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  • I hated to see such great actors coming together in a pretty bad movie. The plot was silly and some of the characters were overdone and equally silly (Poppy). The Elton cameo was good for the first scene then was way over done. So many things wrong after a pretty good first movie. Please don't make another one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    SILLY SEQUEL: Here are the 10 Top Reasons to go and watch this crap:

    (1). You want to see 5 Oscar winning people to the lowest point of their career.

    (2). You want to hear Elton John saying constantly "F-ck You".

    (3). You want to see a girl telling to a guy that she wants to pee on her.

    (4). You want to see 2 people turn to ground meat.

    (5). You want to see a man eating a hamburger made from human meat.

    (6). You are enjoying lame green screen effects and CGI.

    (7). You want to see another spy plot based on a deadly virus.

    (8). You are enjoying silly, kindergarten jokes.

    (9). You want to experience first hand the "Curse of the Sequels".

    (10). You like fake butterflies.

    Anyway, despite the (manipulated by the studio?) 7.2 here in IMDb, the consensus is that this movie is terrible.

    It has nothing to do with the original, and is just a generic and forgettable action movie, that should probably wait to see on TV, next year.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Why is it that so many fun, inspired originals are followed by such lame, poorly written (and juvenile) sequels?

    The first one was a hugely entertaining spy flick with some comedy in it to be sure, but this one puts the accent on the comedy, and is impossible to take seriously whatsoever. This would not have really been an issue if it was genuinely funny; but instead of wit and clever wordplay, we are 'treated' to an abundance of uninspired, vulgar and childish humour. Elton John repeatedly dropping the F-Bomb (Please, don't go on), a attractive woman asking someone to urinate on her (I can't stop laughing), or an old man stating that he has just soiled himself (Stop, my sides are hurting). Actually, my head hurt after sitting through 141 minutes of this. (Well over half an hour too long). I recommend waiting for Netflix.
  • moviesmq19 October 2017
    I loved the first Kingsman movie. It was full of action, fun, jokes and the actors did a great job. I came into this movie theater hoping to delight myself with a sequel that would at least match the first installment. As soon as the first scene came on the screen, I knew I had been fooled and it would end up being some of the most dreadful 2 hours in my movies watching history! I was right. This movie might have some actions but every moment is "telephoned" long in advance. The story is absolutely stupid. I wish it would be possible to request a full refund when a movie is that bad and that each refund is counted towards its overall success/failure. It is not fair that people are getting paid with my money receiving millions of dollars for such a poor performance. The day this option becomes possible we might finally see some serious work being done in the movie industry!
  • "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" is a long, boring and overrated film. The story is silly and the jokes are unfunny, wasting a cast with famous names and countless cameos. This spoof of 007 and other agent movies never works since it is too violent for a comedy and too dumb to be taken as a serious espionage movie. The good thing is that the viewer can take a nap along the boredom and will not miss anything. The lead couple has no chemistry and the romance is also terrible. My vote is three.

    Title (Brazil): "Kingsman: O Círculo Dourado" ("Kingsman: The Golden Circle")
  • Warning: Spoilers
    1(awful).... Actually that is a KIND rating, but there's no option for a negative rating so I went as low as I could. Simply stated, I went to this film on the basis of its prequel which while not great, was entertaining. This film is so STUPID and poorly written that I'm frankly astonished that any of the "talent" hired to play the roles, agreed to do it at all lest their resumes be thoroughly sullied. I've walked out of 3 or 4 movies in my life. Tonight I added another. Don't waste your time unless you enjoy AWFUL films and you're a cinematic masochist. My time would have been better spent sorting socks.
  • I almost never feel the extreme urge to write a review but this time - since I am sincerely disappointed, I can't control myself.

    The first Kingsman was great, witty and original. The second one needed to top that, which would be difficult but they tried to make it work by using too much BAD CGI. Almost all fights are CGI and even when it would have been cheaper to put a real object in place, for some reason they chose to replace it with terrible CGI.

