the house and acts like nothing is going on. She calls the woman at the sink mother. It is actually Tilda and Daphne playing the game from when they are a kid. Petula then rings the door bell, as the doctor. Dephne is not as in touch with reality and the game has some high stakes. They need to find the safe and the money before they are too late, but what is the truth of all of this. We also get the history between these three and what brought them to this point. A detective from their past, Siegel (Scott Cohen), also comes back to solve what is going on.

    Now I'm going to perfectly honest, this is a film I think I need to see again to fully understand. I checked out some reviews right after, because there's a lot to digest. This film seems to be polarizing between people thinking there is no point and others who think there is something more to the story. I personally found it to be the latter.

    I won't go into spoilers, because I definitely think that people should see this. There's a lot to do with the descent into madness. I can say that something traumatic happened to Daphne when she was a child. It is actually quite sad, especially for the role that she plays in this fantasy world. It makes me wonder if that is what sent her over the edge to being the crazy person she was, or if there was something else along the way.

    There was a moment in this film where I thought they were going to say this was all just a dream. That would have completely ruined the film for me, but I can assure you, that doesn't happen. To go further though, there are things that are happening that might not be. There's a deeper concept here that younger people are idealistic and that they are out to try to live their dreams. The problem can become that some people have too lofty of a dream. There's the sad realization that some people can't handle this and what they do to try to cope. I'll be the first to tell you, I've had depression that really makes me question what I'm doing.

    This moves me to the pacing of the film. I think this aspect of the film is good. We never really hit any lulls and I think a lot of that is because the film is only 82 minutes long. This is perfect for this, as it is quite surreal and I think padding this out with unnecessary filler would have hurt the film. The ending is something that I don't know if I fully comprehend, but I do think one of the last images we see is more metaphorically than I originally realized. I think it is almost killing their childhood, but not being able to handle it.

    I would also say that the acting for this film is good as well. Brewer struck me as the best performance. She has to play crazy and let me tell you, I think she did a great job there. We can see that she is unstable, but she also kind of is with it in that she knows what she's doing. Waterhouse I also thought was good. She comes off as such a strong character and the leader. What makes it really interesting though is her reveal. Going from interesting reveals, there's also one with Hay. I found all three of them to be attractive, but she was my favorite. I also found her character to be the most intriguing as well, especially in the third chapter of this film. Cohen was also fine in the role he played as were the rest of the cast, they rounded out the film for what was needed.

    The effects for the film were also good. The biggest thing is how the film was shot. It was beautiful and there are some trippy aspects to it as well. Part of this is supposed to come from Petula and Tilda taking drugs so we get vivid colors and things that aren't normal, to show us what they are seeing as they tripping. We also get some images that are explaining why some things are happening. It almost comes off as a fable. The blood and the rest of the effects seem to be practical and were well done.

    Now with that said, I don't think this film is for everyone. I saw someone state this film is like a modern fable and I can see that. There are a lot of surreal things in this film and the trippy imaginary really helps that. The way that I read this film really has an interesting concept with how people my age and younger try to deal with the threat of a mundane life or how not to. The acting for this film I found to be good and the practical effects of the film were solid. The score of the film didn't really stand out to me, but I do think that it was fitting for what they needed. Overall I felt this was good, but I really need to check this out again to see what I might have missed with this first viewing.
  • I got to 30 minutes in and thought I'd lost the plot. So I actually started watching it again right from the start. I got to the 30 minutes point again and realised I had not lost the plot, the film was simply an utter load of rubbish. There's a basic simple story but it gets lost in the film trying to be clever when it isn't. A lot of the scenes are just silly or unnecessary and don't add, embellish or continue the story. The acting isn't bad some of the time, but the cinematography can only be described as chaotic. I refuse to watch the rest as if I did it would feel like I was validating the film, but really it should never have been released it's utterly rubbish.
  • I tried, I really did but this film was just far too weird to sit through, I made it maybe 50 minutes in and just gave up on it. It's just completely weird and to be honest, really boring and dull. Whoever wrote and directed this piece of utter tripe really does have serious psychological issues. It's cheap looking, slow and so trippy that it makes you feel like you've just taken some kind of hallucinogen. A pointless attempt at an art house movie that's neither a horror or a thriller. Avoid.
  • kosmasp22 December 2018
    Or is it just a weird good night story? Whatever you make of this, you can't really pin point what it is. At least not as fast as with other movies. To call this weird would be an understatement. If you don't embrace that, you won't have a good time at all watching the movie.

