When asked where material from the show comes from, Jared Keeso says about half of the show is made up by him and his writing partner, while the other half is based off of things hes seen while he went town to town in rural Canada playing hockey.

Based on the YouTube series of shorts, "letterkenny problems"

The Letterkenny Irish Hockey Club that Jonesy and Riley play for, is named after the real life town of Letterkenny in Ireland.

Both Andrew Herr (Jonesy) and Nathan Hales (Dary) played in the movie, Goon:Last of the Enforcers which was written and directed by Jay Baruchel- who coincidentally plays Hard Right Jay in 2 episodes in season 5 of Letterkenny. (JKV)

Jared Keeso (Wayne) and Adrian Holmes (Bradley) previously started in the television series 19-2 together

Was filmed in Sudbury Ontario

The actual location of the farmhouse is 46° 39.015'N 80° 52.848'W

Dylan Playfair plays Reilly, one of the hockey players. Playfair's father Jim played 21 games for the NHL with the Edmonton Oilers and the Chicago Blackhawks. His Uncle, Larry Playfair played for the NHL for 12 years in 688 games for the Buffalo Sabres and LA Kings. His father was the Head Coach for the Calgary Flames from 2006-2007 and has been an Assistant Coach for the Flames and the Arizona Coyotes. Dylan himself played in the Junior A league in the BCHL for the Merritt Centennials. He planned to play hockey professionally until he found his passion for acting.

Jared Keeso (Wayne) & Tyler Johnston (Stewart) both played Don Cherry in the film Wrath Of Grapes. Johnston played Cherry as a teenager, while Keeso played him as an adult.

Jared Keeso (Wayne) and Dan Petronijevic (McMurray) previously worked together on the television show 19-2