    If you try to use CGI, learn from Neil Blomkamp & Oats Studios, otherwise, GIVE MY MONEY BACK. I really want to un-see this movie. It made me feel like an idiot.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What I thought of Kingsman: The Golden Circle The humor was predictable and cringe worthy, the plot minus well be nonexistent, they barely develop/use the villain. All the characters that were cool in the first movie were given nothing to do. And the new characters that they do introduce are so irrelevant that they minus well not be there. There is only one new character that is given anything to do, but he is so obviously a secondary villain waiting to be revealed that he should just have been a secondary villain to begin with. There was also a bunch of attempts at shock humour attempt, but those were just more obnoxious than actually shocking. The action is also not really well done, because there are times where you just can't really tell what's happening. The movie keeps zooming in unnecessarily because I guess the director thought that looked cool. I basically hated almost everything about this movie, and what I didn't hate, I was completely indifferent towards it
  • cschultz-224 September 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    If a movie would ever be produced to show the backstory of the Roger Moore version of James Bond—what his childhood was like, and how he became who he was—that movie would probably closely resemble 2015's "Kingsman: The Secret Service."

    Under Moore's stewardship, the Bond series drifted toward a critical nadir, growing progressively more silly and ineffectual until by the end the pictures were little more than parlor comedies with nifty gadgets and occasional off-color gags—in other words, much like "Kingsman."

    Based on a series of comic books, the primary similarity between the first "Kingsman" movie and its sequel is in the quality of the humor— sophomoric. But the first picture had the advantage of being innovative —its immediate focus was to introduce and establish the characters, which it did in an acceptably entertaining fashion. The actual story, such as it was, became of secondary importance.

    In "Kingsman: The Golden Circle," the level of maturity is about the same as in the first. The difference with "Kingsman 2" is that when a gag is set up, if there's a choice between aiming high toward genuine wit or aiming low toward a cheap laugh, the script will invariably follow the low road.

    And that's only when there's a payoff at all—there are plenty of set-ups in "Kingsman 2" which lead nowhere, as if the filmmakers forgot where they were going, or that their primary purpose was to entertain the audience instead of simply amusing themselves.

    This problem extends to the casting: After the first "Kingsman" picture earned over $414 million in worldwide revenues, the studio raised the budget of the second installment by over $20 million. Much of the budget was presumably spent on luring a number of veteran Academy Award- winning motion picture actors to the series—Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, and Jeff Bridges are among the familiar faces joining the "Kingsman" cast for the second installment.

    But apparently after the expense of paying for the extra acting talent, little or no money remained to invest in developing the story or the screenplay for the actors to work with. This problem is especially apparent in the picture's third act, which dissolves into a melee of senseless, violent silliness.

    As in the first picture, "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" embraces the sort of cartoonish brutality familiar to fans of videogames. Considering the picture's unfunny gags, unpersuasive effects, absence of a compelling plot, and lethal overlength—a totally unnecessary 141 minutes—"Kingsman" time passes slowly indeed.

    Even the old Roger Moore James Bond pictures were better than this.
  • It is ironic that when a writer concocts so many sub-plots which take the audience off the Hero's main goal/desire, the main story line gets lost in the shuffle. This was what was happening in the first 10 minutes, until we got to the change of venue at Poppy's hang-out. We are introduced to the psychopathic opponent, Poppy, who does not flinch when one of her "soldiers" is committed into a meat grinder. She calmly makes a "humanburger" out of the hapless sub- opponent; dares her next "soldier" to eat the thing, while the audience tries to avoid vomiting. Not necessarily because of the disgusting concept of grinding a human being and then filming the "humanburger" for all to see, but because of just plain grossly overplayed attempts at humor with a classless script.

    Billed as action/comedy, this script continued to exacerbate the patience of an audience that actually was relieved by the special effects/blood/carnage/ destruction/body parts flying - I noticed the audience turning on their hand-held devices and catching up on e-mails, which was even more obnoxious than this script.