    Characters are strange, actions are most often than not unrelatable. Or at least hard to comprehend. Why would that person do this and the other person do that? Shouldn't they be reasonable? If that is what you are thinking (which is perfectly ok or even normal), the movie will annoy you. At least if you keep up the questions and don't just let go. It took me a minute or two myself, but after that I just went with the flow and enjoyed this a lot
  • I wanted to like this movies, but it was so dull, so trying to be cool, and failing miserably the whole time. Do not watch this movie.
  • The depravity of wanting to continue drug use is show, but instead of dirt and filth that is typically seen, the setting is the stately manor of a rich young woman who happens to be delusional. Motiveless beyond drugs or some semblance of life this movie left me questioning the point of the film let alone the plot. Not as interesting as it could have been. Well acted but this doesn't keep the film from wandering away into it's own absurdity.
  • It started looking promising - arty, sinister, some good interesting visual stuff, but then it just got too messy trying to be too clever, and I lost interest. By the end it had bounced about that much with reality versus mental health that I didn't really care what was real and what was not and what any of it was about or what happened to anyone. It was just too silly. Acting was pretty mediocre, working with a really thin plot and direction.
  • The story, acting and directing are utter garbage.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I often say things out loud to nobody in particular, like "Hey, why don't they make movies like Daughters of Darkness or Kill, Baby, Kill any more?" The truth is, someone just did. Somehow, Mitzi Peirone, in the first feature-length movie she ever wrote or directed, tapped into the psychosexual DNA of the woman on the verge of madness and the supernatural genre, all while filtering pieces through psychedelia, the giallo, the art film and who knows what else. Throw in the fact that this movie was the first one to ever be fully financed through a cryptocurrency equity crowdsale - something and I do not even pretend to understand - and you have the makings of something big.

    So a warning: if you haven't seen the film, the only way that I can talk about it is by really going deep into what happens in the film. The funny thing is, there are so many ways to view this movie - and what's real and what isn't - that I'm not even sure what I'm writing are spoilers.

    This movie could be about any - or all - of these things:

    Two college students (they may also be reality stars and/or internet dom porn queens) run from a drug bust, losing $80,000 worth of drugs, which they had purchased with their college tuition. To get the money back, they decide to rob the developmentally challenged friend that they once pushed out of a treehouse, causing her to lose the ability to have children. However, she was always insane and the closer she has grown to adulthood, the further away she has moved from sanity. Can they get the money, get out and not be trapped by her game? Three young girls have been playing the same game for so long that they could be anywhere from 8 years old to 20 years old to senior citizens, constantly replaying the same elaborately staged game. My theory here is bolstered by the taunts of Tiresias The Omniscient Homeless Man - named for the blind prophet of Apollo who was both clairvoyant and forced to be a woman for seven years - who yells, "You old witches always come back here." A druggy kaleidoscopic run through a playground that makes little to no sense, suffused with neon glows, flashes backward and forward, with plenty of noise and no small amount of pretentiousness. I mean, Variety went as far as to say that this movie is "so void of any substance beyond the pretentiously pictorial that one suspects (the director's) real calling is in music videos or advertising." All of the above. Potentially more. Imagine Grey Gardens with more sex and much more violence, as directed by a mixture of Jodorowsky and Jean Rollin, with lighting by Nicolas Winding Refn doing dabs with Mario Bava.

