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  • The point of this show is that the muppets grew up with us. Sure, it's not as innocent as the original, but the content isn't vulgar or inappropriate in any way. These just aren't the muppets of 1976, and they shouldn't be. Even if the muppets are fuzzy and ridiculous, I need to relate to them or the comedy won't resonate. I don't want the muppets I loved as a kid. I want the muppets I can love now.

    Regarding the controversy over the portrayal of Ms. Piggy, there's nothing inherently wrong with any character, male or female, having shortcomings, or even being betrayed in a negative light. Kermit isn't portrayed as a beacon of virtue either. By laughing at these grown up muppets with grown up problems who have to learn how to find peace with themselves and others, I get a good healthy laugh at myself.
  • Really enjoyed it! Just an extension of the first film that came out a few years ago, with the Muppets having "gone Hollywood" - and the 1 Million Moms who are all hating on the series already only blowing smoke about A) something they haven't even seen yet; and B) something all their whining is only going to bring more press, attention, and probably ratings too. Enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, it brings the old series into modern-day with the behind-the-scenes look at Miss Piggy's chat show, and was a lot of fun. Truly looking forward to more, and love the interaction with the live celebrities - this round, particularly with Elizabeth Banks and Piggy, or even her with Scooter in the electric cart!
  • eanra22 September 2015
    As someone that grew up with the Muppets and loved them just as enthusiastically through adulthood I found the show to be a breath of fresh air. I was laughing out loud within the first few minutes and that's something I haven't done with any 'comedy' show in a very very long time. There's something about seeing all my favorites on the air again that makes me feel like a kid again, but the adult humor (and I mean that in a sort of mild way, because it's not remotely what I would personally consider raunchy) kept it fresh and suited for the adults as well. The more adult humor was there, yes, but as innuendo. In my opinion it's always been there, subtly under the banter only now it's more noticeable for those of us that want to see it. And those instances were scattered.

    Was it flawless? No, but it's the Muppets and I for one am more than grateful to ABC for giving them new life because I missed them with all my heart.
  • fataldelay2 October 2015
    As a long-time Muppets fan, I'm very disappointed. Most fans expect a show featuring the Muppets to be funny - both for kids and adults, and this just isn't either. The voice actors and puppetry are all very well done, but the writing is just plain terrible. I think they're trying to be "modern" and "edgy", but it just falls flat. Fans expect a show with lots of funny gags and no one taking things too seriously, but they're trying to make jokes and including a depressing story line between Kermit and Ms Piggy that just drags it further down. It's definitely not for kids and really not any good for adults either. Lame and utterly disappointing.
  • snarkyphilo22 September 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    The documentary/mockumentary style of the show was actually one of the enjoyable parts about this episode, and they paid attention to detail in keeping with the style of one, such as the odd moment of shaky cam, and framing shots designed to look like someone trying to film in tight corners (peeking in on a conversation between Kermit and Ms. Piggy). The design of the puppets remains the standard of what is expected from a contemporary muppets production, with a few new background muppets that were adequately designed. Denise's design was…awkwardly serviceable. There has been contention that she is depicted as a younger and skinnier replacement of Ms. Piggy, and I would agree there seems to be some truth to this, particularly with how her personality is portrayed so far. There is also similarities particularly to the earlier incarnations of Ms. Piggy from the original muppets from the 1980's in her design, She does stand separate just enough visually from Ms. Piggy to be her own character.

    The characters themselves were for the most part good. Kermit (Steve Whitmire) plays a decent aggrieved boss man just getting over a relationship with a co-worker, Ms. Piggy (Eric Jacobson), with some long suffering moments akin to said awkward post-breakup, but there is also care and dry humour in him that balances out the negative moments, he is definitely the star of this episode. Fozzie (also Eric Jacobson) was himself as the unfunny but optimistic bear, even in a romantic relationship (despite its awkwardness here and there), and that static nature of him was enjoyable to see, particularly as he balances out Kermit's more serious inclinations.

    Now for the, well, pig in the room, Denise.