    The Hero, a young recent recruit into the secret service, simply did not have a believable story line. As with the genre of Mythology, this Hero set out to smite the dragons, one after another, using tools, weapons, impromptu devices, sci-fi gadgets, etc. This type of writing is predictable because after slaying one dragon, the rest are ho-hum going to be slain. There are no surprises in this script, other than a vast array of curious characters who enter and then depart.

    The Opponent, Poppy, is not particularly opposed to the Hero for any particular reason. She is not blocking what the Hero attempts to do because so many other unrelated characters march in and out of the script, as if they were tacked on to increase the Narrative Drive. This technique did not work. The audience attention was not on the Hero's character arc because the vast character displays with no significant web to speak of kept taking the audience OFF of the Narrative Drive - the exact opposite desired effect.

    The dialogue was in your face, with very little subtext. Predictable character development, to the point where except for the British crew and the British accents vs. the southern characters and the whiskey drinkers and down home brawls - The characters could have been interchangeable they were drawn in such a surface manner. Colin Firth, with temporary memory loss, did a superb job as usual because he is a fine actor. Jeff Bridges also did what he could with his whiskey saturated good old' boy routine leading a crew of men who all want to fight on the side for good vs. the evil "out there."

    Poppy, the opponent, was so ridiculous, the attempt at parody was lost. A good opponent works punch-counter-punch with a good Hero - back and forth, constantly giving the audience Reveals. This was not the case with this script. The result - Very boring, predictable, and clichéd.
  • It's essentially all a big joke played on those who took umbrage at the few select sexualised moments from the final act of the first film, a joke whereby everything is consistently ramped up to eleven regardless of its negative impact on the story in a standoffish move meant to further separate the apparent 'critics' from the so-called 'fans', a move that only successfully provides both categories with a much worse experience, because while I and many other 'fans' didn't mind (or at least excused) the passive, clearly satirical crude jests and occasional absurdity of the original picture, we certainly didn't want a follow-up based entirely around what would obviously be considered the weakest aspects of the piece - elements which were only mitigated by the joyous fun found in the brilliance of the other parts such as the subtle yet witty satire and the very well developed characters, pieces of the puzzle now missing; though it is at times passively entertaining, what we're left with is a fairly by-the-numbers 'save-the-world' plot and a string of odd action set- pieces seemingly incompetently put together, with abhorrent use of rampant speed- ramping making it literally look like someone hit the fast-forward button and haphazardly stitched-together short takes that are supposed to make some sequences look like one fluid shot but instead make them look like cheap cartoons - in his quest to ignore the naysayers, Vaughn disappointingly squanders all of the good-will he had built with his predecessor and bizarrely wipes the slate clean relatively early on, wasting time setting up a less interesting new set of characters instead of working with the better characters already expertly established at the end of the prior title, while also reintroducing a previously dead character (seen in the trailers), after making him an amnesiac no less, in a move that should be reserved only for a waning franchise at least five films in that's struggling to maintain it's relevancy, not for what was once perhaps the most promising new property in Hollywood. 6/10
  • 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' has everything fans of the first film could have possibly wanted and more. Action, humour and special effects are all in abundance and visually it's very impressive. The plot is decent, especially for a sequel, but it never quite reaches the same level as the first film. The British/American theme works well though and there are some very funny cultural jokes and references.

    As someone who loved the first 'Kingsman', I'm pleased that the sequel didn't disappoint. It remains true to everything that made the first film such a success, including taking some big risks and thinking out of the box. The end result is an imperfect and at times messy film, but a rewarding and highly entertaining one nonetheless. 'The Golden Circle' is much better than expected but just not quite on the same level as the first film.
  • Fujiko-san3 October 2017
    After loving the first installment, this was just so, so disappointing. The first film was flash but not too flash- walking that tightrope of fabulous to solid plot but remaining coherent with characters we could really dig.

    Not this film. This film falls off the tight rope and right into the sun.

    Don't get me started on all of the character development that doesn't happen, blatant inconsistencies and just plain WTF? of this lazy, lazy script.

    I wont do more than mention the overdose of swaggering Americana- and I do mean Over Dose. (All of the US agents come off as hackneyed fools- except Halle Berry, and the whole movie you're thinking, "when will Halle get to DO something? Why the heck is she even IN this movie?")