    Shot in Alders Manor in Yonkers, NY (the one-time 20th century Renaissance Revival home of mining magnate W.B. Thompson that is available to rent for parties), this movie is technically about childhood friends gone to seed Petula (Imogen Waterhouse, Nocturnal Animals) and Tilda (Sarah Hay, Black Swan and a one-time attendee of the video You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Ballet Party, no less) who are attempting to steal from their long-lost friend Daphne Peters (Madeline Brewer, The Handmaid's Tale, Orange Is the New Black). The only real person - then again, maybe not - who comes into their lives is Detective Siegel, the cop who questioned Petula and Tilda after Daphne fell - was pushed? - from a treehouse all those years ago.

    Now, the game begins again: Daphne is the mother, Petula is the doctor and Tilda is the daughter who is the patient. There are three rules: 1. Everyone plays. 2. No outsiders allowed. 3. Nobody leaves.

    I have a lot of high faluting ideas about what it all means, but they're probably all wrong. You'll probably feel the same way after you watch it. I'd be interested in your take, though.
  • Trippy_psychological-power_ hallucinatory_ twisted_horror cultish vibe_fashionable female friendships. I liked this movie a lot, I loved all the females in it, great casting. You can tell this was written by a woman who likes to have fun but also Embraces the darkness and understands Complicated female relationships & power struggles in your mind and with each other.

    This has some bad reviews & low ratings but this movie is not for them. This is a twisted "fun" horror movie, you can't go in trying to take the plot so seriously, especially when the girls are in and out of hallucinations. It's not going to win any Oscars but it was fun & cool to see a movie with three female leads. The interior design & the fashion was hip and cool. Good music & great acting. Good movie for late nights
  • Headturner17 February 2019
    There was no plot! I turned it on and the first 30 min or so it seemed lie it was going to be decent. But the whole move changed to where i was like ( did I fall asleep and a new movie's on). If they'd have kept it with the original way the script developed and not have turned it into some weird supernatural or hey I'm high or hey ok I just cannot write a script. I wanted so hard to be clever but in the end insulted the intelligence of my viewers and maybe myself but hey maybe it was the intelligence of the writers etc that was lacking. I'm editing to add um reviewers please don't comment on things you know nothing about Suspiria was released in 1977! It was a remake. So old school horror? Lol. And the the other reviewer who said there was a plot because it was listed on the page. Hahaha. That doesn't make it so!
  • When two addicts get loose on money, they decide to rob they're mental disturb childhood friend. Braid is like a mix of David Linch & Salvadore Dali, but in a bad way, awful script with so many weird moment, it's hard to keep ahead.
  • Let me say first, that I like things like this...I won't regurgitate the plot...there's enough of that here in the other reviews. What makes this a satisfying watch is that you're really not sure what's going on half the time, why characters do the things they times it appears as one happy family, at other times a bit combative...who's playing who and who has the upper hand ? What is real and what is playing the game ? Simple things can appear as plot holes...or not, given the perspective that can change at a moment's notice. It all comes together at the end, but it's a trippy ride there.
  • The cast was great unfortunately the production design degrade the vision the script writer had in mind.
  • ealesnj9 February 2019
    People praising the films are suspicious. Do not watch, It is a waste of time. 1/10 star
  • First of all, not sure who the heck 'molotox' is, but that person should NOT be allowed to review movies any more. One or two lines, not even in complete sentences, is not a review. It's a lazy, pointless waste of time. To say this movie has 'no plot' when there obviously is one (and it's even right there on the movies main page) shows molotox doesn't know what a plot is (unless it comes out of her/his backside). And to say the actors have 'no acting skills' also shows cluelessness. Just the wonderful Madeline Brewer blows up that silly claim. Anyone good enough to be a substantial character on a series of the quality of The Handmaid's Tale certainly has good acting skills. This film is quite fun. Yes, the basic premise is heinous, but that's only one aspect of the film. There's also the empowered friend who the others expected to take advantage of rather easily. Add to that the random, unexpected surprises/scares/weirdness and you have a worthy film to watch. Good performances, a few good scares, a cool twist or two, and a beautiful film visually. The use of a kinetic cinematography style and top notch production design make this one stand out. Now that's a review. Btw, molotox obviously doesn't know the meaning of 'profane' either.
  • mahdihaghi-3975123 February 2019
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