    Denise (Julianne Buescher) is…*deep sigh*. To begin with her voice was startling, and a little off putting, coming out of a muppet, though her walking innuendo tonality somewhat works with the type of character she plays, so after you get over that annoying factor you realize its reluctantly appropriate. Personality and story wise she seems to have nothing else going for her so far, nothing that makes her unique except to be there as Kermit's girlfriend, the young sexy office relation trope variety. Hopefully she will improve with later episodes, but right now she is the least enjoyable.

    The story for the show was actually really enjoyable. The plot flows well with the mockumentary style, the fact that this is very similar to The Office (2005-2013) is likely no surprise to anyone, but the use of the muppets working through the show's premise with all the strong personalities (for the most part) and the wacky nostalgia that was the muppets wraps all together for an interesting viewing for the most part. The side arc of Fozzie and his relationship was the weakest of the plot, and felt a little forced, though was somewhat saved within the culmination of the arc in the conversation between Fozzie and his girlfriend, did illicit an amused snort.

    Speaking of the humour, it is hit or miss, depending on the individual, with Kermit being the definite winner for the most amusement factor through his dead pan deliveries. The humour inherent in the set-up was adequately utilized with just the right amount of adult humour to remind you of why this show is prime-time. It is also the more adult themed humour and other content is likely to put some viewers up in arms, but to remind those that might have umbrage with it, the original Muppet Show from the 80's was actually originally geared towards an adult audiences.

    Overall the show had a rather interesting start to the show with some good use of parody and mockumentary, Kermit the frog and his character's trials and his dry wit, and so on. A few things were forced here and there, and Denise was one dimensional, even for a puppet. Still what are wrong with it could be easily remedied further episodes in, so it's well worth the watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I consider the Muppets to be a family oriented show so for me it should be funny for all the family. What we got with this first episode of the NEW Muppets was like watching a reality version of the Muppets, with the meetings etc, and my daughter didn't find ANY of that entertaining at all. I can't say I really did either, although I could perhaps appreciate what they were trying to do, but it just didn't work for us at all.

    We may give this a second chance next week, but if the format and content is the same, well, for us, they sucked ALL the fun out of the original Muppets and it's just not the same.

    I gave it a 4/10 for the effort, but anything that gets a 4 in my book will be canceled in a few weeks, or else it better improve pretty dang fast!
  • I think there are two Muppet groups forming here, those that hate it and those that love it.

    For those that Love: I would say those that love it enjoy the tongue-in-cheek adult humor. It can be more of an intellectual or clever kind of subtle joke that can take a while to sink in, or it can be something instant like "OMG, are they really alluding to THAT!" In short, if you liked the style of the Office (American version), then you'll probably like the Muppets.

    For those that Hate: I would say those that hate are expecting this to be a show that will be entertaining to children, it won't. That they are expecting the Muppets to be the same from the show when they were a kid, they are, but they aren't. It's like seeing the Muppet's outside of the Muppet show living their life.

    Overall, it carries a similar format to the classic show. Where the show is set mainly at a show, in this case Miss Piggy's talk show, and the whole Muppet crew works it. There is always a guest, even when Piggy doesn't have them on her show. The characters in the original show I would characterize as lovable, but predictable and one-dimensional, you always knew what they were going to be and behave. On the new show, the characters get fleshed out with our modern times and issues, yet still carry the lovable factor and are both predictable and unpredictable. It makes it interesting to grow up watching them and now to see them again in a different framework. I think the team behind the new show has done an awesome job with keeping it real with the Muppet tradition and heritage, but at the same time has created something wonderful and new for the adults that grew up with the Muppets.