    I wont do more than say that Colin Frith just looked extremely annoyed the whole movie, like he'd rather be anywhere else - and you can tell why. None of the actors were used to their potential. None. (For that matter neither was the story line.)

    The action sequences were not even that great, more cobbled together and repetitive, and the one or two good scenes couldn't make me stop just WISHING IT WOULD JUST END.

    I left the theatre depressed over what could have been and totally was not.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This idiotic mess assumes that the whole world is in to recreational drugs the writers of this bum numbing epic seem to think, they should get out of Hollywood more often. They also assume that the F word is always funny as they just stack one uttering on the other, over and over.On every level this expensive syrup honks to the core.It is all in the trailer which mercifully was two and a half minutes not two hours twenty one, in true turkey style the film is packed with big names taking big cheques that means they don't care that they have embarrassed there career.All the jokes nods and satire's fall splat flat, then there is the action which is hardly exciting as all is so vastly over the top.Exactly how anyone can imagine there is 221 minutes of entertainment in this grim, dare i say blockbuster is beyond me.Judging by the rustling of feet and popcorn around me this movie was not hitting many targets.The pit was reached when sir Elton John filled the screen from corner to corner yelling F-F-F. It has been i am told the worst summer at the north American box office in 20 years and little wonder it has been a summer season filled with tired laboured sequels, prequels, reboots, and remakes all lacking originality and little in the way of skilled film making, this Kingsmen debacle simply tops of a doomed industry.Who must go back to film school and learn real film making,with real story's, it does not take $200 million a pop, but it does take talent.Not F's!
  • I had to force myself to make it through The Golden Circle...just pure rubbish. Whoever was the writer of the story line should be embarrassed. And if you think it's COOL to hear the word F*ck come out Eggy's mouth every 10 seconds, you need to get a life. On a scale of 1 to 10 based on f*cks, I give zero f#cks for this load of trash. Oh, sorry IMDb for using PROHIBITED words, when the movie was full of them.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Eggsy (Taron Egerton) is back in action for the ultra-secret Kingsman in the new film "Kingsman: The Golden Cirlce". The film opens with a fantastic action and chase sequence through the London streets and shows a franticly paced mix of action and humor.

    The film then shifts into setup mode and the next hour or so is very light on action and instead focuses on Eggsy and Merlin (Mark Strong), dealing with a devastating attack on the Kingsman from a drug dealer called Poppy (Julianne Moore), who runs her empire with a ruthless and manic style from a 50s themed lair complete with robotic guards and a retro diner and theater.

    Poppy runs an organization called The Golden Circle and she has unleashed a devastating plague on the world in an attempt to force the U.S. President to legalize all drugs which would allow her unlimited power and money to further her global agenda.

    With their ranks depleted, Eggsy and Merlin head to the states to enlist the help if their U.S. counterparts, the Statesman who while at first reluctant, soon accept the two into their confidence and plan a mission to end the threat Poppy presents once and for all. Of course complications arise for Eggsy such as his girlfriend and her parents as well as the revelation that Harry (Colin Firth) is alive but suffering amnesia and thus having no memory of his past life and skills in the service of the Kingsman.

    One would think that with this setup and cast including the arrivals of Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, and Halle Berry, the film would be a slam dunk to surpass the original. Sadly this is not the case. Writer/Director Matthew Vaughn has opted for a film that has a very large gap of it related to setup and exposition. The film opens and concludes with a nice action sequence, but there is really not much in between to get the adrenaline rush going. The original film had the fantastic church sequence that became one of the most talked about moments of the film and sadly the sequel offers nothing nearly as memorable. The other issue is that the villain is not nearly as memorable nor interesting as Samuel L. Jackson was to say nothing of his sword footed henchman from the original.

    There are some amusing moments in the film but It seems that the new cast was not used to their full potential and that the large gaps of the film that lacked any action was a real setback especially with how well the film opened.

