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  • Honestly this is actually not a bad movie. Considering this movie is made for children I actually found this movie just as entertainment because i didn't have a good day today.

    The only thing wrong about this movie is some weasels might come across as scary for children but other then that it's safe.
  • Eddie_weinbauer21 March 2017
    Considering this is clearly made for children, it's not bad,from a adults point of view.

    The animation is good,the voice over is good. It has the usual cartoon stereotypes.But I guess that will make it more relatable for kids. The bad guys=The weasels might be considered over the top scary for some kids,though rest a sure there is no blood or gore in any of the scenes.

    I won't say it was entertaining for me,cause like I stated it's made children,and the story is very predictable for an adult.So for the grown ups it might be considered boring.