    My hat is off to you ABC!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was super hyped about the Muppets returning to small screen prime time! I honestly had high hopes that my daughter and I might be able to use the show to make a common connection as something amazing from my childhood to now hers as well... What we got? Drug use and innuendos, complicated and adult relationship plots, over the top crass humor. There's even hinting of possible beastiality between Fozzy Bear and his real life actress portrayed girlfriend, in the VERY FIRST episode! In short, this is not a show for kids, and will only lead to awkward thoughts and conversations. Certainly not worthy of an 8pm time slot here in the Midwest. Maybe 10pm or later, but not 8pm. I'm saddened to have seen this day. My childhood has been sullied, and the poor late Jim Henson must be doing cartwheels in his grave.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wow, that was awful. That was one messed up TV show. It just wasn't funny. And the jokes weren't suitable for muppets. It was smutty humor. That's not what The Muppets do. They would never talk that way. It was a pathetic attempt at seeming cool. The original The Muppet Show was so good! The music was great, the guest stars were awesome, the skits were great - "Pigs In Space!", The Swedish Chef, The Doctor and Beaker, the songs, the music guest stars, from Kenny Rogers to even Mark Hamill and C-3PO, with Mark Hamill doing a dance skit. Replacing that with a Kermit who isn't funny-nervous, snooze fest ditzy B-list movie stars and other cameos, and the new Kermit seeming to be suffering from "mild to severe" clinical depression, instead of how he used to be, an even more self- involved Miss Piggy, and none of the camaraderie of the characters like on the original show, combined with an absurd attempt to make an awkward romantic Fozzy Bear be funny - it was just kind of sick. Like depraved. And too many smutty sex references, sheesh!!! Like the original muppets, with a spiritual disease, no, seriously. Just like that. All the spark, wit, cleverness, charm drained out of the show and replaced with modern in bad taste smut, seedy, sordid content and outlook on life. The guy in charge, I read, said "This is not your Grandparent's Muppets" - well, there's that expression/test, "If you wouldn't say it in front of your Grandmother, do not say it." By that test, this episode should never have been aired!!! I can totally accept a modernization of the characters, that isn't the problem; it's that they were made to be WORSE than they were before, not "modernized". How I Met Your Mother was a modern, positive, funny, great, classy show; by the last episode even House was a type of positive show, ONCE is a positive show - how the heck was it allowed for The Muppets to become a type of dour, doleful, seedy show? Like as a person, a dirty old man, who makes bad jokes, and unfortunately is your co-worker, and so you try to avoid him! Not worth watching! Even the episode of "Just Off The Boat" that came right after it made me laugh more than the World Premier of the hotly anticipated new Muppets show/franchise. That is messed up. The change to The Muppets was badly done.
  • I'm a fan of the Muppets and I liked the Muppets tonight,so I don't feel I'm overly sentimental or stuck in the past. But if you are going to revive an old show you'll need to capture some of he magic that the made the original a success. They did so with Star Trek after they figured it out. The magic of the Muppets was a combination of a Rebellious anti authoritarian, witty adolescent type of humor. A bit like Monty Python but without the black, gore and nastiness. Then there were the characters that were really well thought out and often very complicated without seeming so. And then there were first rate puppeteers, who could really play those characters like first rate actors/comedians. This new series has none of that. The puppetry is stiff and mediocre. The lines aren't delivered that well, and the puppets don't come alive. Everybody could do puppetry on that level. But worst of all they take well established and loved special characters and make them kind of normal, and boring. Animal speaks whole sentences and shows depth. That basically destroys everything that made him fun. Your not supposed to feel at ease with Animal. He has only pure in the moment cave man emotion. He doesn't speak, he utters emotions in terms of two words max. Sex,food,Drums and violence, that's Animal. You don't know where he's been and you don't know where he's going. You don't ask. That's what makes him fun. All these characters are kind of maimed by this show. If they think we need a new kind of muppets to fit these times, let them at least create new muppets for it. As for me, I don't like "these times" anyway.
  • tebukowski22 September 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Maybe this is just a case of sour grapes over the violation of my childhood but, the new Muppets TV show is a disgrace. I watched The Muppet Show with my parents to enjoy thirty minuets of fuzzy bliss, with lighthearted skits and likable characters. This on the other hand feels like a halfhearted remake of The Office or 30Rock. Yes as I have aged, I have become jaded and a realist but, the Muppets are timeless. To see gonzo age as poorly as I have, to see the (SPOILER) split of kermit and Miss Piggy (END SPOILER) it's offensive. all in all Muppets would have been better off in the vault so we can always remember: the fun of Muppets In Space, the adventure of Muppet Treasure Island, and the feel good times of the original Mupper Show. Instead of what has been laid before us today.
  • Yes, I'm a grumpy old troll, but the new show exhibits none of the charm of the original. I get that they are trying for a more grown up feel, but adding sexual innuendo to the Muppets is kind of creepy. I mean, would you really want the cast of Leave it to Beaver to explore the double entendre? And there is an undercurrent of meanness to many of the jokes. The old show would centre around one human guest star, often somebody obscure or forgotten, which was part of the fun. I mean, who the heck is Wally Boag? Nowadays you pull out your iPad and look him up on, say IMDb, while you watch. Back in the day you had to call your dad or grandfather to find out! The new show also has an insider/star worshipper (there's a shorter word I'm not using, for obvious reasons)/name dropper thing which has been done ad nauseum. I don't want The Muppets Meet Entourage! I do like the joke hidden in the name of the fictitious show they all work on.
  • dogsandus22 September 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    A muppet reality show ? This the best you can do? These are muppets, not real people. My family and I are very sad to see this pilot lacking of one very important thing HUMOR. It was just plain boring.This is bad considering the past muppet shows and all the great movies . I just may be strange , but why was this whole show just totally dull , boring. Yes it had a story 3 , 4 or 5 of them all at once. All boring. Why not make it fun and happy , not about how bad the life of being a muppet is ? The reference of Fozie and his girlfriend being interracial is fine. Why does it have so much sadness and despair? None of the muppets where happy accept Denise. My opinion means nothing , but Muppets could be better than this.
  • buckycore1 October 2015
    When I read all these mothers were offended by the show, I thought they were being typical dogmatic fans who worship at the altar of nostalgia. However, I have to agree with the mother's to an extent. I'm not offended by the grittier style of the humor. In fact, I like it for the most part. I love the one camera comedy style, giving it a sense of The Office meets Spinal Tap. But what I don't like about this show is...IT'S BORING. None of the Jokes have been funny (except for Fozy's subplots. Those are kinda cool. But only just...)