    In the end the film is an enjoyable but flawed effort that fails to live up to the original but does manage to offer some decent entertainment for those who set realistic expectations.
  • The golden circle is a good movie . i think it is enough to describe this film the same evil the same abilities even Gazelle is repeated with a bad version and this dead-alive machine. the plot was horrible and awful the cast was very good Matthew Vaughn no comment thanks for what you have done to this great comic at all kingsman: the golden circle is a good entertaining movie good as its genre and deserve only 7 but comparing to the secret service is horrible and awful
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***Contains spoilers***

    I rarely review movies, but this one was just so bad. I wasn't expecting much from the sequel to a pretty decent first movie, but everything was just terrible. It was a good premise and had so many good actors but the writing was downright sad.

    Just some of the poorly contrived ideas:

    The plot: Nobody is going to want to do drugs ever again, the whole idea was to force the governments to make drugs legal, OK that is fine, but to attempt to kill (and successfully kill many thousands at least) every single drug user unless governments comply would turn off so many of the users, effectively killing their business they are trying to grow, and since they had a monopoly on it it would also have to deal with antitrust laws etc. anyway. The little trust they would have would be obliterated

    The cages: To treat the diseased, everyone is placed in human cages inside of stadiums. First off, those cages didn't just happen one day, somebody had to be like, "You what we might need in the future? Tens of millions of human cages." These cages are stacked on top of each other to the height of huge stadiums (note that everyone is dancing inside of these small cages, no way it would topple) even though nobody is even dangerous.

    The electric whip: No only are all of the Statesmen extremely 'American' and have stupid names, the whip extends ~20 feet and has a power source powerful enough to cut a body in two (yeah, it happens), but it all fits within a small handle that is the same thickness as the first ~10 feet of the whip.

    The floodable padded observation room: I can just imagine the designers now, "Gary, we need this observation room to be floodable in a moments notice"

    The goo bomb: Is nobody going to explain what that was? Just some huge bomb that solidifies mid explosion? OK

    The amazingly spinny ski lift: Because it needs to have the option to spin at 120 rpm in the off chance somebody is escaping down the mountain at 10 miles per hour. The fact that it rotates even though it is already completely glass doesn't make any sense either

    The number of drones: Nobody missed an order (or thousands of orders) of hundreds and hundreds of drones to treat everybody in the world with? I'm no expert, but I don't think anybody lives close enough to Mount Blanc to be reached by drones anyway

    Elton John: He had one good part getting in front of the dog, but everything else just seemed like they were using him for cheap laughs that didn't pan out like they were hoping

    The finger condom: You are telling me they have so many advanced gadgets but they have to use a finger condom to get a tracker on someone. Not to mention their watch supposedly already should have hacked the concert skanks phone when they got close which would have given them the GPS and audio they were wanting in the first place.

    Viva las vegans: The whole code that saved humanity was something that the movie wasn't even about.

    The head bandage that can freeze a brain so we can regrow the brain and all of the neural connections. Because that is remotely believable

    Drug lord lady: Not only does she have a 50's style mini-town on a mountain with very obvious (yet undiscovered) ruins right by it complete with a theater that can fit over a thousand people that nobody has seen, she has all of these outlandish technological advances like the killer robot dogs, but has a simple minefield keeping invaders out. Also the dogs should have been hacked just like the second arm (and the first that conveniently wasn't hacked in the time they were under water)

    Robot dogs: Just why

    The mine: OK there was only a split second to reapply pressure on the landmine that killed one of the only cool characters, but why not put a very large rock on it. They don't take a lot of pressure and all I could think about was what if another one of them stepped on a land mine, then only one person would be standing awkwardly in the forest without a tripped land mine (especially since they stopped using the land mine detecting bat)

    Everything that the Statesmen had in their arsenal: The bat that was a land mine detector, yeah that was a good idea Gerry. The baseball grenade with a HUGE red button as the trigger (what could go wrong), and everything else under the pool table.

    Suitcase gun: It was OK in the first one, but why did they need it when they were landing in the jungle, it just seems unnecessary.