    The current voices for the Muppets are TERRIBLE! I can do a better imitation of Kermit than Steve Whitmire, and all the various characters just sound off. (The Swedish Chef sounds like he's grunting after gargling whiskey, like if Zakk Wylde is playing him , and who ever the hell is playing professor honeydew isn't even trying). What's worse, is the portrayal of Miss Piggy. She's just mean. Sure, she was always overbearing, and wouldn't take anyone's crap...but she was never vicious. Kermit has been emasculated some how in the recent films and this show. He's a total push over. In the original series and movies, he was a bold leader who wouldn't stand down to anything, even if it meant hurting some feelings. (Of course, he'd then sing a song about what a jerk he was with the guest star, and eventually things would work out. I mean, he wasn't a brute)

    I hope this show doesn't last so they can think about their actions and provide me with higher quality shows and movies. The last two movies were excellent (sans Kermit's wimpy attitude), and I had high expectations. I understand, it's not easy being Green. But for god sake, the Muppets have been around for a long time. They're old schoo' pros. They're not green anymore.
  • Last night ABC revived The Muppet Show and shouldn't have.

    I LOVED The Muppet Show original. it was a brilliant mix of satire, comedy, variety and just plain fun intelligently written and acted. If you don't remember the old show, just take a minute or two to go to YouTude and watch the very great Zero Mostel in the show on which he was the guest star.

    Anyway, the ultra right-wingers have gone nuts (can they be anything else?) about some of the sexual innuendos and other more adult humor included in the show. the charge that it doesn't promote what some bigots consider to be "family values" is as imbecilic as it is predictable. That's not what was wrong with the show. Last night's offering was dull, utterly without pacing and largely mean-spirited, things which should have recommended it to the political far right. My guess is that Sam the Eagle's brief segment was the best bit of satire in the show and definitely offended the ultra right and fundamentalists.

    Of course Kermit isn't really Kermit any longer. With Jim Henson dead, Kermit can't be the same but even Statler and Waldorf hadn't much heart. Frank Oz is no longer Miss Piggy. In fact almost no one involved in the original show appears in the new version. About the only joke they gave to Gonzo was so obvious and labored that the punchline was whatever comes after an anti-climax. Miss Piggy was reduced to being a garden variety diva instead of the over-the-top caricature of a diva we laughed at originally. It's been nearly 35 years since the original Muppet Show went off the air. In that time with caricatures of human beings like the Kardashians and Donald Trump it's become harder to go far enough to satirize human behavior but it's still not impossible. It does seem to be impossible for this new Muppet Show's writers. The sequence with Scooter and the guest star, Elizabeth Banks, wasn't funny and was simply out of character for Scooter.