    The lady that led to the impeachment of the president was mostly just mad she almost died because she was a druggie. And her reason for using was she worked 20 hour days 7 days a week, not only is that just dumb to even say, you are the adviser to the president, he can get another helper if you are too busy, so that was all her fault.

    They weren't really gentlemen throughout the movie, so when Eggsy pulls out the chair for Halle Berry it seemed awkward and forced.

    There are probably some errors and my views are likely different than yours, it is just my opinion of this terrible, terrible movie. I would suggest you reserve the viewing of this film for a late night when you are all out of Sharknado movies
  • The first Kingsman was very good and the second part didn't disappoint either. The action and effects were comparable with the first movie but think the story of the second movie was not that good. The movie had a nice pace of action from start to end and the acting was very good.

    In the first movie Samual L. Jackson was outstanding as the bad guy but think this movie lacked someone like that.
  • michalmm8924 September 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Well, previous movie was a man being born to wear tuxedo, this movie is man that has no idea how to wear tuxedo, but owns one.

    I expected that part 2 will be worse, but this movie is a disaster.

    If you expect human body being turned into hamburger and then eaten, which really happens in movie (!!!) then go, but otherwise, big NO.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Like many others I'm sure, I went into Kingsman 2 apprehensively.As a massive fan of the first I was concerned that like many other sequels, it would disappoint.I left entertained and pleasantly surprised HOWEVER it is not without its flaws .

    The story briefly- Eggsy (a brilliant again Taron Egerton)and Merlin have to team up with the American Kingsman 'The Statesmen' to get to the bottom of a virus being spread by Poppy, our films 'bad guy' played by a wonderfully evil Julianne Moore. There are some twists and turns along the way (the trailers already spoil the surprise return of Harry Hart but I will not give details of how this happens)some of which you wont expect (others are pretty obvious but more on that in a minute!)

    What I liked- For me it was great to revisit loved characters from the first and there are some interesting new characters. It is a fun film that is very reflective of the fact it is comic book material.It entertains with some great OTT action sequences and some real laugh out loud moments.The acting is strong and this helps to carry the story which somewhat engages. What will surprise many (as it did me) is the emotion to the film. It delivers some real emotionally charged moments and one scene delivers a particularly powerful gut punch.

    Where it does fall down-as already mentioned the story isn't the strongest and at points falls apart from too many players and some obvious plot twists.This creates a longer run time than the film can carry so it does lag at points. A good 20 minutes shorter would have made for a higher rating from myself. The action scenes whilst great also are very apparently CGI heavy which might bother some. It also does that cheeky thing of selling on some certain big stars which whilst this wasn't a particular draw for me, it might disappoint some to find they are actually only in the film for a few short scenes (those who see it will get exactly who I am talking about!!) To me it is comparable to Guardians of the Galaxy 2- some great moments that make you glad you decided to return, but it doesn't quite deliver on the story. That being said I would still recommend Kingsman 2 and would revisit this film again in the future as well as hope for a further installment.
  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the sequel to the 2015 film Kingsman: The Secret Service. Once again directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, X-Men First Class), it is a solid sequel that contains just as much enjoyment and humour as its predecessor.

    One year after the events of the first film, the Kingsman's spy headquarters is fatally attacked by an unknown entity. With most of the organisation now dead, the surviving agents Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and his trainer Merlin (Mark Strong) travel abroad to team up with Statesman, their American counterparts, in an effort to bring this mysterious new enemy to justice and save the world once again.

    Featuring the same ridiculously over-the-top action and unique British charm, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a worthy follow-up to the 2015 film. Matthew Vaughn's slick, fast- paced direction showcases his talent for cleverly choreographed fight scenes and quirky comic relief, which few other directors would be able to replicate successfully. I am hopeful that he returns to direct the third installment. However, similar to Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2, the film does lack some of the freshness and surprise that was in the original, plus its runtime of 141 minutes does make it drag at times. The cast of characters, both new and old, lend themselves to some highly entertaining situations, including a hilarious performance from Elton John playing a fictionalised version of himself. The real stand-out, though, was Julianne Moore as the film's villain. It's so rare to see her play such an evil character so effectively and so much fun to watch, considering her reputation for usually playing likable roles.