    The original Muppet Show captured the back stage frenzy of putting on any sort of show, the malfunctions, instant judgments on performances, ad hoc solutions to accidents and failures. Something was always happening and something was always happening on top of what was already happening. This version just seemed like another tired sit com. It reminded me of the story of the Marx Brothers during the filming of A Night in Casablanca, their last movie together. Groucho, Harpo and Chico were filming a scene where they were supposedly hiding behind a wall from Sig Ruman's villain chasing them when, as Groucho told it, he turned to his brothers and asked, "Why are we doing this? I don't want to do this any more." A Night in Casablanca was the last of the Marx brothers' films and a fairly sad coda to the great fun of their great films like Monkey Business, Duck Soup and A Night at the Opera. This rehash (I cannot call it a revival given that it was so lifeless) of The Muppet Show was a pale and sad reminder of how much we lost when we lost Jim Henson. It is not a thing to love as was the original.

    I will keep watching a bit longer partly out of nostalgia and in the faint hope that someone on the writing staff may go back and watch the old shows and bring back some of the joy and pacing that made that original great so long ago. I have little expectation that this new version will rise to that sublime level but I'll continue to hope until this version's inevitable cancellation. Would that it were not so.
  • rdfarnham23 September 2015
    I used to love the Muppet Show and even own most of the episodes on DVD. After watching the new show I fully expect to experience an earthquake caused by Jim Henson spinning in his grave. If you want the fun, warmth and entertainment you got fro the original Muppets you won't find it here. Miss Piggy has always been a diva but she overdoes it here. Kermit is as useless as most of the members of Congress and none of the other characters step up to fill in the gaps. I don't mind them going after an adult audience but the characters are abrasive, unlikable and even hateful. I have already decided the new show is not for me.
  • The background shenanigans of Miss Piggy's show that's produced by Kermit.

    Packed with gags and celebs, the personalities and voices are thankfully on point. The backstage set up works perfectly and the Muppets are always centre stage, where they should be.

    Each episode gets better and better the Christmas one is particularly notable -every fun episode is sharp, witty and visually interesting.

    All the main character's return, including Scooter and Rolf (the late Jim Henson usually voiced/puppeteered) and they have been omitted or reduced to appearing briefly in the past, it nice to see the characters back in full swing

    Highly recommend.
  • knelsoeve22 September 2015
    My wife and I laughed throughout the entire pilot. The show came off as a so pathetically desperate that we found plenty of the enjoyment in speculating on the drugged state of the producers and writers. It was like watching a horror movie made with a $1,000 budget. We also found plenty of laughs over how derivative the whole debacle is. The characters all seemed horribly misplaced. The worst part was the shoe's begging you to consider it relevant. So, congratulations to finally making the Muppets too sad to joke about anymore. The saddest part is that both of us grew up with the Muppets. Instead of giving us a show we could share and bond with our children, you gave us an abortion that if our children should ever see, would make us embarrassed we ever watched the Muppets in the first place.
  • When I heard that ABC was bringing back the original Muppet Show, I foolishly thought that the show would be something like the original from the 1970s or even like its short-lived revival Muppets Tonight. I didn't expect this, but I probably should have.

    What is worse than just a horrible show is a horrible show that inflicts palpable damage on a long-lived and beloved franchise. I'm sure there is a certain entertainment value in seeing the Muppets dismantled in this way. After all, much of the humor of Robot Chicken is based on putting characters from classic television into shocking and even depressing situations. However, for those of us that don't enjoy seeing the Muppet characters we know and love pulled apart this fashion, this series is just extremely unfortunate.
  • Lots of arguing, violence and stale jokes. None of the wholesome flavor of old. We were so excited and this was such a disappointment. We decided to shut it off half way through and watch an old episode. It is sad that this is what family entertainment has come to. Not for the family... more like for the birds. I gave 3 stars because I smiled once at Sam the eagle making a funny gesture... and because we loved the Muppets of old. Otherwise it was a 1. Too many adult type sitcom humor attempts and they mostly fell flat. Not worth watching another episode. Sad. Lastly the great funny characters are gone.. no fozzy bad jokes, Waldof and Statler used to be a riot all through, Gonzo used to be wild and geeky with his chickens, the dance numbers even used to give great Muppet visual performances, the skits were diverse and kept your attention.... this was essentially "The office" with bad Muppet acting instead of real people. I will pretend I never saw it and my kids never will.
  • i cant believe this is a family show anymore it has adult humor which i think its not gonna last more than 1 season if it does i don't know what to think about TV shows anymore. if anyone agrees feel free to reply but for now my TV shows are being taken down and TV stations like cartoon network used to be good. now i noticed that nick makes fart/butt jokes which i find disturbing. but then if you are like me then you are are a reasonable person and wont leave me a negative reply so every one have a good day and let the 90s kids rock on and let there childhood be remembered. rip the following shows rugrats,Pokémon,courage,billy and Mandy,kids next door, and your favorite shows.
  • If you thought this was going to be a family show (it IS the Muppets, after all), think again. This is the Muppet equivalent of Miley Cyrus getting raunchy at the VMAs--the Muppets have grown up, and they are apparently having sex, or talking about it. Kermit and Miss Piggy have split, but Kermit's dating a hot new pig who says things like "Tell Denise what you want." Miss Piggy talks about boob jobs. Fozzie bear has a human girlfriend and goes home to meet the parents, which is truly awful, especially when the father asks what their children will look like. There's very little that is funny about this show and a lot that is downright sad, when you consider how wonderful the Muppets once were. I'm sort of glad Jim Hensen isn't around to see this.
  • This was the most titanic failure of a franchise reboot since the Jem and the Holograms movie. The Muppets was nothing more than a crappy daytime soap opera centered around a mopey middle-aged loser, his Mean Girl diva ex, and the bumbling idiots he works with. It would make for a completely and utterly forgettable TV show if it were populated completely with real humans, and making it The Muppets that are delivering these horrible, soul-withering lines just makes it the blackest of befoulments. Jim Henson would be projectile vomiting all over the inside of his coffin if he still had access to his material body, and quite rightly. Don't expose your kids to this trite tripe. Don't expose yourself to it, either. The best thing that could possibly happen to this show is that it could die a quiet, ignominious death somewhere far, far away.
  • Several weeks back, I caught the first episode of this new series. I was pretty let down by the results. But I decided to stick with it for a little while, seeing that sometimes it takes a few episodes for a show to find its groove, and because my love for the Muppets goes way back to when I was a child.

    I've now seen several more episodes, and to be quite frank, the show doesn't seem to have improved. One of the big problems with the show is that the Muppets on this show don't seem like the Muppets that we once knew. Kermit is now a spineless wimp. Miss Piggy is very mean- spirited and without a vulnerable side. Fozzie Bear now has a human girlfriend, and it's hinted he has sex with her.

    That last observation about Fozzie Bear brings up another problem with the show - trying to have an adult "edge". I can't speak for everyone, but I think the show's attempts at adult innuendo is, well, both wrong and weird. References to drugs, sex, alcohol, and other such topics seem out of place for these characters. I can understand wanting to appeal to adults, but the ironic thing is that the original Muppet show back in the 1970s appealed to both kids AND adults even though it was squeaky clean.

    Actually, I might have accepted the more adult tone and the changed characters had the show been funny, but it isn't. While I have occasionally laughed at one of this show's gags, most of the attempts at humor have been lame and obvious. One reason for this may be that the show is more cynical in nature and seems reluctant to have the joy and innocence the original show had. The downbeat nature makes it hard for the writers (or audience) to have any fun.

    Worst of all, my favorite Muppet, Rowlf, has been demoted to a bit part! Anyway, as I said in my summary line, this show is a real disappointment. I won't be surprised if it's cancelled at the end of the season.
  • I watched the first three episodes and got nothing but disappointment, one after another. The creators of this series managed to take one of the best shows ever and make something not worth watching. This has absolutely nothing to do with the original series. It has no true sense of humor in it. It is just full of sexual innuendos. And that even is not anywhere close to being funny. Certainly not fit for kids under 15. The muppets voices are mediocre, the scenario and direction all fall short compared to the original show. If you want your kids to watch something really good, just let them watch the original show or the movies. There is simply no comparison.
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