    I rate it 8/10
  • I found the golden circle to be a bit too cliché in some parts, and the antagonist's role to be somewhat forced. There was plenty of good action and humor though with awesome references to the first movie. For anyone considering watching this who hasn't seen the first part, please make sure you see it first so you're much more "in" on what's happening with this one.
  • Going into the first movie I assumed the worst, with a spate of similiar dreadful films I expected the absolute pits. A movie about a chav piece of trash becoming a secret agent? Riiiiight.

    Yet somehow, someway it worked. From it's fantastic supporting cast including Colin Firth and the excellent Mark Strong to the script to the hyper energetic over the top action sequences.

    I almost hated myself for enjoying it so much and going into The Golden Circle I kind of hoped it would fail, instead it excelled and even beat it's predecessor.

    With the same cast plus the additions of Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry and the entirely awful Channing Tatum the movie knocks it out of the park once again with the same formula (Now with 50% less chaviness).

    Our hero now takes on the evil drug baroness Julianne Moore and features lots of cameos including Elton John and Keith Allen. Robot dogs, laser lassos, killer dance drugs, all the same level of over the top'ness remain and it all works so very well.

    I don't want to like this franchise, I shake my fist in the air and curse to give it such a high rating again but Kingsman is pure gold.

    The Good:

    Great cast (Not you Tatum)

    Well written

    Great action sequences

    The Bad:

    Channing Tatum

    Still chavvy

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    Elton John needs to stick to singing

    Headshots are easily fixed with clingfilm
  • This movie feels familiar, and on two counts it is.

    The Golden Circle is the sequel to the unexpected success story Kingsman: The Secret Service, which was a humorous satire of spy movie tropes with serious undertones mixed in. It knew when to be serious and when to be so serious it was funny. That, combined with some excellent cinematography, made The Secret Service a thoroughly enjoyable film.

    The Golden Circle has all of these things as well, but while still fun it just comes off feeling like a lesser imitation of the original.

    Which is where the second count of familiarity comes in: 2017 had another one of these sequels repeat the same formula with lesser results, namely Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Curiously, both original films (Kingsman: The Secret Service and Guardians of the Galaxy) premiered in 2014 with both sequels coming out this year.

    Now, that's not to say that Guardians Vol. 2 wasn't fun, and The Golden Circle has plenty of fun as well.

    The film finds the Kingsman on the receiving end of a ruthless Julianne Moore as Poppy, a leader of a drug cartel who wants all drugs to be legalized. Her leverage: her drugs will kill all of its users, of which there are hundreds of millions worldwide. With the Kingsmen's UK resources destroyed, it's up to Taron Egerton's Eggsy and Mark Strong's Merlin to team up with the Statesmen, the US intelligence service featuring Jeff Bridges's Champ, Channing Tatum's Tequila, and Halle Berry's Ginger Ale.

    There are fast-paced, well-shot action scenes throughout, as with the original Kingsman, the standout being the taxi chase at the beginning. The dialogue is fun, but it hits a few sour notes along the way, especially in its parodying of a certain political figure which comes off as ham-fisted and forced.

    The pacing of this film is a problem. At 2 hours 21 minutes, it definitely feels too long, especially when there are one too many big set pieces that feel like they should be the stage for the finale but end up being not.

    Finally, there's a right way and a wrong way to do callbacks to the previous film in a sequel. It's OK to be overt, as long as it's balanced with other, more subtle references as well. Unfortunately, The Golden Circle tends to pound you over the head with callbacks, including literally splicing in footage from the first film in reference to characters who are supposed to be important, but for the life of me you can't possibly remember where they popped up in the first film unless you watch it right before seeing this one.

    Overall, I would say that there is nothing truly objectionable about this film (although throwing in lots of F-Bombs doesn't automatically equal comedy), but this film may just serve as a reminder of a much more solid film that came before it rather than standing on its own merits.
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